Freedom Golf Press Release Chicago Golf Show

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Freedom Golf Press Release

Chicago Golf Show

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Chicago Golf Show,

Freedom Golf Association (FGA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Oak Lawn Park District, and the establishment of The ADAPTIVE GOLF LEARNING CENTER at the Stony Creek Golf Course designed specifically for the disabled population of Chicagoland, and will be open June 2018 to all golfers wishing to improve their short game.

Freedom Golf Association is also pleased to announce its formal partnership with David Pelz Founder PELZGOLF for the design of the short course. David T. Pelz is known for his expertise and published writing on the art of the short game. Pelz's Short Game Bible was a New York Times "national best-seller" in 1999. His Short Game Schools are designed to help students with their short game, considered the most important aspect of the entire game. FGA could not be more honored by Dave Pelz’s sense of collaboration and assistance in including more disabled in the game of golf.
The overall build-out of the ADAPTIVE GOLF CENTER is planned to be undertaken by Wadsworth Golf Construction Company. Since 1958, Wadsworth has been building some of the finest courses in the game…in all types of climate…in all types of terrain. These years of achievement have established Wadsworth Golf Construction Company as America’s premier golf course builder. The Wadsworth family have been great supporters of Freedom Golf Association from day one, for which we are most grateful
Freedom golf brings joy and a sense of freedom to the impaired through their inclusion in the game of golf. Golf is an individual sport, not requiring team members to play, challenging oneself towards greater achievement. Golf is larger than just a game, establishing new friendships, and providing rehabilitative, and therapeutic benefits to the impaired player. Freedom Golf launches a brand-new opportunity for the impaired player to learn the game through specifically designed adaptive golf instruction, “get out and play events”, and the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions.
Freedom Golf Association (FGA) has produced great inclusion for disabled athletes in the Chicagoland area, growing from 178 participant lessons in 2013 to over 3,100 participant lessons in 2017. Its goal is to exceed 5,000 participant lessons in 2018, and the establishment of new Adaptive Golf Learning Center at the Stony Creek golf course will lead to the achievement of this goal.

Freedom Golf Association (FGA)…504 Burr Ridge Club Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 630-455-6018—Edmund Q. Sylvester Chairman—630-697-4345

Stony Creek Golf Course,

Restaurant & Banquet Facility

5850 W. 103rd Street

Phone: (708) 857-2433

Fax: (708) 857-2226

  1. Sporty Holes

52 Station Driving Range -300 yds. long/40 + acres

3 Practice Greens w/ Sand Trap

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