English Speaking Countries

Hinglish and other hybrid languages

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English Speaking Countries

Hinglish and other hybrid languages

Main articles: Hinglish, Tenglish, and Tanglish

The term Hinglish is a portmanteau of the languages English and Hindi. This typically refers to the macaronic hybrid use of Hindi and English. It is often the growing preferred language of the urban and semi-urban educated Indian youth, as well as the Indian diaspora abroad The Hindi film industry, more popularly known as Bollywood, incorporates considerable amounts of Hinglish as well Many internet platforms and voice commands on Google also recognise Hinglish
Other macaronic hybrids such as Manglish (Malayalam and English), Kanglish (Kannada and English), Tenglish (Telugu and English), and Tanglish or Tamglish (Tamil and English) exist in South India

Passive 3 (have smth+done)

For example

1 I tried to contact Tom.

I called his office but I was told that he was in a meeting.

2 Amy retired from her job recently.

She was given a present by her colleagues.

3 I didn’t know there was a meeting yesterday.

I was not torn about it

4 Sarah’s salary is very low.

I don’t understand why she was pair so little.

6 I had an interview for a job recently. It wasn’t easy.

I was as ket some questions that were very hard for me to answer.

7 They didn’t tell us much about the project.

We were not given enough information.

8 I was born in Navoiy

9 Steve hates being kept waiting


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English grammar in use (Raymond Murphy)

Internet Site: English Speaking Countries
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