Asliddin Kenjaev Student of tsue

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Motivation letter for Unicorn

Asliddin Kenjaev
Student of TSUE
Kashkadarya, Shakhrisabz,
Sahibkiron 72
August, 2021

My name is Asliddin Kenjaev and I am second year student of Tashkent State University of Economics. On top of this, I have been studying for 5 month at Frontend course of PDP Academy. I am going to expand my knowledges in IT, so that I planned to apply for Unicorn scholarship organized by PDP Academy.

Personally, I am self-confident, insistent and responsive person in life. In 2020, I entered the university for grand with the score of 189. Currently I am studying at an english group of World Economy and International Economic Relations department of TSUE. I am good at math so I love solving mathematical and logical problems. During school years, I take part in a lot of Math Olympiads and I had shown satisfactory results. Additionally, nowadays I am learning German language and preparing to update my IELTS score. I also interested in Economics. My best goal in life is to benefit people through all of the knowledge and abilities I have. I think Unicorn scholarship is best opportunity to wide my knowledge in IT and come true my best dreams, also making new friends.

In today’s world, learning IT is one of the most important thing because if you want to find a suitable and well paying job, you have to learn IT. On the others hand, IT is developing dramatically through new type of programs day by day and every thing is digitized by people. But in my opinion, Muslims are lagging behind other people in IT and secular sciences in general. Interestingly, in the Middle Ages Muslims are world leaders in every field. I think we have to work hard now to regain that leadership. For these reasons I had decided to learn IT. After graduating from this academy, I want to work as a programmer in unicorn companies and improve myself by giving my experiences to my friends, on top of this helping to my country.

In conclusion, IT is becoming one of the important fields in Uzbekistan also. Inshaallah, in the future I will be one of the best programmer and contribute to improve IT in Uzbekistan also in Muslim countries.
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