Wish List *Please note that this list is for donors both in Mexico and the us. Large items can only be accepted from within Mexico as we take donations in by plane. When donating items within the us please consider the size and weight of items to be

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Wish List
*Please note that this list is for donors both in Mexico and the US. Large items can only be accepted from within Mexico as we take donations in by plane. When donating items within the US please consider the size and weight of items to be donated. Donated items will be transported to Mexico within suitcases on airplanes. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
*When thinking about colors for household items…think cheery, bright, “Mexican” colors…hot pink, turquoise, lime green, etc.
*We also are always in need of travelers going into Cozumel or Playa del Carmen who would like to take down suitcases of donations for us.


Vans – mini or full size with or with out wheelchair lifts

SUVS / vehicles with cargo space for folding wheelchairs / strollers

Tricycles – (2) type used in Mexico for moving luggage

Living Room / Indoor Activities Area
Lamps (all types / sizes)

Living room furnishings

Colorful / cheerful artwork

Small throw rugs (avoid light colors)


Picture frames (hanging type for photos of children – oak or black frames)

Curtains / panel style (prefer white )

Fans: ceiling, table top and stand up

Phones (cordless and wall)
CD / MP3 players – individual and “boom box” or docking stations

DVD players


Computer games

CDs of all types of music

DVDs (Spanish movies & cartoons)

Arts & crafts supplies

Cause & effect toys of varying levels and sizes (infant toys to school age toys)

Musical/ light up toys

Tactile / textured toys

Children’s books in Spanish

Puzzles and board games

Dolls and action figures

Toy box (one for each home)

Kitchen / Daily Living Skills Area

Gas stove

Gas tank and connections
Plates (plastic)

Bowls (plastic)

Cups (plastic)

Serving platters / bowls (plastic)


Cooking utensils

Cutting knives

Pots & Pans

Mixing bowls

Measuring cups and spoons


Electric skillets / griddles



Mini – Food choppers (electric)

Dish towels

Dish rags

Pot holders

Tupperware (all shapes & sizes with lids)

Dish drainer

Kitchen sponges / scrubbers

Ice cube trays

Paper towels


Kitchen Trash Bags

Ziplocs – all sizes


Dining / Feeding Area
Kitchen table

Wheelchair / toddler height table with chairs

Chairs / benches for table

Chair pads

Table clothes (washable)

Placemats (washable)

Tumbleform feeding seats (positioning)

Special Tomato booster seats

Plastic baskets / tubs to store specialized feeding supplies (tubes, Pediasure, syringes, etc.)

Sippy cups- gently used or new

Adapted Silverware / Plates / Cups for feeding

Spoons (maroon feeding type)

Small syringes (different sizes)

Large syringes (for tube feeding)

Extension tubes for tube feeding

Gravity bags for feeding

Nutritional Supplement


Nipples for bottles- Evenflo brand most commonly used


Thick It or corn starch to thicken liquid

Bathrooms / Personal Care
Body wash


Toothbrushes & toothpaste


Bath towels

Hand towels


Bathing puffs

Little step stool for the shorter kids to be able to wash their hands

Hand soap

Toilet paper


Small bathroom trash bags


Nail care sets

Diapers (size 5, size 6 / Jumbo, pull ups – M & XL, youth diapers size XS & S)


Backpacks & lunch boxes (for each child)

Hand held shower heads (4 total)

Shower organizers (4 total)

Bedrooms (will double as lodging for mission volunteers & therapy rooms during the day)

Bed linens (twin beds)

Pillow Cases

Bed Pillows (new only)

Mattress protectors (twin)

Pillow protectors

Disposable bed liners

Washable bed liners (hospital type)

Stimulation Room

Lights: disco balls, glow sticks, Christmas lights, rope lights, lava lamps, strings of seasonal lights

A small child’s pool (put in beans/balls/beads) – works with a lot of kids who need OT help

Adapted swings – all types: seating, supine, sling, hammock, platform

Tunnels & pop up play tents

Arches (that objects / lights can be suspended from

Light boxes

Rocking Board

Black out curtains

Room divider (stationary or hanging)

Mirrors (all types – for walls, standing, hand-held)

Tactile Stimulation: (shaving cream, insta-snow, beans, rice, smooth stones / marbles, thinks that float / sink, textured items, play-doh, floam, water beads, beads, feathers, mimi pom poms, crinkle paper, shiny metallic papers)

Olfactory Stimulation: oils, candles, scent machines

Therapy Room

Therapy balls

Therapy benches

Therapy mats – table and floor

PVC pipe storage for therapy balls

Wedges & bolsters

Positioning pillows

Adapted seating options

Garden & Patio / Outdoor Activities

Patio furniture

Patio pots & plants


Windsocks & Whirrly Wigs

Bird feeders / Hummingbird feeders

Bird seed

Garden tools (small / hand)

Garden tools (large – in Mexico only)

Weed eater (in Mexico only)

Ladders (in Mexico only)

Outdoor trash bags

Outdoor trash cans (in Mexico only)

Bubbles and wands / machines

Parachutes & small balls

Balls – all types

Discs – adapted and other (Frisbee)


Velcro ball and paddle games

Basketball nets / basketballs

Soccer nets / balls

Bats / gloves

Bases and cones

Tug of war rope

Beach toys: sand & water

Beach balls

Beach floats (especially the mesh ones)

Swings – adapted

Bean Bags

Trampoline (mini)


Large tricycle

3 wheel bicycle

Storage / Home Care

Tupperware (all sizes & shapes)

Storage tubs (all sizes & shapes)

Extension cords – all types / lengths with multiple outlets

Tools for general house maintenance

Medical / First Aid Supplies (all Latex free)

Cotton balls


Gauze pads


Fun Rewards / Prizes / Gifts:

Nail polish


Body glitter / sprays

Small toys / stuffed animals

Seasonal items (Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter)



Fun socks

Water guns / pool toys

Gift bags, tags, bows & ribbon (birthday, Christmas etc.)

Easter supplies


Party décor

Party favors

Goody bags

Pinata goodies

Crayons / markers

Color books

Hot wheels

Hard candies / gum

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