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Programme structure proposal as it stands 15.10.02

IWA International Specialist Conference

BIOSOLIDS 2003-Wastewater Sludge as a Resource

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), 23.-25. June, 2003

Monday 23.06.03

0800 – 0900 Registration

0900– 0930 Opening addresses
0930 – 1200 Session 1 : Problem identification – overviews
0930 – 1000 Wastewater sludge – the challenges (Key note)
Helmut Kroiss (Austria)
1000 – 1030 What are the potentials of utilising the resources in sludge?
Rulkens, W. (The Netherlands)

Sustainable sludge management – what are the challenges for the future     

Matthews, P. (UK)

Community partnership is the way forward

Lee, D.J. (Taiwan)

Route to synthesize the sludge management process

Vesilind, P.A. (USA)

Pathogens in sludge:A case of sufficient challenge?   

1030 – 1100 Coffee break
1100 – 1230 Session 2 : Characteristics of wastewater sludge – relationship between wastewater composition, sludge production and sludge characteristics
Spinosa, L., Wichmann, K., Lotito, V. (Italy)

Developments in sludge characterization: The evaluation of sludge consistency

Storhaug, R. (Norway)

Heavy metals in sludge - relationship between wastewater and sludge

Nielsen, P.H., Nielsen, J.L., Thomsen, T.R. (Denmark)

Bacterial composition of activated sludges- importance for floc and sludge properties

Keiding, K., Wybrandt, L., Nielsen, P.H. (Denmark)

Sludge EPS characterisation

Salhi, M., Déleris, S., Ginestet, P., Debellefontaine, H. Paul, E. (France)

How to reach zero excess sludge production in the wastewater treatment line?

Patria, L., Chauzy,J., Fernández,P., Crétenot,D., Levasseu,J-P. (France)

Bio Thelys: The Vivendi Water Systems sludge reduction process

Podella,C., Rogers, C.E. (USA)

Reduction of sludge production in a municipal waste water treatment facility

Deleris, S., Humbert, S. Larose, A., Lebrun, T. (France)

Innovative strategies for the reduction of sludge production in activated sludge plant: Case studies of the novel processes BIOLYSIS O and BIOLYSIS E

Siegrist, H., Boehler, M. (Switzerland)

Partial ozonation of return sludge to reduce excess sludge, improve denitrification and control scumming

Scales, P.J., Andersson, N.J.., Dixon, D.R., Harbour, P.J., de Kretser, R.G., Stickland, A.D.

The fundamentals of sludge characterisation and filtration

Marchioretto, M.M., Hien, N.T.P., Bruning, H., Rulkens, W.H.

Bioleaching and chemical leaching of heavy metals from anaerobically digested sludge

1230 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1530 Session 3 : Quality of wastewater sludge in the perspective of sludge disposal options (hygiene, toxicology, soil protection)
Dentel, S.K. (USA)

Contaminants in sludge: Implications for management policies and land application

Jönsson, H., Vinneråa, B., Tidåker, P. (Sweden)

Influence of sewage fertilizer products on sustainability of farming

Nedland, K.T., Paulsrud, B. (Norway)

Reduction of organic micropollutants in Norwegian sewage sludge during the 90`s

Pritchard, D. (Australia)

The bioavailability of phosphorus in biosolids

Krogstad, T., Sogn, T., Sæbø, A. (Norway)

Recycling of phosphorous in sewage sludge

Cárdenas, J. Vaca, M., Beltrán, M., López, R., Jiménez, B. (Mexico)

Amendment of biosolids for agricultural applications

Pepper, I.L., Brooks, J., Tanner, B., Josephson, K.L., Gerba, C.P. (USA)

Evaluation of the potential for bioaerosols from land applied biosolids

Blum, W.E.H. (Austria)

Sludge quality criteria for agricultural use in the context of soil protection

1530 – 1600 Coffee break

1600 – 1730 Session 4 : Final disposal alternatives – environmental, economic and socio-psychological aspects
Hahn, H.H. (Germany)

Agricultural use of sewage sludge – a controversial issue

Evans, T. (UK)

The economical challenges towards sustainable sludge management

Barrios, J.A., Jiménez, B., Garciapina T., Murillo R. M. (Mexico)

Biosolids application to saline-sodic solis: acid and alkaline approaches

Martinez, J.C., Romero, L.H., Olivares, E.S. (Mexico)

Crop production and land reclamation utilizing biosolids as soil amendment

Galil, N.I., Mamane, H. (Israel)

Bioremediation of sandy soil fertilizer by biosolids following phenol spills

Ducray, F., Patria, L., Huyard, A.(France)

Impact of the revision of the European Sludge Directive on recycling in agriculture

Adler, E. (France)

How to find a sustainable solution for Biosolids management in 4 rules ?

