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« Mécanique, Energétique, Génie Civil, Procédés »

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08/06/2016, 10h00

Salle 110 du département de Génie civil de l'INSA

 Modeling of Concrete Dehydration and Multhiphase Transfer in Nuclear Containment Concrete Wall during Loss-of-Coolant Accident


Nuclear power plant now takes an important part in the world’s electricity generation. In human history, there have already been two tragic accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima causing severe radioactive matter leakage. To pre-vent this kind of accident from happening again, concrete structure plays an important role as material of containment building, which is the last barrier to isolate the radioactive matter from the environment. Hence, the transfer properties of concrete under severe circumstances, especially high temperature, are important for this usage. This PhD thesis aims to investigate the behavior of the concrete under high temperature up to 200 ◦ C. In the first part, a dehydration model was proposed. The model consists of different dehydration sub-models for main hydrates in the cement paste. In the second part, the dehydration model was implemented in a thermo-hygral model. The thermo-

hygral model was then used to simulate a mock-up for which experimental results are available in the literature, without considering the mechanical behaviors. At last, parametric studies were performed to investigate the influence of some parameters, and the model was then applied to structures under different heating rates, and structures with different thicknesses to compare the temperature and gas pressure profiles across a wall.


concrete, cementpaste, dehydration, hightemperature, thermo-hygral model, non saturated porous media.

Etablissement d’inscription : Université de Toulouse III Paul-Sabatier

Composition du Jury:

Abdelkarim Aït-Mokhtar Rapporteur

Benoît Bary Rapporteur

Alain Sellier Membre du Jury

Laurie Buffo-Lacarrière Membre du Jury

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