Candidate`s name Pre-intermediate to intermediate part

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Correct the mistakes

                   Candidate`s name_____________________________________
Pre-intermediate to intermediate part

Correct the mistakes.

  1. She has called with his sister, just please you meet his because they solve an essential puzzle or problem.

  2. He may answer the question if he have wanted to answer.

  3. The members of government decided to open another abroad last the end quarantine in another countries because the heath the first issue in our life.

  4. If you could drive a car,we will go to work with it because it stand when we buy it.

  5. Last days we would prepare to IELTS exam with other students.

  6. My dad has been driving a car since 2 years, but now he have selled a car.

  7. I would tell you when you start when you stop if you`re ready.

  8. Can you speak English how the journalist without accent?

  9. I have done very much mistakes as yesterday

Translate the sentences without mistakes

  1. Men har safar maktabdan so`ng ingliz va rus tillarini o`rgangani o`quv markazga boraman.

  1. I went to play a football with my friends but after the end a playing a game we did spend a lot of money.

  1. I use from English and Russian at my work most often because in touristical way the worker must know these languages.

  1. It is a such predmet that you must know a lot of knowing about it.

  1. Uch kun oldin Toshkent shahrining Talabalar shaharchasida futbol musobaqasi bo`lib o`tdi chunki O`zbekistonda futbol o`yini rivojlantirish lozim.

  1. Men juda ko`p hatolar qildim huddi o`tkandagidak chunki men dasrsga tayyorlanmaganman edim.

You must have write an active and passive voice these sentences.

  1. Yesterday, a cleaner cleaned a classroom.


  1. Today someone has dead with a car in the middle of the way.


18.  Our outlook expanded by reading a lot of books because a book source of knowledge.

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