1900 Reception

Tuesday 2.06.03

0900 – 1030 Session 5 : Treatment technologies for use of sludge on land (agriculture and in urban areas) and in constructed soil products (hygienization, stabilization)

Abu-Dorf, M., Brewster, J., Oleszkiewicz, J., Reimers, R.S., Lagasse, P., Amy, B., Glindemann, D. (USA)

Production of a Class A biosolids with anoxic dose alkaline treatment and odor management issues
Dohanyos, M.. Zábranská, J (Czech Republic )

Anaerobic digestion of sludge

Ejbye Schmidt, J.E., Batstone, D., Chistensen, N., Angelidaki, I. (Denmark)

Bioprocessing of sewage sludge for safe recycling on agricultural land

Paulsrud, B., Gjerde, B., Lundar, A. (Norway)

Full scale validation of helminth ova (Ascaris suum) inactivation by different sludge treatment processes

Fernandez, F. (Brazil)

Sludge composting for land use

Kim, H-W., Han, S-K., Lim, J-L., Shin, H-S. (Korea)

The effect of food waste as a co-substrate on the variations of soluble microbial products (SMP) and extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) during anaerobic degradation of sludge

Angelidaki, I. Toräng, L. Schmidt, J.E. (Denmark)

Anaerobic bioprocessing of sewage sludge, focusing on degradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS)

Matthews, R., Asaadi, M. (UK)

Strategies to maximize pathogen kill

Bernal-Martinez, A., Carrére, H., Patureau, D. and Delgenés, J.P. (France)

Improvement of sewage sludge quality: Combination of ozone and anaerobic digestion processes for the treatment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s) present in sludge

Wang, J.-Y., Stabnikova, O., Ding, H., Tay, S.T.-L., Ivanov, V., Tay, J.-H. (Singapore)

Biotechnology of intensive aerobic biocoversion of sewage sludge and food waste into fertilizer

Magnavacca, C. and Sanchez, M (Argentina)

Assessing nutrients availability of irradiated and non-irradiated biosolids for the agriculture re-use.

Prats D., Rodriguez M., Muela M.A., Llamas J.M, Moreno A., De Ferrer J, Berna J.L. (Spain)

Elimination of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (las ) and soap during composting of anaerobic sludge.

Stamatelatou, K., Dravillas, K., Lyberatos. G. (Greece)

A two-stage configuration for the anaerobic digestion of the production of sludge generated during the production of bioethanol from sweet sorghum
Bolzonella, D., Cecchi, F. (Italy)

Mesophlic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge and biogas production


Ochi, S., Maruyama, K., Fujino, M., Sawahara, H. (Japan)

Development of biogas storage process with gas adsorption technology using activated carbon
Ahn, K-H., Maeng, S-K., Kang, B-S., Hong, J-S. and Lim,B-R. (Korea)

Effect of ozonation on pathogens and microbial community structure from various treatment of sludge

Komatsu, K., Goel, R.,Yasui, H., Harada, H. (Japan)

Process performance and change in sludge characteristics during anaerobic digestión of sewage sludge with pre/post ozonation

Wett, B., Soliman, M.F., Rauch, W. (Austria)

Influences of temperature and feeding mode on aerobic sludge stabilisation processes

1030-1100 Coffee break
1100 – 1230 Session 5 continued
1230 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1530 Session 6 : Technologies for sludge minimization and energy recovery (pre-treatment processes, dewatering processes, thermal processes)
Müller, J. (Germany)

Investigation and assessment of sludge pre-treatment processes

Zhou, J., Mavinic, D.S., Kelly, H.G., Ramey, W.D. (Canada)

Experimental Assessment of Factors Influencing Dewatering Properties of Thermophilically Digested Biosolids

Wang, X.C., Jin, P.K., Yuan, H.L., Wang, E.R., Tambo, N. (China/Japan)

Pilot Study of a Fluidized-Pellet-Bed Technique for Simultaneous Solid/Liquid Separation and Sludge Thickening in a Sewage Treatment Plant

Alsaker, J. (Norway)

Sludge drying, an overview

Minnini, G., Marani, D., Lotito, V. (Italy)

Sludge incineration: good practice and environmental aspects

Rechtenwald, M. (Sweden)

Kinetic measurements during an acid thermal hydrolysis

Guibelin, E. (France)

Sludge thermal oxidation processes. Energy and material recovery.

