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1921.11.28 - Johanna Hauff (Haifa) to parents (Stuttgart)

Star of West Vol 12 No 19 - p296-

(From the Sun of Truth. Translated from the German by Mrs. Aubrey J. Kempner.)

From Johanna Hauff to her parents in Stuttgart, Germany:

Haifa, Palestine.

November 28, 1921.

Morning Grief

What terrible hours were these tonight at the deathbed of the beloved Master! At one oclock at night (Monday morning), we were called and told the Master was very low. Quickly, we went down into the sorrowing house, to his bedside; for a long time I did not know whether He was still with His body or had ascended into His Kingdom. He is no longer among us! Oh, no, we must not say this: His spirit is perhaps a thousand times nearer to us; but it is incredible, unbelievable, because this great loss came so swift - so unexpected. We are all as stunned. I cannot say anything. I do not know what will happen!

Ruha Khánum told me - weeping at his bed where he lay still, unspeakably beautiful and as if sleeping - that she had asked him only in the evening whether I might stay here for some time, and that he replied: "She may stay; she will be a beautiful teacher.'' But I don't know what will happen now; the heart, the mind, the spirit of this town, this country, our whole world is no longer in a human body!

When this letter reaches you, the sad news will have long reached the whole world. We stand in the spirit of Hirn whose life was a living martyrdom, from the first to the last minute, for us and for the world, but who is now released from his sufferings. and has entered into the eternal Glory.

Fri 25 - Sun 27

Friday and Saturday the Master had some fever; Saturday it was worse; Sunday he was all right again. The cause of death is not known; it was general weakness probably. Half an hour before death, there was difficulty in breathing. Shortly before passing away, He told his daughter that He was going across.

1921.11.29 - Ahmad Tabrizi (Haifa) to Zia Bagdadi (Chicago)

Star of West Vol 2 No 18 - p280-281

Letter from Ahmad Tabrizi to Zia Bagdadi, Chicago:

Haifa, Palestine.

November 29, 1921.

My dear brother:


I am grieved to announce to you in brief that the Master, 'Abdu'l-Bahá, has ascended to the Kingdom by his own will. In some of his writings and Tablets which are not yet made public, he clearly stated in regard to his departure. Also in his talks to the friends, in the meetings, and even to the strangers and visitors he made similar remarks. Soon I will write you and send you the details.

Admonishments to Unity

His latest advices and admonitions to the friends are to the effect that they must be in perfect unity and harmony.

He said: "There shall not be any separation among the believers because Baha'u'llah has appointed the House of Justice to be the authority. In the future, many false traditions and untrue statements will appear, but the men of the House of Justice will with great power stop the mouths of the liars. All difficult problems must be referred to the House of Justice."

Mirza Abu'l Hasan Afnán's Suicide

Mirza Abu'l Hasan Afnán (a noble gentleman from the family of the Báb, for many years living near Abdu'l-Baha), realizing the approach of the most great calamity - the Master's ascension - could not wait to see it, and therefore he drowned himself here, in the sea.

The Master, in advising us and all the friends, said:

"You must not injure yourselves or commit suicide... It is not permissible to do to yourselves what Mirza Hasan Afnán did to himself. Should anyone at any time encounter hard and perplexing times, he must say to himself: This will soon pass. Then he will be calm and quiet. In all my calamity and difficulties, I used to say to myself: This will pass away. Then I became patient. If anyone cannot be patient and cannot endure, and if he wishes to become a martyr, then let him arise in service to the Cause of God. It will be better for him if he attains to martyrdom in this path. Arise ye in service to the Cause of God as the Apostles arose after the departure of Christ."


The Master has left a will which is His Covenant, written with his own blessed hand. As soon as it is read, I shall write to you what it contains. It is the hour of firmness and the moment of steadfastness. Blessed are those who are faithful to the Cause and loyal to the Covenant.

Your brother,


1921.11.29 - Memorandum by Tudor Pole (Star of West)

Src : 1921.12.31 Star of West S7-V12-N16-P252


November 29, 1921.

The Master, Abdul-Baha Abbas (H. E. Sir Abbas al Bahai) passed peacefully to the Wider Life at Haifa early yesterday morning. The following steps have been taken from this office today:

Friends in England have been advised by telephone or telegram. Mr. Frederick Leveaux of Alexandria has been asked by cable to proceed to Haifa and render all possible help to the family and friends on behalf of the British and American friends.

The Colonial Office has been requested to instruct the High Commissioner at Jerusalem to arrange for official British representation

at the funeral, and to make all possible arrangements needed by the family and friends at Haifa and Acca.

Sir Wyndham Geedes, First Secretary to the High Commissioner, Palestine, has been cabled privately to the same effect. Mr. Shoughi Rabbani, Abdul Baha's grandson now in England is returning to Haifa immediately.

The Times obituary notice has been arranged and every effort is being made to prevent inaccuracies or misstatements appearing, in this or any other newspaper.

If the friends in England would wish any other steps taken at this juncture will they communicate with the undersigned, who joins with them in human sorrow for the beloved departed, but who rejoices to know that a peaceful passing has crowned the life of one of the Great Spiritual Sons of Humanity.

W. Tudor-Pole.

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