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Lincoln Memorial University-

College of veterinary medicine



November 16, 2015

6:30 pm
Voting Members: Lindsey Kudlack, Courtney Phillips, Kayla McCarthy, Tori Shamblin, Ellen Sears, Amanda Zaidel, Sarah Grigoleit, Kellie Rucker

Non-voting Members: Mariah Pearson

Ex-Officio Members:
Those Absent:
Other Representatives: Genell Patterson
1. Call to Order: 6:32 pm

2. SGA Officer Reports

Lindsey: Social tickets are still for sale. One ticket is $25; two are $40. Prices will increase next semester.

An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (DCOM + CVF) is in the works and is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 30th at the Gap Tap. Details about money are being worked out. We are trying to get a photobooth as well.

Kayla: Class reps need to notify appropriate personnel for schedule changes by noon the day before the desired change so we can assure the lectures will record on Mediasite.

Mariah: We are looking into providing non-latex sterile gloves for people with allergies. Mariah will get a cost estimate and talk with Genell.

Taylor McConnell has stepped down as SCAVMA president and Kerri Haider will be stepping up.

3. Club Reports

-CVF: Tonight Dr. Henry is speaking at the club’s last event of the semester. A guest speaker, Dr. Carney, is scheduled for January. The club is still having bible studies every Wednesday night at 7 pm in the library. Students can utilize the prayer box, which can be located on the CVF Facebook page. The club will be distributing leashes tomorrow to those who have ordered them.

-CAC: Club’s wet lab was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out. Any concerns or comments should be addressed to Liz Rich ( The club will start implementing a Rewards Program next semester. The club member with the most “points” will receive a reward at the end of the semester. These “points” will not play a factor in who gets to participate in wet labs. Rainy Day Fund: Pictures for the calendar are still being accepted by Victoria Benson ( and Alisha Siddons ( Calendars will be sold next semester. Next semester, the club is planning a feline behavioral talk, possibly a hedgehog talk, and more wet labs (we are open to suggestions).

-VBMA: First annual symposium last Saturday went well. Mr. Cushing was impressed with students’ attendance and questions. Last week, Dr. Trichel came and spoke. Club is done with events this semester. Dr. Rorick is coming February 20th; everyone is welcome to come, but non-club members may have to pay. March 12: Members only, euthanasia/compassion fatigue talk. SCAVMA is interested in co-hosting. Dr. Bassett needs to be informed whenever an event is sponsored. Funding will be discussed with Tori.

-ZEWAC: Pocket pet wet lab, due to paperwork, is being rescheduled for next semester. Shirts are still for sale; nineteen shirts are left and will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. UT is having an exotics symposium in January. Students can register online. SAVMA symposium is open and also has exotics wet labs. Club’s meeting is this Wednesday, and Haynes Werner will be talking about his falcon.

-SMC: Toy drive for Claiborne Co Animal Shelter. Applying for grant for spay/neuter event at vet tech building next semester. May be providing money for foster program - may use money from Sweats for Pets.

-AAEP: Last meeting tomorrow at Haymaker’s at 5:30. Live demo from Dr. Dascanio.

-AABP: Last event Dec. 5. Email coming out. Dani is head of all things swine and is helping out with E board. Event is occurring Thursday about pot bellied pig husbandry.

SCAVMA: Sunny was both treasurer and secretary. Kelsea Studer was appointed secretary a couple days ago. Election results will be emailed out shortly. Symposium deadline is Dec. 4th to sign up for wet labs. Dr. Dascanio confirmed we have those days off from school. Legislative fly-in: app coming out this week. More details are to come. People need to pay membership fees. We are at 69% and need 80% to vote as part of national SAVMA. This is important for accreditation, and we need more involvement.

-Hills: Distribution this Friday at 3:30. One more in December (maybe the 7th). No more food until January. Deadline has been off, but usually takes 3-5 days. When order doesn’t come in, it can take up to 14 days so plan ahead.

-Purina: Collecting weight circles to be used as points for shelter food purchases. Questions directed to Kaitlynn Petree (

-Platinum Performance: Attending national AAEP convention in Vegas. Some AAEP board members are going.
4. Committee Reports

5. Concerns

-Students are concerned with schedule changes. The class has not been asked their preferences. Students may have other plans already lined up, and adequate notice needs to be given. Suggestions on class voting need to be given to Ellen Sears ( Hand-raising may not be ideal. Changing the schedule involves many steps such as talking with the Mediasite people and the professors. A protocol should be developed to make this process easier.

-Liaisons need to check lincolnvets calendar before scheduling review sessions with professors.

-The $50 printing quota is part of tuition. So in order to get more, tuition would have to be raised. Paper may be provided somewhere else so students can access it more quickly and easily. Paper has to be stored behind a locked door so it doesn’t get stolen. Genell will look into other options such as having a printer only for CVM. Printing seems very problematic and a hassle.

-In SA building, both available microphone batteries were dead for VBMA event. Students need to be aware of where to get batteries after hours. They can’t be left unlocked because they would be at risk for getting stolen.

-Emergency and Critical Care Club does not get SGA funding this semester because they are a provisional club. It will have to be discussed next semester amongst SGA E-board. Nominations were taken tonight at the club’s first meeting.

-Motion: New club rules will be emailed out. Approved. Motion: Any officer changes, SGA must be notified. Approved.

-Recycling bins are set up building-by-building. These aren’t set out at the farm yet. Recycling is not cost-effective.
6. New Business

IDs are required in MANS at night or you may not be let in.
7. Next Meeting

No more this semester.

8. Adjourn: 7:11 pm

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