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ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 N2251

July 1998


Leonardo Chiariglione – Convenor


Report of the 44th WG 11 meeting


1 Opening

The 44th WG11 meeting was held at the Dublin Castle Conference Centre, Dublin, IE, at the kind invitation of National Standards Authority of Ireland and hosted by Teltec Ireland and Radio Telefís Éireann on 98/07/06-10. Mr. Noel Treacy, T.D., Minister for Science, Technology and Commerce and Dr. Ian Cowan, NSAI welcomed the participants.

2 Roll call of participants

This was not made for reasons of time

3 Approval of agenda

This appears as Annex 1

4 Allocation of contributions

This appears as Annex 2

5 Communications from Convenor

The Convenor reported to the group that he had informed the ISO Central Secretariat of the AAC patents problems, as requested by the Tokyo meeting Resolution 2.5.2. At the end of the week representatives of the companies owning AAC-related IPR informed the meeting that an agreement had finally been reached entrusting Dolby as the single licensing point for ACC patents.

6 Report of previous meetings 1978

The reports of the San Jose and Tokyo meetings were approved.

7 Processing of NB Position Papers

Papers were received from the National Bodies of ES, JP, KR, PT, SE, SG and US. Responses were drafted and approved.

8 MPEG Phase 2

8.1 MPEG-2 parts

No specific work was done. It was considered useful to revise ISO/IEC 13818-1:1996 and ISO/IEC 13818-2:1996 including all the Amendments and Corrigenda after Amendment 6 to ISO/IEC 13818-1:1996 reaches the publication stage.

8.2 Verification of MPEG-2

No specific results were made known.

8.3 Amendments

8.3.1 Systems

WG 11 N2268 contains revised proposed modification to ISO/IEC 13818-1.

WG 11 N2267 is the text of ISO/IEC 13818-1/PDAM6.

8.3.2 Video

WG 11 N2255 is the Disposition of Comments Report and WG 11 N2256 is the text of FPDAM5 for ISO/IEC13818 2/PDAM5.

8.3.3 Audio

Work on MPEG-2 AAC dynamic range control continued

8.3.4 DSM-CC

Part 10 being under ballot a "Study on MPEG-2 DSM-CC Conformance 13818-10 FCD" was produced. Further the following document was approved:

  • Text of ISO/IEC 13818-6/FPDAM1 (WG 11 N2264)

8.3.5 Conformance

The following documents were approved:

  • Disposition of Comments Report for ISO/IEC 13818 4/FPDAM1 (WG 11 N2257) and the text of FDAM1 (WG 11 N2258).

  • Proposed modification to ISO/IEC 13818-4 as specified in WG 11 N2259.

  • Text of ISO/IEC 13818-4/PDAM2 (WG 11 N2263).

8.3.6 Technical Report

The following documents were approved:

  • Disposition of Comments Report for ISO/IEC TR 13818 5/DAM1 (WG 11 N2261) and the text of AMD1 (WG 11 N2262)

8.4 Corrigenda

8.4.1 Conformance

The following corrigenda were approved

  • Text of ISO/IEC 13818-4/COR2 (WG 11 N2260).

  • Disposition of Comments Report for ISO/IEC  13818 7/DCOR1 (WG 11 N2265) and the text of COR1 (WG 11 N2266)

8.5 Workplan

This was approved

9 MPEG Phase 4

9.1 Version 1

9.1.1 Patent statements

A report of the situation of statements received was made. Members who had not submitted a statement were encouraged to do so.

9.1.2 Final Committee Draft System

Further studies of the Systems FCD were made Visual

Further studies of the Visual FCD were made Audio

Further studies of the Audio FCD were made Reference software

Further studies of the Reference software FCD were made DMIF

Further studies of the DMIF FCD were made

9.1.3 Verification Tests Systems

Work was done on MPEG-4 Audio/Systems issues Video

Work was done on

MPEG-4 video encoder optimization and MPEG-4 video verification tests Audio

Work was done on MPEG-4 Audio NADIB verification tests and MPEG-4 Audio Verification tests

9.1.4 Quality of service

Work was done on video decoder Quality of Service

9.1.5 Conformance Testing

A new WD was approved. System

An editor was appointed Visual

Three editors were appointed Audio

An editor was appointed DMIF

An editor was appointed

9.2 Version 2

9.2.1 Requirements

MPEG-4 version 2 requirements were continued.

9.2.2 Tools DMIF

Work on use of DMIF ver. 2 for Mobile Network Connections was continued Systems

Substantial work was accomplished for Advanced BIFS, MPEG-J Specification and Implementation, M4 File Format and Intellectual Property Management & Protection. The maturity of the last item prompted the group to consider introduction of the technology to ver. 1 if National Body will so support. Natural Visual

This part of the work received reduced priority because of the need to clarify all items for ver. 1. Synthetic Visual

Substantial progress was made on Computational Graceful Degradation, Body Animation, and Face and Body Animation Natural Audio

This part of the work received reduced priority because of the need to clarify all items for ver. 1. Synthetic Audio

Most of this work falls under Advanced BIFS

9.2.3 Verification Models System

Work was continued Video

Work was continued Audio

Work was continued SNHC

Work was continued

9.2.4 Working Drafts Systems

WD of all new technologies were produced Video

A new WD was produced Audio

A new WD was produced Simulation software

Work to collect ver. 2 sofware has barely started DMIF

A new WD was produced

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