& Training Program for Tourism Leaders of Korea’s Fellow Countries Monday November 9th to Wednesday December 10th, 2015 Seoul and other cities in the Republic of Korea

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2015 Cultural Tourism Forum

& Training Program

for Tourism Leaders of Korea’s Fellow Countries

Monday November 9th to Wednesday December 10th, 2015
Seoul and other cities in the Republic of Korea

1. Purpose

Targeted for tourism officials and industry professionals of Korea’s fellow countries, this program aims to provide support in tourism development and strengthen tourism-specialized competencies by sharing the development experiences of Korea’s tourism industry.

2. Invitees

- 75 people from 15 countries: 5 participants per country

* People who have English commination skills (able to understand lecture and carry out conversations)

Invited Countries

-Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand

-Europe: Uzbekistan

-South America: Colombia, Paraguay, Peru

Invited Tourism Leaders

-Government: 1 Director General (head of delegation) and 2 working level officials

-Travel Agency: 1 Professional

- Hotel: 1 Professional from a five-star hotel (housekeeping, F&B or banquet staff, or employees of marketing, sales or pertaining departments)

* Officials and industry professionals should have at least 5 years of work experience in the tourism field.

* Officials may include local government and other governmental sectors such as National Tourism Organization, National Tourism Research Institute, etc.
3. Program Information

The program mainly consists of the “Cultural Tourism Forum,” the “Tourism Training Program” and the “Hotel Service Training Program.” The forum is open for all participants whilst the training program is targeted for working-level officials and industry personnel.

3-1. Forum on “Cultural Tourism Development”

- Dates : Nov. 9–10, 2015

- Venue : Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul

- Participants : 150 participants (including 75 overseas participants)

- Schedule






Opening Speech & Congratulatory Message
Keynote Speech— Local Culture Tourism Development and Shared-Value Creation

Coexisting Korean Culture Tourism Model

Sharing successful promotion strategies and performance case studies in economic vitalization created by the tourism industry, a new growth engine.


Presentation 1. Trends in Korean Culture Tourism, and Policies


Presentation 2. Local Culture Tourism Policy and Case Studies


Panel Discussion





Opportunities and Challenges in Community-based Culture Tourism

Discuss sustainable tourism development models through successful case studies of self-motivated tourism contents that utilized local environmental and cultural features.


Presentation 1. Rural Tourism and Community Revitalization


Presentation 2. Korea’s Unique Tourism Contents


Presentation 3. Local Culture Tourism Communicating through IT


Panel Discussion




Networking Break


Country Report of 15 Participating Countries

(10 minutes per country)


Welcome Dinner






Select 1 -Cultural Heritage Tour

- Regional Culture Tour

- Digital Experience Tour




Nightlife Experience

(Shopping at Dongdaemun, N Seoul Tower, etc.)

*Detailed information on tours will be available at a later time.
3-2. Training Program

- Dates : Nov. 11 – Nov. 20, 2015

- Venue : TBA

- Participants: 45 participants from 15 countries (2 working level officials and 1 travel agency professional per country)

- Schedule




Nov. 11


Orientation & Welcome Reception

45 total

Nov. 12 (Thu) –

Nov. 17 (Tue)

Lecture & Field Study on “Korean Culture Tourism Policies And Case Studies”

Lecture & Field Study on “Community-based Culture Tourism Development Strategies”

Nov. 18


Nov. 20


Tourism Policy Development Workshop

Lecture on “The Process and Strategies of Establishing Tourism Development Policies”

Sectioned discussion and practice on each country’s tourism development policy-making process
Tourism Industry Marketing Workshop

Lecture on “Travel Product Trends and Product Marketing Strategies”

Sectioned discussion and practice on travel product development and marketing strategies

30 working level officials

15 travel agency professionals

*Detailed information on program and tours will be provided at a later time.

3-3. Hotel Service Training Program

- Dates : Nov. 11–Dec. 9, 2015

- Venue : Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul - Participants : 15 participants from 15 countries (1 professional from a five-star hotel)

- Schedule: Below listed lectures, training programs will be co-conducted

with the Westin Chosun Hotel

Week 1

General Training


-Introduction of Hotel

-Hotel Sanitation & Hygiene Training

-Hotel Tour, etc.

Service Training -Hotel Service Standards

(Attitude, greetings, proper speech, phone call procedures, appearance, etc.)

- Role Play Dealing with customers

-Global business manners

Field Training

-F&B Trends & Project Planning

-Marketing Plan

-Wine & Coffee Basics

-Banquet & Catering Planning, and Understanding the Field

Week 2 to

week 4

Field Experience

- Housekeeping

- Room Marketing: Housekeeping, guest services, front office, Marketing plan, etc.

-Banquet Marketing: Housekeeping, banquet services, sales,

4. Program Shedule



11.08 (Sun)


11.09 (Mon)

Attend Forum

11.10 (Tue)

Technical Tour

11.11 (Wed)




11.08 (Sun)


11.09 (Mon)

Attend Forum

11.10 (Tue)

Technical Tour

11.11 (Wed)

Move to training center

11.12 (Thu)–11.20(Fri)

Training Program

(lecture, group discussions, field learning)





11.08 (Sun)


11.09 (Mon)

Attend Forum

11.10 (Tue)

Technical Tour

11.11 (Wed)–12.9(Wed)

Hotel Service Training Program

12.10 (Thu)


*Arrival and departure dates may vary for each country.

5. Host and Organizer

This program is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, and organized by the Korea Tourism Organization.

6. General Conditions

Round trip economy class airfare, accommodations and meals will be provided during the official schedule period. Transportation from the airport to designated hotel and between educational institutions in different cities will also be provided.

In addition, a small allowance will be given.
6.1 Transportation

Direct flights are available to Korea’s Incheon International Airport from participating countries which include Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand and Uzbekistan. Designated hotel (Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul) is about 1 hour and 10 minutes from the Incheon International Airport by car. Further details on flight schedule and reservations will be made available shortly, and participants will be contacted individually.

6.2 Accommodations

The Westin Chosun Hotel located in Seoul will be the venue and official hotel for the Forum. The venue and official hotel for the “Training Program” are yet to be confirmed.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary last year, the Westin Chosun Hotel opened in 1914 as the first Western-style hotel in Korea. It has been a very popular venue for major international conferences and events.
In particular, as a symbol of Korean economic growth, the Westin Chosun boasted its popularity and significance during the re-opening ceremony in 1970 where the President of Korea also attended. Following the rapid growth in Korea, the Westin Chosun established itself as the center of social, political and cultural engagements in Korea.
Within the last few years, the Westin Chosun Hotel has made continuous developments in staff training, customer services and investment in facilities, obtaining the titles of “One of the Top 100 Hotels in the World” by the renowned financial magazine Institutional Investor, and “The Best Hotel in Seoul” in ASIA Money.
The Westin Chosun is located in the heart of the business and shopping districts of Seoul, which makes it an ideal accommodation for business travelers, and also tourists. The hotel is only minutes away from major tourist attractions such as ancient palaces, Myeong-dong and Insa-dong.


106 Sogong-ro, Jung-gu Seoul, Korea
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