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Information and Resources
PRE-IPAM is a web-based training course that is offered to new county and state staff using MAXIS. It provides information on logging on and off of MAXIS, changing passwords, basic navigation, and a general description of public assistance programs. The course is available through TrainLink.
MAXIS Panel Names and Descriptions
PERS – Search for client by name, social security number, PMI number, and Alien ID or SMI number.
PERS Match – Potential matches including social security number, name, gender, date of birth and PMI number.
PERS Display – Affiliated case numbers, programs, participation dates, affiliated dates, applicant status, servicing agency, worker ID.
REPT/USER – Lists workers with access to MAXIS, MMIS or MEC², sorted by name, county, supervisor, and worker ID and includes work address, phone number, supervisor ID and MAXIS email address.
MONY/INQB – Benefit history: month, year, program, amount disbursed, amount recouped, and food portion included.
MONY/INQD – Disbursement history: issued date, program, funding, warrant number, transaction amount, type, transaction number, dates.

MAXIS CASE Panel Names and Descriptions
PERS – All persons in a case including their relationship, PMI number and social security number as well as their cash, medical and food support program status in a given benefit month.
CURRHistory of program openings, closings, reinstatements, and denials.
Program History – Program, application date, effective/inactive date, benefit period, status and reason
ADHI – History of all address information
NOTE – Case notes that have been entered by the system or by the worker.
NOTC – Notices are listed for a particular benefit month with date, description, and print status. Select the notice with an “X”” to view notices sent for the benefit month.

MAXIS STAT Panel Names and Descriptions

AREP –documents the authorized representative and the FS alternative representative.
ALTP – used to designate an alternate payee so the benefits do not go to the applicant for reasons such as client request or money mismanagement.
ALIA – documents if a person is known by an alias, nickname or another name.
PARE –account for all parents of minor children. A separate panel is used for each parent.
SIBL –documents sibling groups.
DISA – documents if a person has a disability.
ABPS – documents the parent or parents that are absent from the household.
PREG – documents pregnancy.
SCHL – documents school status for elementary, secondary & post-secondary school attendance.
EMPS –documents employment services participation or exemptions (MFIP only).
UNEA –documents receipt of unearned income (child support, SSI, Reemployment Ins.)
BUSI – documents self-employment income and expenses.
JOBS – documents earned income from a job, employer, income start date and end date, paychecks received, pay frequency and hours worked.
DCEX –documents dependent (daycare) expenses for a person working or going to school.
COEX – documents court ordered expenses (child support paid to person outside the home)
MEDI – documents Medicare Insurance.
INSA – documents if anyone is covered by other health insurance.
DISQ – disqualify a person (failing to cooperate with a program requirement or fraud).
SWKR – documents the social worker for the household.
TIME – track time on TANF assistance, used to track the 60-month lifetime limit
SANC – documents the sanction information for MFIP.

MAXIS and MMIS for Case Aids 9/30/09

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