To: All Access Control Installing Companies Subject

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To: All Access Control Installing Companies Subject: Year 2000 Compliance

With the year 2000 approaching. Keri customers may express concern over how our products will respond to the numerical rollover at the end of the millennium. Please refer to our web site at for our official statement which supercedes any other written or verbal statements, but the following guidelines generally apply.

Doors" for use with Windows

1. PXL-250s must have version 6.2.11 (or later) of firmware installed

2. PXL-100s must have version 5.2.07 (or later) of firmware installed

3. Doors version 2.11 (or later) must be installed on the PC and downloaded to the network

These versions started shipping at .the middle of May 1998, so if your controllers and/or software versions are not up to the revision levels stated above, make sure to order your upgrades ASAP. Please refer to page 2 of the enclosed price list for the specific items. CD-100 tor the PXL-100, CD-16 for the 16 bit version of the PXL-250 andCU-250 for the 32 bit version of the PXL-250. When placing your order, it is extremely important to tell us what version currently exists in your system(s) so that we know whether or not to send the eprom only or to also include one of the microprocessors. You can check the firmware version by hitting the "Status" button in the "Setup Doors" page, and the software ver­sion can be found in the "About" section in the Help menu.

TAP.100 (DOS)

1. You must install Release 2.32 (or later 2.XX series) versions of TAP-100 software or. Release 3.03 (or later 3.XX series) versions of TAP-100 software.

2. At the end of the last operational day of 1999, all events are to be uploaded from the network to the PC.

3. At the end of the iast operational day of 1999, restart the log file for Ua.nsactions. Instructions for this may be found on Keri Systems web site.

Please look over the enclosed literature and price list, then give us a call to find out more. Best Reaards.

Dennis Geiszler Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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