Modell, M., Tester, J. (USA) mmodell@MIT.EDU

Direct energy recovery from primary and secondary sludges by supercritical water oxidation

Stendahl, K. (Sweden)

Recycling of sludge with the Aqua Reci - process

Simonsen, N. (Denmark)

Drying and incineration of wastewater sludge – experiences and perspectives based on the development in Denmark

Wamsler, M. (Sweden)

A new process for cost efficient minimization and conditioning

Strünkmann, G.W., Lajapathi Rai, C., Müller, J., Schwedes, J. (Germany)

Influence of mechanical stressing of sludge on sludge growth

Fernandes, P., Baratto, G., Patria, L., Crétenot, D., Levasseur, J-P (France)

SAPHYR: a chemical stabilisation process of Vivendi Water Systems

Soroushian, F. (USA)

Optimizing waste heat recovery for Class A biosolids production from a

combined cycle power plant
Novak, J.T., Park, C.. (USA)

Chemical conditioning of sludges

Bridle, T., Mantele Skrypski, S (Australia/Germany)

Experience and lessons learned from sewage sludge pyrolysis in Australia

Kopp, J. (Germany)

Everybody gets the sludge that he deserves - Influences of Sludge Treatment Dewaterability of Sewage Sludge

Holmberg, T. (Finland)

Thermal drying of sewage sludge - example how a new technology was introduced in Finland

Onyeche, T.I., Schaefer, S. (Germany)

Mechanical sludge disruption with increased energy and reduced sewage sludge productions at a waste water treatment plant

1530 – 1600 Coffee Break

1600-1730 Session 6 continued

1900 Conference dinner

Wednesday 25.06.03

0900 – 1030 Session 7 : Technologies for recovery of phosphate from sludge

Balmer, P., Palm, O., Kärrman, E. (Sweden)

Recycling of Phosphorus from Wastewater

Roelewald, P. (NL)

Recovery of phosphate from sludge – a Dutch analysis
Holmquist, J. (Sweden)

Recovered iron phosphate, quality and use

Stark, K., Hultman, B. (Sweden)

Phosphorus recovery by one- or two-step technology with use of acids and bases

Klapwijk A., Temmink, H (The Netherlands)

P-recovery from sewage for the elementary P-industry

Kato, K. (Japan)

Phosphorous and coagulant recovery by alkaline sludge treatment

Cornel, P., Schaum, C. (Germany)

Current researches: P-recovery from ashes

Ylinen, P and Puska. R.

Recycled phosphates as raw materials in fertiliser manufacturing

1030-1100 Coffee

1100 – 1230 Session 8 : Technologies for utilising sludge in building materials and for recovery of various produicts
Okuno, N. (Japan)

Utilisation of sludge in building materials

Wainwright, P.J., Cresswell,D.J.F. (UK)

Lightweight aggregates made from sludge

Klapwijk, B., Buys, Mulder, Rulkens, W. (The Netherlands)


From wastewater sludge to predator protein

Yan, S., Tyagi, R.D. (Canada)

Wastewater Sludge Management- Production of Value Added Products Through Bioconversion

Boura, P., Katsioti, M., Katsisri, A.

Alternative uses of sewage sludge by means of stabilizatiuon/solidification

1230 – 1400 Lunch

1400 – 1530 Session 9: Case studies

LeBlanc, R.J., Allain, C.J., Laughton, P., Henry, G. (CAN)

Integrated, long term, sustainable, cost effective biosolids management at a large Canadian wastewater treatment facility
Andreoli, C. V. and Pegorini, E.S. (BRA)

Production and final disposition of the sewage sludge in Brazil

laCour Jansen, J. Gruvberger, C., Hanner, N., Aspegren, H., Svärd, Å. (Sweden)

Digestion of sludge and organic waste in the sustainability concept for Malmö, Sweden

Shomar, B. H., Müller, G., Yahya, A. (Germany)

Performance of Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Gaza, Potential use of Wastewater and Sludge in agriculture
Sæbø, A., Haraldsen, T.K. (Norway) arne.sabo@PLANTEFORSK.NO

Municipal sludge as a resource in urban green areas

Heinzmann B. (Germany)

Induced magnesium ammonia precipitation to prevent incrustations in the sludge chain of the wastewater treatment plant Wassmannsdorf

Tornes, O., Whipps, A. (Norway/UK)

The influence of operating experiences in the design of the IVAR thermal drying plant expansion in Stavanger, Norway

Tillotson, M.R., Dixon, D.R., Harbour, P.J., Hillis, P., Scales, P.J., Stickland, A. (AUS)

Plate and Frame Press Optimisation for Potable Water Treatment Derived Sludges

Jiménez, B., Méndez, J.M., Barrios, J.A., Salgado, G (Mexico)

Characterization and evaluation of potential reuse options for wastewater sludge and

combined sewer system sediments in Mexico

1530 – 1600 Coffee break

1600 – 1700 Session 9 continued

1700 Closing of the conference
Thursday 26.06.02
0900 - 1300 Excursion to sludge treatment and recovery plants in the Trondheim area
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