Is internationally mobile (willing and able to move if necessary for work opportunities)

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0411 524 939 | |Unit 11/19 Denham St., Bondi, NSW 2026
Career Profile

Bachelor of French Literature graduate who:

  • Has developed advanced communication skills through various professional and personal experiences, including 3 years at McDonald’s, 2 years at Paul Fitzgerald’s Pharmacy and 7 months at Civic Video Rental,

  • Has worked in various fields including child care, language lessons, restoration and retail assistance,

  • Was awarded a merit scholarship financed by the AEFE (The Agency for French Teaching Abroad) and Campus France 2010-2014,

  • Is internationally mobile (willing and able to move if necessary for work opportunities).


Employee at the ABC store Bondi Junction November 2014 – now

- Approaching customers and reaching sales targets

- creating eye-catching layouts of stock on the shelves and knowing the products in the store so as to assist customers with their inquiries

Babysitter for Chantal Berdier, Lyons, France February - July 2014

- Tutored the child in English as well as other subjects

- Accompanied the child to weekly appointments

- Demonstrated responsibility, patience and a good rapport with children

Volunteer at Foyer des Sans Abris, Homeless shelter, Lyons, France 2013 - 2014

- Managed food distribution

- Demonstrated patience, listening skills and compassion for the less fortunate

- Ensured the cleanliness of the dining room

Waitress at Johnny’s Kitchen in Lyon May- July 2012

- Took orders from customers

- Carried food and drinks to and from the tables

- Served alcohol

Volunteer at Hôpital Gériatrique, Les Petits Frères, Lyons, France June - July 2012
- Demonstrated patience and compassion for aged individuals

- Helped and comforted when possible

Independent tutor for IELTS students, Lyons, France 2012

- Coached students in conversational English

- Prepared grammar and vocabulary lessons and set/corrected homework

Intern at Lend Lease, Sydney December 2008
- Inspected a work site
- Created building models, and presentation panels for projects (advertisements)

Employee at Paul Fitzgerald’s Pharmacy, Bondi Rd. ,Sydney 2008 - 2010

- Demonstrated client relations skills and sales abilities

- Managed the unpacking of stock and placement on store shelves

Customer service skills, in particular a different kind of customer to those at McDonalds,

Learning to work in a small business, adding up the sales books

Employee at Civic Video Rental, Bondi Rd., Sydney 2008 – 2009

- Organized the DVDs, managed their up-keep

- Demonstrated client relations skills and sales abilities

Employee at Bondi Beach McDondald’s, Sydney 2007-2010
- Demonstrated client relations skills and sales abilities
- Executed dining room and restroom cleaning
- Managed the McCafé (brewing coffee, cooking pastries, service)

Exposure to group work, interaction with customers, learning to work quickly and efficiently

Bachelor of French Modern Literature 2011 – 2013

Lyon 3 Jean Moulin, Lyons, France.

Scientific preparatory classes majoring in maths (MPSI) 2010-2011

Lycée Jean Perrin

Bac S. (French scientific high school diploma) 2009-2010

Grade: Très Bien (High distinction)

Lycée Condorcet de Sydney (aka : the French school of Sydney)

Completed the RSA course 2014


English: mother tongue (Australian Nationality)
French: bilingual in written and oral form (4 years in France, French tertiary education)
German: High school level (B2)


The Arts: Well-read, mostly the classics: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Zola, Flaubert, Turgenev, Bronte, Jane Austen, Hermann Hesse, Somerset Maugham, Crebillon, Thomad Mann, Geothe, Kafka, Musset, Rilke, Ibsen, Racine, Corneille, Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Beckett, etc.
Singing :
5 years of lessons, 12 years of practice, personal compositions (videos on YouTube, multiple concerts)

Preformed at the Printemps des Grandes écoles at Bourges (April 2013)

Dance: 8 years of dance lessons - modern jazz, tap dance, classical (participation in many concerts)

Fashion: Involved in modelling, and participated in the fashion runway at the INSA gala 2013


Jesse Balman : Former Manager - McDonald’s Bondi Beach

0406 310 410

Chantal Berdier : Mother of the child I babysat/tutored


Julien Chabannel: Supervisor at les Petits Freres

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