Isbcc wedding and hall rental application

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Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center

100 Malcolm X Boulevard, Boston, MA 02120

T: +1 (617) 427-2636 F: +1 (617) 249-0350
Email: Website:


Thank you for choosing the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) for your wedding venue. We are ecstatic to host your wedding and to ensure that it will be a beautiful and blessed event inshaAllah.

If you are downloading this form online, please email this form to


  1. Name of Groom: ___________________________________ Name of Bride: ___________________________________

  2. Contact’s Phone Number: _______________________________ Contact’s Email: ____________________________

  3. Wedding Date & Time: ___________________________________________ Total Duration: _____________ hours

  4. Rehearsal Date & Time (extra $125 charge): _________________________________________________________

    NIKAH SOLEMNIZATION (if applicable)

  5. Name of First Witness: __________________________________________ Phone Number:_______________________________

  6. Name of Second Witness: _______________________________________ Phone Number:_______________________________

  7. Do you plan to serve food? ___________ Estimated Number of Attendees: ________ people

  8. Do you plan to have a marriage license (from city hall) before the nikah ceremony? YES / NO

    WALIMA PACKAGE (if applicable)

  9. Preferred Package (plus 25% service charge):  Sakina $950  Rahma $2950  Mawadda $4950

  10. Estimated Number of Attendees: ________ Special Requests: ___________________________________________________

  11. Number of Round Tables:_______ Number of Rectangular Tables: ________ Number of Chairs: __________

  12. Audio Visual Needs:  2 Microphones  Projector + Display  MP3 Player (Please send files to us)

  13. Please draw your preferred furniture layout on the back of this printed sheet


  1. Alcohol or other intoxicating substances are not allowed. Your initials: ________

  2. Music beyond light instrumental nasheeds are not allowed. Your initials: ________

  3. The bride, bridegroom and organizing members are responsible to ensure that ALL wedding guests are dressed modestly following our facility’s suggested dresscode.. Your initials: ________

I have reviewed that all the information on this sheet is correct as of this time and that I will abide by the key policies mentioned or that a penalty fee may be charged upon me.
Print Name: __________________________________ Signature: ___________________________

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