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Publications In Process
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Television, Film and Video

The psychology of motivation (12 lectures). WGBH-TV, Boston, MA. 1968.

The Gangsters & the G-Men. Yoshida Films, Kyoto, Japan.(bit actor)

Telos in Wonderland, REM Productions, with Yongsuu Park, 1992

An interview with Ken Gergen, Conversations in Social Construction Series, Andews & Clark Explorations, Inc. 1999.

Relational Being and the Sacred. Presentation at the Trinity Church Wall Street, 2001, Trinity Institute.

Dharma Dancing. (Video), 2002 (with K. Picart)

Performative Psychology: Embodiment of emotions. Master’s Work Video Productions. 2002 With Mary Gergen

Relational Art

Collaborating with Zurich artist, Regine Walter, I have written the text for a series of seven "relational art" pieces (graphic with text, treating aspects of relatedness). Displayed at: Texas Association for Marital and Family Therapy, 1994; Family Networker Conference, Washington, DC, 1994; Taos Institute conference on Relational Practice, 1994. The series is published in Psychologie Heute, October, 1994, and in 1998 in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. 15, 110-26.

Taos Institute, 1992-

Co-founder and President of the Board of the Taos Institute, a non-profit organization for furthering of social constructionist thought in practical settings. International seminars and workshops are offered, along with publications, a PhD program, and a distance learning program. See

Positive Aging Newsletter, 2001-

Co-editor (with Mary Gergen) of a bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to the positive reconstruction of aging. The newsletter, reaching 12,000 professionals, features research reviews, book reviews, news, and editorials demonstrating the growth and development potentials of the later years of life. Sponsored by the Novartis Foundation on Gerontology and the Taos Institute. (previous issues archived at
Web Work

A web site "Beyond Psychodiagnostics" has been developed and is now offered through the Web:

This site, devoted to a critique of existing psychodiagnostic categorization ("the social construction of mental illness") and to pursuing alternatives to existing practices, contains annotated bibliographic resources, manuscripts, dialogic connections, and an interactive facility.

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