Client Project Earkandie Model Academy

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(Client Project)

Earkandie Model Academy

By A. Houston


The 411…. Who is Earkandie??
Is to provide individual, career specific skills and techniques and to teach by providing a safe and supportive environment for the student to learn, grow and explore their talent. Through Training In Cat-Walking, Posing, Go Sees and Castings, you will gain the tools and practice techniques that will strengthen your modeling ability and open up your self-expression and self-confidence. We represent the youth. Kids, Teens, Young Adults as well as Senior Adults in the areas of Fashion Print, Commercial Print, Mature / Lifestyle Print, High Fashion Runway, Children’s Runway, TV Commercials, Film, Industrial & Corporate


Objective & Challenges
*Establish a presence on FB, Insta, & Twitter

*Main focus gain followers on all social media platforms

*Get followers to sign up for summer enrollment.

*Engage more with followers

Started From the bottom; now we’re here!

FB followers started@ 889 up 81

Twitter Followers started@ 32 up 33

Insta Followers started @ 338 up 90

Twitter Instagram

FaceBook unable to locate before screen shot but started at 800 gained 81 new followers

(Plans for all 3 social sites)

*(Twitter Plans) Locate other local model agency in KC area. Come up with creative content that has great hash tags like #KCmodels or something like that. Also create a button for model to select if they would like feedback and have any questions.

*(Facebook Plans) I personally love facebook. It’s my client favorite social site. Some plans for the future would be to create brand awareness. Hashtags are important just not as important as on twitter. Began to create content and campaigns to run to get more followers and investors. Because most of the models are low income, my client is looking for sponsors to sponsor some of the girls.
*(Instagram plans) Picture, picture, and more pictures. Because instagram is so visual oriented I am going to have my client post pictures and behind the sense footage to get people excited and interested in modeling/sponsoring.

(Social media Calendar)

This is just a calendar I came up with very generic but it’s a good place for my client to start to began to create great content

Social Ad campaign:

Final Out come <3

Twitter: we hit a wall.. only 2 extra followers/ I believe the lack of consistency is the reason why we didn’t see many followers

FaceBook: 81 extra followers/ click rate was really high because a campaign. But most of the followers came from word of mouth and my fb folllowers.

Instagram: 90 new followers wow! I love instagram. What worked for intstagram were the pictures that my client took of her models. I notice anytime she post picture of model instead of bible scripture she gets a better response rate.

Some Tips going forward

  1. Be consistent

  2. Post often that engages customers

  3. Research other brands and companies that are similar

  4. Things don’t happen overnight. You must give it your all to see real results

  5. Social media could be the start of something great for your business. Take a chance and see how it helps your business!

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