Aerospace Valley international cluster

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Aerospace Valley international cluster

  • Aerospace Valley international cluster

  • Toulouse

    • 850,000 inhabitants
  • European Aeronautics and Space Pole

    • Aeronautics: AIRBUS, EADS, ATR, SAFRAN, THALES, Liebherr Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Latécoère, Air France
      • Manpower : 53,000 - including 5,000 researchers
      • Leading European centre for civil aviation industry
      • Manpower : 12,000 (25% of the European manpower)
      • Leading European centre for satellites industry and earth observation

Developing international opportunities

  • Developing international opportunities

  • Attracting the best talents

  • Constituting a research centre of international renown


  • Strengths

    • Advanced courses, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
    • Professionally-oriented, meeting specific needs of the French, European and
    • Foreign aerospace industry:
      • To acquire in-depth or double competencies
      • To develop expertise strengthening employment capabilities
      • To provide global market with high qualified specialists
    • Selective recruitment
      • Students holding a master degree,
      • Professionals with a Bachelor degree and having at least 3 years of experience

Teaching organization

  • Teaching organization

    • Two semesters:
      • one-semester academics session, run by ISAE’s permanent professors and experts from aerospace industry: lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, engineering and design study seminars, integrated team projects, etc.
      • one-semester professional thesis :
        • within an aerospace industry or state organisation
        • carrying out consulting mission
        • concluded by a report and an oral defence in front of jury.


  • Objectives

    • Provide high-level training with state-of-the-art of aeronautical and space engineering
    • Expose students to the European and French technologies and cultures
  • Publics

    • Students with Bachelor degree – Aeronautics, Aerospace, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Main outlines

    • Accredited National Degree by Ministry of Education and Research
    • Teaching based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
    • 4-semester program

Comprehensive MSc offer for personalized education path

  • Comprehensive MSc offer for personalized education path

Computer Science and Telecommunications (IT)

  • Computer Science and Telecommunications (IT)

  • Applied Mathematics (MA)

  • Mechanical Engineering (GM)

  • Fluid Dynamics, Energetics and Transfers (DET)

  • Astrophysics, space sciences and planetology (ASEP)

    • ISAE Postgraduate Specialized Masters and Masters of Science
    • Short courses (Mastères courses units) on Helicopters, Airworthiness and Maintenance
    • ECATA (European Consortium on Advanced Training in Aeronautics and Space):
      • ISAE is the consortium administrator,
      • created to train European executives in the aerospace multinational programmes between major companies and Institutes representing Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Spain, United-Kingdom
      • 320 executives trained through the international Aerospace Business Integration Programme, members of the Ecalas Alumni association,
      • areas addressed: Aerospace environment awareness, Integrated product development, Systems Engineering, Multinational Project Management,
      • team work, cultural awareness and leadership.

EUROSAE: common subsidiary continuous training company with ENSTA

  • EUROSAE: common subsidiary continuous training company with ENSTA


    • 200 short courses in the fields of sciences and techniques, engineering and management,
    • 2300 trainees mostly from aerospace companies,
    • yearly turnover of around 2 700 k€.
  • Developing custom built training courses (national and international)

Developing Institutes:

  • Developing Institutes:

    • China (Tianjin),
    • India (Jaïpur),
    • Morocco (Rabat)
  • Developing long international training courses (more than 2 weeks) to help French and European industrial groups abroad

  • Organizing yearly course sessions for US Students:

    • Summer program (GEA partnership) - 2 months training,
    • Spring Semester (INSA,ENAC partnership) - 5 months training.


  • Fundamentals

    • A strong link between research and training
    • To strengthen the excellence of ISAE training programs
  • An international hosting center for master and Ph.D. programs

    • Articulation between own capacities and strong partnerships
  • A good balance between academic visibility and response to industry needs

    • To develop scientific knowledge and exchanges
    • To develop partnerships with agencies, industry and companies
  • Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems

    • Other sectors present (e.g. automotive)

ONERA: Global strategic partnership

  • ONERA: Global strategic partnership

    • Common objectives - 5 common doctoral teams
    • ONERA and ISAE both present themselves as privileged partners
  • LAAS-CNRS: Communication networks architecture

    • Thematic preferential partnership
    • ISAE is one of LAAS academic structural partners (with UPS, INSA, INPT)
  • Clément Ader Institute: Mechanical engineering

    • Mechanics of structures and materials
    • Common laboratory with UPS, INSA, Mines Albi
  • TeSA: Telecommunications for Space and Aeronautics

    • Cooperative laboratory with Thales Alenia Space, Rockwell Collins
    • Support by CNES, DGAC
    • Academic partners: INPT (ENSEEIHT), ENAC, UPS, GET

Toulouse University

  • Toulouse University

    • ISAE funding member
    • ISAE associated to 6 Ph.D. Programs in Mechanics – Electrical Eng’g – Maths-Computer Sc.-Telecom. – Systems – Universe Sciences – AA
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics Ph.D. School

    • ISAE leading establishment
    • Multidisciplinary theses in the aeronautic or astronautic domain
  • RTRA Sciences and Technologies for Aeronautics and Space

