The International Human Design Schools

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The International Human Design Schools

The IHDS Professional Partnership Program

Since April 2003 Jovian Archive Corporation has dedicated its talent and resources to the building of a solid foundation and infrastructure for the global expansion of the Human Design System. This year (April 2005 – April 2006) will mark the completion of this process. Thousands of JAM B Player applications featuring Jovian Radio and T.V., Channel 88 and the IHDS Campus are on desktops around the world. The Human Design Resource Center at has given away in the last 9 months over 80,000 free charts and nearly 100,000 free MMI Software downloads. The New Year will bring a universal MMI software upgrade along with the release of the Family Practice module. Most exciting will be the release of the Jovian Digital Books application featuring dozens of new texts and manuals.
The culmination of the process will be the posting of the state of the art Jovian Newcomer’s Portal. Jovian’s capital investment beginning with the opening in September 2006 of the IHDS School year and for years to come will be focused on international marketing directed at the Newcomer’s Portal.
The Portal will provide an attractive and exciting introductory guide to Human Design. It will include an introductory film. Newcomers on entry once they submit their data will have access to a special interactive version of their chart. The ‘talking BodyGraph’ allows users to point to aspects of the chart and listen to brief audio descriptions. The portal will also offer free JAM Players, Charts and MMI Software. The Newcomer’s Portal will spearhead Jovians’ advertising to the general public.
It is one thing to offer the best quality introduction and services virtually, it is another thing entirely to offer a reading. The Jovian marketing strategy is incomplete without the direct Human element. It is for this reason that Jovian is seeking to recruit the best professional Human Design Analysts and a newly trained generation of Living Design Guides to the IHDS Professional Partnership program.

The Program: Mass Marketing Overviews

After many years, Jovian is now in a position to support professional work in the field. The Newcomer’s Portal will feature a professional services section promoting IHDS Certified Analysts and Guides. Since the goal of the marketing is to reach the largest possible public audience in the name of Jovian and the IHDS, the very legitimacy of the knowledge will be tested in the field. An IHDS Partner Analyst will be a promoted representative backed by the IHDS.
Every visitor to the Newcomer’s Portal will be encouraged to have an Overview reading. A completely automated service will instantly forward client data to Professional Partners. Partners will be required to post the Overview audio within 24 hours. When clients return to download their Overviews, they will be encouraged to consider a full reading and be introduced to the Living Your Design program and Guides available in their vicinity.
In January 2006 the old IHDS Professional Registry will be closed. It is the responsibility of National organizations to register their professional Analysts. The new IHDS Partnership Registry will feature only IHDS Professional Partners and the registry will be interfaced with the Newcomer’s Portal.
Additional Partnership Benefits
These IHDS Partners will be promoted to the now hundreds and the eventual thousands of daily visitors to the Portal. They will also benefit in many other ways.

  • Marketing both in the portal and with their names tagged to regional advertising

  • an official IHDS email address, message center and blog

  • Public Liability insurance

  • two free workshops with Ra Uru Hu annually

  • a 30% discount on all manuals and texts from Jovian Digital Books

  • free software upgrades

The IHDS Professional Analyst Partnership Assembly

In receiving this invitation you are invited to participate in the IHDS Professional Partnership Assembly April 11, 12, 2006 in Ibiza, Spain. It must be stated that this invitation does not confer IHDS Partnership status. If you cannot attend in person the program will be same day webcast in the JAM B Player from the IHDS campus. During the two day program potential IHDS Partners will benefit from workshops and seminars and a detailed guide to the conditions of certification.
The IHDS Certified LYD Guide Professional Partnership
In receiving this invitation you are invited to participate in the Living Your Design Guide training program beginning in January 2006, to be held through the IHDS JAM B Player. Please see the JAM B Player for details. This training is offered at no charge to current LYD teacher/guides. It must be stated that this invitation does not confer IHDS Partnership status. Once you complete this training you will be asked to take an on-line test to complete your Partnership status.


The following are the prerequisites for IHDS LYD Guide Partnership status.

  1. You have previously completed the LYD Teacher/Guide certification training program or you have completed the Rave ABC Level I and Rave Cartography Level II training programs.

  2. Participation in the Living Your Design Guide program. Participation is through the JAM B Player as an online course.

  3. Completion of an on-line test.

IHDS Mentors

The IHDS is committed to promoting only the highest standard of professional service. Ra Uru Hu in October 2005 trained 13 Level VI Mentors. Mentors have two roles: to prepare candidates for certification and to be official IHDS Certifiers.


The following are the prerequisites for IHDS Partnership status.

  1. Participation in the IHDS Professional Partnership Assembly. Participation may be in person or online.

  2. A one hour session with your appointed Mentor. There are thirteen Mentors who are proficient in English, French, Greek, German, Italian, and Spanish. Mentors are appointed to candidates by J.R. Randy Richmond, the Director of the Human Design Standards Board. Mentors will prepare and guide candidates for their certification process.

Candidates for IHDS Partnership are assessed by an appointed three member Mentor panel. Candidates have until April 31, 2006 to schedule their assessment. There are two components to testing: The live full reading and an over view.

Please note: Based on the requirements of Jovian’s liability insurance, all professional Partners must be tested and certified.

  • Candidates are required to arrange for a live reading with a client that can either be recorded during a session or held online in the IHDS Reading Room before May 31, 2006. Submitted audios must be in MP3 digital format.

  • Candidates are required to select four examples of Designs based on Type and submit them to the panel. Candidates will then be scheduled to appear before the Mentor panel in their online room and do a live overview of one of the examples chosen spontaneously by the panel.

The IHDS wishes to offer the highest level of Human Design professionalism to the public. There is much to be gained in becoming an IHDS Professional Partner and the IHDS sincerely hopes that you will participate in this program.


These fees include the workshops and seminars of the Assembly in April, the one hour session with a Mentor and the official testing, as well as professional dues for one year which entitles one to the benefits listed above under the heading of Additional Partnership Benefits.

Note: Annual dues are $300

These fees include an 11 week training program beginning Monday January 23, 2006

Note: Annual dues are $300 are included.

To registered IHDS Living Design Teachers, the course program is free but the dues will be required.

Note: Candidates may delay assessment to a time of their choosing. However only candidates that complete the program as scheduled will be part of the September promotional initiation of the Portal. Candidates who might not pass assessment can re-apply at a later date.

The IHDS Professional Partnership Assembly April 11, 12, 2006

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