Part 1 – general

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1.1 Zer-O-Loc Scope of Work

A. Supply Zer-O-Loc expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulated panels and related accessories, as per Standard Zer-O-Loc Details, for suspended ceiling systems, clean rooms, environmental control rooms, low temperature rooms and buildings, and food processing facilities, as specified.
1.2 Source Quality Control

A. Pre-approved manufacturer: Zer-O-Loc Insulated Panel and Door Systems.
1.3 Warranty

A. Zer-O-Loc to submit standard panel products warranty clause.


2.1 General

A. Zer-O-Loc insulated wall and ceiling panels shall be supplied in standard 46” widths.
B. Zer-O-Loc insulated wall and ceiling panel lengths shall be factory-sized to meet required site dimensions.
2.2 Insulation

A. Zer-O-Loc wall panels and ceiling panels shall consist of Type 1 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation, as manufactured by Zer-O-Loc under the brand name Zelsius EPSTM.
B. Finished Zer-O-Loc panels shall have an R-value of 4.17 per inch. Insulation thickness of Zer-O-Loc panels shall be adjusted in accordance with design R-value requirements.
C. Zelsius EPSTM insulation shall not contain CFCs or HCFCs.
D. All Zelsius EPSTM Type 1 shall be manufactured with a BASF 326 or BASF 322 bead size (or approved alternate), ensuring uniform densities throughout the insulation.
E. Zelsius EPSTM Type 1 panel-grade insulation meets or exceeds federal standards for Type 1 EPS.
2.3 Finished Wall & Ceiling Panels

A. Interior Zer-O-Loc wall and ceiling panels shall be clad with 26 gauge QC5216 high-gloss White Appliance Polyester (or approved alternate) G90 galvanized steel.

B. Exterior Zer-O-Loc insulated panels shall be clad on the weather-exposed side with 26 gauge 8000 series (QC8317) white, USDA white, (or approved alternate), prepainted stucco embossed G90 galvanized steel. Alternate colors subject to availability.
C. Unexposed areas of Zer-O-Loc panels (ex. top of ceiling panels) may be clad with 28 gauge plain G90 galvanized steel (or approved alternate).
D. Metal skins (as specified above) shall be thermal set to the Type 1 Zelsius EPSTM insulation. Zer-O-Loc insulated panels shall be manufactured individually, ensuring uniform adhesion between steel skins and EPS insulation.
E. Zer-O-Loc panel edges shall be fabricated with a tongue-in-groove type panel connection system, and is referred to as the Zer-O-Loc Sleeve-Joint panel connection system.
F. Metal members (prone to rust), and wood or wood by-products (prone to rot), shall not be permitted within the panel connection system.
G. Zer-O-Loc Sleeve-Joints shall be sealed internally by running continuous beads of Gibson-Homans white butyl rubber caulk #1230 (or approved alternate) along the inside edges of the female sides of the panel joints.
H. Zer-O-Loc Sleeve-Joints shall be externally caulked for USDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspected areas only, or as specified, with Tremco Proglaze White silicone (or approved alternate).
2.4 Panel Protection

A. Zer-O-Loc shall factory-bond .090 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) to metal skin surfaces of wall panels and/or ceiling panels in high traffic, high wash-down, and high corrosion risk areas, where specified, providing Zer-O-Loc panels with increased scratch, dent, paint erosion, and corrosion resistance.
2.5 Standard Construction Details

A. Zer-O-Loc Sleeve-Joint panel connection system, wall to floor connections, wall to ceiling connections, and suspended ceiling system shall be as per standard Zer-O-Loc details (available on request).
2.6 Product Performance Testing

A. Panel joints – Zer-O-Loc Sleeve Joint panel connection system, tested in accordance with ASTM E283 “Air Leakage Rate Testing” and ASTM E96 “Water Vapor Permeance Rate Testing” shall have an air leakage rate @ 75 Pa OF 0.00m3/h-m2 (0.00cfm/sq.ft.) and a water vapor permeance rate of 0.00 perms.
B. Thermal Performance – R-value (see table 2).
C. Expanded Polystyrene – Zelsius EPSTM - (see table 1).
D. Span testing (see table 2).

2.7 Product Listings

Sanitation & Federal Inspection

A. Zer-O-Loc insulated panels, related accessories, and construction details shall be in accordance with the following regulatory agencies, where required:

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

  • USDA

2.8 Product Listings

A. Zer-O-Loc wall and ceiling panels, insulated with Type 1 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) manufactured to Zelsius EPSTM Type 1 standards, shall be listed with Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) in accordance with ULC/ORD-C376-1995, “Fire Growth of Foamed Plastic Insulated Building Panels in a Full-Scale Room Configuration”, in compliance with Part of Revision 4 of the 1995 National Building Code of Canada (Combustible Insulation and its Protection).
B. ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 96-43


3.1 Shop Drawings

A. Where required, Zer-O-Loc shall supply a complete set of shop drawings, relating to the Zer-O-Loc Scope of Work, complete with suspended ceiling system layout, floor plans, elevations, and standard Zer-O-Loc details, for approval upon receipt of contract.
3.2 Installation

A. Certified installation supervisor shall have a minimum 5 years experience in the field of insulated panel systems installations for the purpose of constructing suspended ceiling systems, clean rooms, environmental control rooms, low temperature rooms and buildings, and food processing facilities.
B. Resume of previous insulated panel system installation experience shall be provided by certified installation supervisor on request.
C. Certified installation supervisor and crew shall be responsible for the establishment and the integrity of the complete insulated and vapor-proof envelope, including wall to floor connections, wall to ceiling panel/roof connections, and all panel joint connections.

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