V. R. Singh obtained Ph. D. from Indian Institute of Technology (iit), New Delhi

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Prof. Dr. V.R.Singh obtained Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi in 1974, in ‘transducer instrumentation for medical, industrial, scientific and engineering applications’, and BE (Elect Engg) from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, in 1968. He has over thirty-seven years of research-cum-teaching experience in India and abroad in the fields of U-Technology, e-health, instrumentation, electronics & communication engineering, sensors and transducers (including micro/ smart sensors), biomedical engg and electro-mechanical measurement systems.

 He has been working at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, since 1968, and was at the University of  Toronto, Canada as a Canadian Commonwealth Research Professor (Post-Doc Fellow), during 1974-77; University of Surrey (Royal Marsden Hospital), Sutton, U.K., as a Royal Society Fellow (Research Professor) during 1987-88; Technological Univ, Delft, the Netherlands,  as a Visiting Professor (Senior CEC-European Comm Fellow) during 1991-92;  and KU-Leuven, Belgium (1998-99), Korea University-Seoul/Chochiwon, Korea (2006-2009), as a Visiting Foreign Professor; besides his other short-term assignments in Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Korea, Serbia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. He has served as visiting foreign Professor at Korea University (March, 2006 to February, 2009). Presently, he has been Distinguished Professor of AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) and INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineers) at NPL-New Delhi and Thapar University-Patiala, as well as Director of PDM Educational Institutions, Bahadurgarh, New Delhi-NCR.

Dr. Singh has rendered consultancy and training to various Industries and Institutes in India and abroad. He has completed over thirty consultancy projects in sensors, instrumentation and controls, for biomedical and industrial applications.

He has sustained teaching experience at college/University level (UG, PG and PhD) in India and abroad (see above para two).

Apart from S & T experience, Dr. Singh has Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and has long experience in management and administration in reputed organisations like NPL and other institutes. 

Dr. Singh is the Associate Editor of IEEE Sensors Journal (elected in Nov, 2010), Associate Editor of IEEE Trans on Instrum & Measurements (USA), Regional Editor (for Asia) of Int J Biomed Engg and Tech, and is a Member of Editorial Boards of ‘Sensors and Transducers Journal (Int Freq Sensors Association-Europe)’ and Int Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE-Austria). He is also on the Editorial Review Committees of various other International journals like Sensors & Actuators (Switzerland), IEEE Trans, J. Life Science Engg, J Computers in Elect Engg (USA), J.Instn Electr Telecom Engrs, J.Instn Engrs -India, Ind J Pure & Appl Physics, J.of Instrm Soc Ind, J. Pure & Appl Ultrasonics, etc. 

 Dr. Singh is the recipient of  INSA (Indian National Science Academy) Young Scientist Award (1974); NPL (National Physical Laboratory) Merit Award (1973);  TIET distinguished Alumni Award (1983); ICMR (Indian Council of Med Res) Young Scientist Award (1984);  JSUM (Japan Soc. of Ultrasound in Medicine) Certificate of Honour (1985); AFSUMB (Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, Australia) Medal  (1987); IE-I (Institution of Engineers - India) Prizes for the Best Research Papers (1988-89 & 1991-92), IEEE-EMBS (USA) Prize for the best research paper (1999), Cert of Apprec by IEEE H/Q, USA (2010) and Best Outstanding Volunteer Award of IEEE-Delhi (2011) and Outstanding Branch Counsellor Award of IEEE-Delhi Section ( 2011).

Dr. Singh has more than 250 research publications, over 200 invited talks, four books, a dozen of patents, and 30 consultancies to his credit. He has been guiding research very actively and twenty two scholars have been awarded Ph.D. degree, while others are working with him.  

Dr. Singh has been elected a Fellow of IEEE (Instn of Electrical & Electronics Engrs) - USA (the most prestigious honour in the world), Fellow of IETE (Instn of Engrs & Telecom Engrs), Fellow of IE-I, Life-Fellow of Instrument Soc of India,  Life Fellow of  ISUMB (Ind. Soc of Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology), Life Fellow of College of Medical Ultrasound, Life  Fellow of Ultrasonic Soc of India,  Life Fellow of  Acoustical Soc of India, Life Fellow of Metrological Soc of India, Life Fellow of  Materials Research Soc of India, Life Member of Biomedical Engineering Soc of India, and Founder Life Member & Councillor of National Foundation of Indian Engineers; besides membership and holding positions in other academic societies.

