Otherwise- əks halda Merriment- şənlik

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Friend episode 9

Otherwise- əks halda

Merriment- şənlik

Rachel wanted an advance on her salary from her boss. Because she wanted to spend this money on Thanksgiving. Even she wanted money from customers who came there frequently. Joey did make-up for his new film. Monica and Ross’s parents would go somewhere on their own. And they didn’t invite their children. Ross went to Carol’s house. He argued with Carol’s partner. He didn’t think a baby that wasn’t born could hear voices. Friends gathered the money that Rachel needed. Meanwhile, the advertisement agency postered Joe’s photo everywhere. It was embarrassing. On Thanksgiving Day, Monica was cooking some dishes and Rachel was getting ready for her vacation. Meanwhile, Chandler came and called them to look at something outside. Unfortunately, nobody brought the keys. The door closed, and they stayed outside. After a long time, Joe opened the door. But meals had burnt, Rachel had missed the plane. They had to celebrate together.
Yüklə 12,46 Kb.

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