    • Toulouse University funding member
  • Aerospace Valley international cluster

5 Departments − 1 Centre

  • 5 Departments − 1 Centre

  • DAEP Aerodynamics, Energetics, Propulsion

  • DMSM Mechanics of Structures and Materials

  • DEOS Electronics, Optronics and Signal

    • MOSE Micro-waves and optronics for embedded systems
    • CIMI Integrated matrix image sensors
    • SCAN Signal, Communication, Antennas, Navigation
    • SSPA Space Systems
  • DMIA Mathematics, Computer Science, Automatics

  • CAS Aeronautics and Space Centre

  • LACS Languages, Arts, Cultures,

  • Economics, Societies

Outgoing students:

  • Outgoing students:

    • Obligation for the SUPAERO and ENSICA students to stay abroad:
      • - at least 2 months (academic exchange, internships, projects),
    • 55 SUPAERO students in academic exchange abroad during the year 2009-2010,
    • 32 ENSICA students in academic exchange abroad during the year 2009-2010
      • mostly United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Canada
      • but also China, Japan, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland or Netherlands…
  • Incoming students:

    • 101 students (2009-2010)
      • - mostly from Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Portugal.

GEA (Groupe des écoles aéronautiques et spatiales):

  • GEA (Groupe des écoles aéronautiques et spatiales):

    • founded by SUPAERO and ENSICA with ENAC and ENSMA,
    • participation in specific programmes like the Summer Program for American students from partner universities,
    • Sino-European Institute of Tianjin (China).

    • created by the GEA schools,
    • co-operation network of 23 European aerospace universities,
    • ISAE is the permanent office of the network.
  • TIME:

    • SUPAERO Graduate Program belongs to TIME network,
    • 41 mostly European partners; students have been able to obtain a double degree since 1995.

Exploit the scientific, aeronautical, international,

  • Exploit the scientific, aeronautical, international,

  • cultural environment in Toulouse, etc

  • More than 140 clubs…

  • Micro-drones contest, Eco-marathon

  • Pilot training

  • International Challenge on Robotics

  • Cultural Trip abroad

  • On campus cultural activities

  • Air expo: air show

  • Supaerowing: rowing competition

Key figures

  • Key figures

  • 2 campuses – 30.7 ha

  • 80,000 m2 of habitable space

  • nearly 800 student housing units

  • 2,000 people at the two sites

  • More than 140 clubs and activities

The ISAE-SUPAERO-ENSICA alumni association includes:

  • The ISAE-SUPAERO-ENSICA alumni association includes:

  • Graduates of ISAE Programs (SUPAERO & ENSICA Graduate Programs, Specialized master's degrees, Masters of Science and ISAE PhD,

  • Students of these programs, who can subscribe to it as junior members, in very advantageous conditions of contribution.

  • This more than 18.000 graduates network is present in 67 countries worldwide and covers all the professions and the industrial but also economic business sectors.

As a public interest organization, the purpose of the ISAE-SUPAERO foundation is to contribute to the national and international influence of ISAE.

  • As a public interest organization, the purpose of the ISAE-SUPAERO foundation is to contribute to the national and international influence of ISAE.

  • The foundation has three main orientations:

  • Support the international mobility of students and professors

  • Foster the development and influence of research

  • Encourage social openness at ISAE

ISAE’s project to broaden student intake socially

  • ISAE’s project to broaden student intake socially

  • Even if no young student is barred from entering a "grande école" because of their social origin, the student population present is not representative of the social and cultural diversity of the society we live in.

  • ISAE SUPAERO Graduate Program has thus initiated a project to broaden intake socially to get to the root of some of these causes.

  • A number of working approaches have been opened out within the scope of the “equality of opportunity” call for projects Minister Azouz Bégag launched in 2006.

Projects developped by “OSE l’ISAE”

  • Projects developped by “OSE l’ISAE”

  • developing individual tutoring with secondary school students selected by their teachers;

  • providing information on the "grandes écoles " track by getting ISAE students to speak to classes of school students (lower or higher secondary) at schools targeted in rural areas in Midi-Pyrénées;

  • gender equity;

  • integration of the disabled people;

  • scientific awareness

The ISAE group has now achieved a size and reputation enabling it to bring together a group of schools, called the ISAE group, around the excellence of its training courses (SUPAERO, ENSICA, Masters, Ph.Ds) and its highly reputed brand.

  • The ISAE group has now achieved a size and reputation enabling it to bring together a group of schools, called the ISAE group, around the excellence of its training courses (SUPAERO, ENSICA, Masters, Ph.Ds) and its highly reputed brand.

  • ENSMA (National School of Higher Education in Aero mechanics and techniques) has joined

  • the ISAE group on may 2011.

  • The vocation of the ISAE group is to bring together French higher education institutions in aerospace under a single banner, in order to extend the influence of these institutions both nationally and internationally, and to promote aerospace engineer training.

  • The creation of the ISAE group has received support from institutions (GIFAS, 3AF – Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France, the Air and Space Academy, the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster), local stakeholders (Midi-Pyrénées region, Poitou-Charentes region) and industrials.

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