Dr. Singh  has held  several academic positions, namely,  as  Chairman of IEEE Delhi section (2009-2011), Secretary-cum-Treasurer, IEEE India Council (2011 onwards), Vice President  (1997-99) & Joint Secretary (1994-97) of  Ind Soc Ultr Med & Biol  (1997-2001); Vice-President  (1995-todate) & Gen Secy  (1979- 91) of Ultrasonic Soc Ind; President of  Transducer Soc Ind (1990-todate), Chairman (1994-96), Vice-Chairman (1992-93, 96-98) & Council Member (1995-96) of Instn Engrs Telecom Engrs, Vice President (2004-2006) and Joint Secretary of Instrm Soc of Ind (1995-99, 2001-04), Chairman (2002-todate) of ISoI-Delhi Chapter; Chairman of Fellowship & Awards Comm (1997-todate), Council Member (1991-todate) & Vice-Chair (2007-) and Chairman of Joint Chapter (Delhi) of Instrm and Measurements Soc and Engg in Med & Biolog Soc of IEEE (since May, 2005); Council Member (1989- todate) of  Natn’l Found Ind Engrs, and Metrology Soc of India; besides holding  positions in other academic bodies.

Dr. V.R.Singh has been the expert panel member of WFUMB (World Fed Ult Med Biolog) Comm on Ultrasound Safety & Standardisation (Australia and Denmark), as well as on ICMR (Ind Council of Med Res) Steering Comm on Medical Ultrasonics & EM Radiations. He has  served as a member of Technical Program Comms  & Advisory Comms, has delivered invited talks and chaired technical /scientific sessions during several world/international  congresses, few of them being, WFUMB-IV Cong,  Sydney (Australia), July, 1985; AFSUMB-I Cong, Tokyo (Japan), June, 1987; IMEKO-IX / ISA-88, Houston (USA), Oct, 1988; 10th Int IEEE-EMBS Cong, New Orleans (USA), Nov, 1988;  14th Int Cong Acoustics, Beijing (China), Sept, 1992; IEEE-EMBS Asia Region Conf, New Delhi, Jan, 1995; IEEE-EMBS Int Congs, Chicago (USA), Oct, 1997 and Hong Kong, Oct, 1998, IEEE Int Conf on Biomed Engg, Bangalore, 2001, Ind Sci Congress, 2002/2003/2004/2005-2007; IASTED-BioMed2004 to 2011, Austria, besides delivering talks also at various Institutes in Europe, USA, Canada,  Japan, Australia and other countries. He has been a Member of the Scientific Programmme Committee of I-CENTRIC 2008 (Int Conf on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services), Sliema, Malta, October 26-31, 2008; and Member/Chair of Org Comm of Int Conf on Innovative Tech, 2009 and Nat Workshop on Software Testing, 2010; Int Conf on Biomed Engg, 2010, Int Conf on Computers, Amity univ, 2011, Nat Conf on Future Technologies in Science and Engineering, Nov 17-18, 2011, PDMCE, etc.

He is a member of Research Councils, Research Degree Committees, Board of Studies and Selection Comms at various Universities, Institutes, IITs and Research Organisations. He is the Chairman of BIS Comm on Electro-Medical Equipment, MHD, ETD etc committees, and Expert on NBA Committees of AICTE.

His work is cited world over. He is indexed in several ‘Who- is-Who’ books in the world.

He  has also been serving, from time to time, as the Adjunct/Visiting Faculty/Professor to several Institutes in India like Thapar Instt of Engg & Tech, Patiala (Thapar Univ); Delhi College of Engg (now Delhi Tech Univ); NSIT-Delhi; Univ of Roorkee (now IIT-R), Kurukshetra University, REC (now NIT)-Kurukshetra & other IITs, & Delhi Board of Technical Education and in Univ of Toronto, Canada, TU-Delft- Netherlands, KU-Leuven, Belgium, etc.

Presently, Dr Singh has been the Distinguished Professor-Scientist at NPL-India and Thapar University-Patiala and  has been as Scientist-G (Director-grade-Scientist) and Head of Instrumentation, Sensors and Biomedical Measurements and Standards Activities, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India. He is also Director of PDM Educational Institutions, Bahadurgarh, New Delhi NCR. His main areas of interest are U-Technologies, Healthcare Systems, electronics and communication, sensors and transducers, biomedical sensors & instrumentation systems, MEMS, nano-devices, biochips, metrology/ bio-metrology, tissue characterisation, medical ultrasound and process controls, in addition to the work in management and administration.

Mailing address:

Prof. (Dr.) V.R.Singh

Home: 35-B, Pocket B, Siddhartha Extension, New Delhi-110014, India; Email: vrsingh@ieee.org, vrsingh@yahoo.com; Tel: 91-11-26346505 (home); Mobile: 9811574636

 *Distinguished Professor (AICTE-INAE) and emDirector-level-Scientist /Head,
Instrumentation, Sensors and Biomedical Measurements & Standards
National Physical Laboratory, Dr. K.S.Krishnan Road, New Delhi -110012, India

Email: vrsingh@ieee.org, vrsinghdr@gmail.com, vrsingh@yahoo.com

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