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December 7, 2016

Ald. Mor called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM. Notice of the meeting was provided to the Dells Events, WNNO/WDLS Radio, and posted in accordance with State Statutes

  1. Present: Chairman Ald. Dar Mor, Maria Rosholt, Ben Borcher, Dan Gavinski, Jacqueline Morse

Others: City Planner/Zoning Administrator Chris Tollaksen, Juli Mor, Ald. Brian Holzem, Nick Laskaris, and Ed Legge from the Dells Events.

  1. Motion to approve the Minutes from Nov 9, 2016 meeting by Borcher, second by Rosholt. Motion carried.

  2. Sign Applications: Mt. Olympus – Main Entrance sign. Motion to approve by Borcher, second by Rosholt. Motion carried. Comments from Nick Laskaris expressing his opinion on the ability of people to change their signs without having to go before the DRC. He cited a court case Reed vs Town of Gilbert, AZ that says its unconstitutional to tell people what they can put on their sign. The board assured him that they and the city attorney, Joe Hasler were familiar with that case. They would be discussing the details of who would need to get approval for what changes in the future.

DEZ Tactical Arms: Chris T went over the spec’s and pointed out a few issues. The bright yellow and the Black & white color scheme are not following the standards. Borcher asked about bringing the top “Corner Plaza” sign into compliance. It is grandfathered in at this point but they can be encouraged to bring it into compliance. Chris will talk to the owner and make suggestions to that effect. Morse suggested that Dez Tactical Arms use the same background as all the rest of the signs for continuity. Borcher asked if each of the strip mall’s businesses get 300 sq. ft on the sign and the answer is no. Motion to approve with the sign changed to a beige or cream background and the black art and words changed to brown by Morse, second by Rosholt. Borcher opposed. Motion carried.

  1. Outdoor Seating/Dining Applications: None

  2. Building/Site Plan Applications: None

  3. Design Standards and Ordinance Updates: Mor presented a list and asked if we can address these in future meetings.

  4. Small Cell Antenna: Chris T showed examples of small cell antennas on light poles. Verizon will want some on power poles. He listed some different areas. The committee agreed we don’t want them on the decorative light poles but they can be on power poles. Chris T says as a public utility they do have the right to add a pole to the city’s right of way. Motion to approve by Borcher, second by Rosholt. Motion carried.

  5. See number 6

  6. Next meeting: January 11, 2017 10 am is next meeting.

  7. Motion by Gavinski, second by Morse to adjourn. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 10:33 am.


Juli Mor

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