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3.MA`O’s Position in WCRC

MA`O will operate as a pilot project of WCRC. WCRC has secured initial funding to launch MA`O. Starting in year 3, youth employees of MA`O will receive a bonus based on their performance and MA`O’s profits. This will provide incentives for the youth to be full partners in expanding production and sales.

4.Executive Management & Staffing Plan

Gary Maunakea-Forth is currently WCRC’s Agriculture Director, responsible for overseeing agricultural production, expansion, and training of staff and volunteers. Mr. Maunakea-Forth will devote 100% of his time to MA`O (resume attached). Other staff dedicated to the development of MA`O are:

  • J. Kukui Maunakea-Forth is currently WCRC Executive Director. Ms. Maunakea-Forth holds a BA in Pacific Island & Hawaiian Studies, and a BSc in Cultural Anthropology and has more than 10 years experience teaching and managing non-profits. Twenty percent of her overall time will be devoted to administrative and fiscal management for MA`O (resume attached).

  • William Aila, Sr., is currently Farm Manager for WCRC and kupuna (elder and mentor) to youth in all of WCRC’s activities. He has over 35-years experience in ranching, farming, and composting as a business owner, and an extensive background in heavy equipment operations. Currently he is a part-time contract employee with WCRC and half of that time will be devoted to MA`O to provide land clearing and irrigation system development (resume attached).

Youth are central to MA`O. Three Native Hawaiian youth, recent graduates of WCRC leadership training programs, have been employed. The youth are:

  • Kanoe Burgess. Ms. Burgess, 21-years old, has already gained national attention, through her speech at the Kellogg Foundation’s “Food and Society” national conference, on indigenous youth perspectives of agriculture. She coordinates sales and marketing at MA`O.

  • Ikaika Burgo. Mr. Burgo, 20-years old, is perhaps the most “natural” and gifted farmer among our youth. He has a genuine love for being outside and working on the land, and spends numerous hours fine-tuning nursery and orchard operations.

  • Manny Miles. Mr. Miles, 20-years old, coordinates field crop production at MA`O. He has attended conferences and has become active in the BLAST Initiative of Boston’s The Food Project, an effort to network young people working in sustainable agriculture.

Youth from the youth leadership team provide an able labor force of 6 to 12 young people, working 18-hours each week. They are paid as interns under the leadership-training program. MA`O will hire two additional full-time youth coordinators in year 2.

5.Cooperating Experts

This enterprise is strongly supported by Jonathan Deenik, PhD. Dr. Deenik, has a doctoral degree in Soil Science from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa, where he is currently employed as an extension specialist and lecturer. Dr. Deenik is able to provide regular tutelage on technical issues and access to other university faculty experts. Other stakeholders include:


Description of Support

Peter Quigley,

Vice Chancellor

Randy Francisco,

Program Director

Leeward Community College (LCC)

  • Provides additional training for youth including higher education courses, and is developing a degree program in Tropical Organic Agriculture.

David Cole, CEO,

Maui Land and Pine

(former VP of AOL)

  • Partners with MA`O to increase youth involvement in organic agriculture

    • Hosted MA`O youth in Maui to learn about MLP’s current research and development (composting, cover crops, organic pineapple)

    • Has reviewed MA`O’s business plan and provided commentary on business strategies

Joan Namkoong, Organizer

KCC and Kailua farmer’s markets

  • Provides connection to customers and information on local food demand and availability

Stephen Bradley, MD,

Wai`anae Comprehensive Health Center

  • Operates a clinic farmer’s market, produces nutrition education literature, and promotes market to community.

Lei Aken, Ag Program Teacher, Wai`anae High School (WHS)

  • Will establish an organic agriculture high school program , develop community garden and support trainings.

  • Recruitment of future youth.

Hawaii Organic Farmers Association

  • Promote organic agriculture and provide organic certification.

  • Recruitment of future youth.


1.Farm Plan

MA`O has a total of 5-acres of land in Lualualei Valley: 2.5 acres currently in production and another 2.5-acres of cleared land available starting January 2005. The new land will be developed similar to the current 2.5 acres in 50’ wide by 80’ long sections, providing 8 beds per section for field crops. We will plant a row of citrus trees between each section. . Mangos and avocados will be planted along the north fence line. Field crops are planted every one to two weeks, perennials every three months and orchard trees at start-up.

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