Marengo Community High School Poms/Dance Team 2010-2011 Try-out Packet Clinics: Monday, August 23rd and Tuesday, August 24

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Marengo Community High School

Poms/Dance Team

Try-out Packet
Clinics: Monday, August 23rd and Tuesday, August 24th (2:30 – 4:30 p.m.)

in the Commons
Tryouts: Wednesday, August 25th (2:30 – 5:30 p.m.)…location to be determined


This information packet has been prepared to provide you with information that you will need to better understand the Poms/Dance program, and what is expected of you, should you be selected as a dancer on the Poms/Dance Team.
This tryout application is also available for download at

There will be two clinics held on Monday, August 23rd and Tuesday, August 24th from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. in the commons. You MUST attend both clinics in order to try-out. If you have a conflict due to another sport, please contact Mrs. Edge or Mrs. Mackey so that we can work with you. The clinics will be held in the commons. All forms must be completed and turned in prior to tryouts on the Wednesday, August 25th. All candidates will learn a short dance routine and be asked to demonstrate proper techniques for full turns, toe touches and a separate 8 count move that you will be judged on. Attached is a checklist to help you prepare for the clinics.


Try-outs will begin at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 25th in the commons (or wrestling room/balcony). Each candidate will try-out to the same short routine in small groups. You will be judged on your knowledge of the routine, and skill, as well as crowd appeal. Try-outs will be judged by qualified coaches and expert dancers. A list of those who made the team will be posted outside the Copy Room (1404) and on the website no later than 8 a.m. on Thursday, August 26th.


Poms/Dance Season (September through February – primarily Winter Sport Season) Practice will be four times a week (M – Th) from 3:15 – 5:15 p.m. Poms/Dance Team will perform at all home boy’s varsity basketball games, as well as selected girl’s varsity basketball games. Poms/Dance will also compete in several competitions through TDI during the school year, as well as other local events. Attendance at ALL practices, games and competitions are mandatory, unless excused by the coaches prior to the practice/event.


Once you are selected to be part of the Marengo Community High School Poms/Dance Team, you will receive a contract of conduct and must agree to follow all rules set forth by Marengo Community High School and the MCHS Poms/Dance Team. You must be in accordance with the expectations of all participants in an extra-curricular activity in regards to attendance and grade eligibility. You must be considered to be “sports eligible” and have good attendance in order to participate on the Poms/Dance Team.

Also, effective January 1, 2007, the code of conduct is in effect twelve months of the year, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, in AND out of season, and on and off school grounds. An individual participating in an extra-curricular activity will face appropriate disciplinary consequences for violating each code.

As described below, the Poms/Dance Team will be participating in fund raisers to help financially support the team. However, there will be some costs that incur, that each dancer will be responsible for, including but not limited to uniform accessories (described below), plus any potential camp apparel. Uniform accessories include the purchase of each dance shoes, jazz pants, socks, briefs and a shirt. Uniforms, warm-ups, bags, regular season and competition poms will be provided to each dancer. Additional items may be added as decided upon by the team. Financial assistance is available.


Each dancer will be required to participate in all fundraising efforts. This money will go toward competition fees and costumes. Other clothing such as sweatshirts, etc. will be purchased if enough money is raised.


Parent support is vital to the success of any team! As we head into a new year, your support continues to be very important in setting the standard for the success of the program for years to come! We hope to develop a strong Poms/Dance family between dancers, parents and coaches! Parents are encouraged to attend all games and competitions, as well as contribute in fundraising activities at the request of the coaches.

Feel free to direct any further questions you may have in regard to developing the Poms/Dance Team to Gina Edge (815/693-1328) or Tami Mackey (815/245-5728…or email at We are excited, and look forward to the 2010-2011 season!


All candidates must return completed forms by the try-out date on Wednesday, August 25th .

My child, ________________________ has my permission to try-out for the Poms/Dance Team team at Marengo Community High School. I understand that she must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the IHSA, the Poms/Dance Team coaches and the extra-curricular activities code of ethics for MCHS as stated in the student handbook. I understand that the Poms/Dance Team has a demanding schedule and that should my child be selected, must be present at all practices and games set by the Poms/Dance Team coaches. I understand that my child is responsible for keeping up with their academic responsibilities as well. I understand that the violation of any rules or commitments may lead to temporary or permanent suspension from the team.
I understand that all forms attached must be turned in by the tryout date, Wednesday, August 25th , or my child will not be allowed to tryout. I understand that my child must attend all clinics (unless excused by one of the coaches) or my child will not be considered for a position on the team.
I understand that my child will be evaluated by qualified judges and coaches, and we agree to abide by the decision of these individuals.
I understand that Poms/Dance Teams has costs as discussed at the clinics and in this packet including, but not limited to, dance shoes, jazz pants, socks and briefs, as well as costs needed to participate in camp and competitions.
I understand that the Poms/Dance Team season runs from September through February and that other activities during this time will be very limited.
I understand by the very nature of the activity that dancing carries a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the participant and the coaches may be, that risk cannot be eliminated. The risk of injury may include: muscle pulls, sprains, dislocation and broken bones. I understand these risks and will not hold Marengo Community High School or any of its personnel responsible in the case of accident or injury at any time.

Parent or Guardian___________________________________ Date____________________

I am interested in being a member of the Poms/Dance Team at Marengo Community High School. I understand the risks stated above. If selected, I promise to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the coaches and MCHS. I promise to cooperate and follow the instructions of the coaches. I understand that ALL practices and games, as well as competition and camp are mandatory. I understand that attending camp is highly recommended to improve and bond as a team.
I understand that the Poms/Dance Team season runs from September through February and that other activities during this time will be very limited.

Student Signature___________________________________ Date____________________


  • For try-out day, please wear black pants/shorts, a solid white top, and appropriate gym shoes. Hair should be neat and away from face with all “wispys” sprayed back.

  • No eating or gum chewing is permitted.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY! (i.e., piercings, rings, watchers, bracelets, etc.)

  • Bring water bottles, if you wish.

  • Come prepared to work, learn, and enjoy! Good Luck!

The following information will be helpful as you prepare for Poms/Dance tryouts. We will be looking for:

  • Hard work and willingness to try

  • Spirit, energy, enthusiasm and crowd appeal!!!

  • Proper poms/dance technique and sharp motions

  • Flexibility

  • Showmanship and professionalism

  • Toe touches

  • Full turn (pirouette)

  • A positive attitude and spirit, which reflects upon the pride of Marengo Community High School.

Any questions? Please contact Mrs. Edge (815/693-1328) or Mrs. Mackey (815/245-5728).
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