Title: Human Resources Officer Classification: aps level 4 Human Resources Branch

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Title: Human Resources Officer

Classification: APS Level 4

Human Resources Branch

The Human Resources Branch ensures high quality human resource services are provided to clients in regards to people strategies, policies and frameworks, workforce capabilities and management, payroll provisions, interpretation and application of conditions of service and other entitlements, recruitment and establishment activities. The Human Resources Branch comprises of three teams: Learning and Development; HR Operations and Workplace Health and Safety.

Working with managers at all levels, Human Resources provides advice and practical assistance to progress Mint-wide initiatives, workforce planning, employee engagement and change management.
HR Operations Team

The work environment is dynamic, with a number of projects and activities being undertaken at the same time. This role offers plenty of variety and challenge and is the perfect opportunity for a proactive, motivated and enthusiastic professional to make a valuable contribute towards the Royal Australian Mint’s business objectives.

The HR Operations Team is an energetic and customer focused team who administer payroll services including conditions of service; manage timekeeping services; provide reports and advice for staff and managers as well as manage all recruitment activities.
Individual Role

As a member of the HR Branch, the HR Officer will be able to deliver under pressure, manage competing priorities and respond quickly and flexibly to change. The successful candidate will have experience in a client service environment, be flexible with a can do attitude and possess sound problem solving abilities. The HR Officer is responsible for the ongoing day to day operations of recruitment, payroll and timekeeping including reporting as well as other performing various HR operational functions.

Under general direction:

  • Deliver a range of HR functions such as recruitment and payroll to a high standard

  • Provide expert advice to staff on enquiries regarding recruitment, entitlements and conditions of service

  • Work with other sections within the Mint to gain a clear understanding of client needs in regards to HR support and guidance

  • Assist with the administration and management of the HR systems, Chris21 and Kronos

  • Draft processes and procedures for the HR Operations Team

Classification: APS Level 4 Position No: 484
Branch: Human Resources Team: HR Operations
Title: Human Resources Officer

  1. Strategic Direction

  • Detailed understanding of how role contributes to the branch

  • Take ownership of role and suggest improvements

  • Show judgement and aptitude to identify and solve problems

  • Make evidence-based recommendations

  1. Achieves Results

  • Facilitate on-time task completion by using appropriate resources effectively

  • Commit to achieving quality outcomes

  • Adapt to changing environment

  • Document and maintain accurate records

  1. Productive working relationships

  • Actively participate in team and recognise others’ needs

  • Share information, ensuring others are kept informed of issues

  • Treat people with respect and courtesy

  • Recognise different opinions and value diversity

  1. Personal drive and integrity

  • Show initiative and take responsibility for meeting deadlines under difficult circumstances safely and accurately

  • Adhere to Mint Values and Code of Conduct and follow security and OHS guidelines

  • Be aware of own performance and its impact on others

  • Demonstrate ability to identify and manage risks

  1. Communications

  • Negotiate confidently in a clear and concise manner adapting to audience

  • Listen carefully to others and check to ensure understanding

  • Identify and convey information to different audiences, both orally and in writing

  • Draft reports clearly and concisely using different mediums

  1. Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Experience in the application and use of a Human Resource Management Information System such as CHRIS21

  • Experience in the application and use of a time keeping system such as Kronos

  • Good understanding of human resource functions such as payroll and recruitment practices in the Australian Public Service

  • Ability to analyse business processes into written format

  • Ability to interpret and apply employment legislation, policies and frameworks

  • Possess excellent customer service skills

  • Ability to manage priorities and meet deadlines

  • Ability to utilise analytical and problem solving skills

  • Strong results orientation, resilience and a positive approach to issues resolution

  • Experience in the use of the TRIM Records Management System

  • Demonstrated high level written and verbal communication skills to establish and maintain stakeholder relationships within HR, the Mint and externally

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