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City of Missoula, Montana

Item to be Referred to City Council Committee
Committee: Conservation Committee
Item: White Pine Park Bid
Date: July 21, 2009
Prepared by: Dave Shaw
Initiated by: Dave Shaw

Action Required:

City Council to approve and authorize the Mayor to sign a contract with Brugh Landscaping, LLC. for construction of City Project # PR 09-06 WP, White Pine Park Landscape & Irrigation.

Recommended Motion:

I move the City Council…

Motion: The committee recommends the City Council approve and authorize the Mayor to sign a contract with Brugh Landscaping LLC., for construction of City Project # PR 09-06 WP, White Pine Park Landscape & Irrigation in the amount of $53,650.28 and authorize the return of bid bonds.


Referral to committee: July 24, 2009

Committee discussion: July 29, 2009

Council acts to set hearing: August 3, 2009

Deadline: All CDBG funding to be expended by September 2009
Background and Alternatives Explored:
The White Pine Park Landscape & Irrigation project consists of development of 3 acres of parkland at the White Pine & Sash site located off Scott Street in Missoula, Montana. This project is the first phase of development of the master plan for the site. This phase will result in the development of a youth multi-use grass field as requested by the Neighborhood and as listed in the Master Park Plan.
This project includes the in-field design and installation of commercial grade irrigation, establishment of final grade, seed bed preparation, turf seeding and turf establishment. Irrigation will be designed in the field per the performance specifications provided to the contractor by Parks. The irrigation design will anticipate future phases of park development per project plan set which includes a small playground, picnic area, restroom enclosure, walkways, a perimeter trail, fencing and further landscaping.
The White Pine & Sash Site has recently undergone an environmental cleanup process under the direction of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to mitigate the contamination of the soils from the site's former industrial use. The Office of Planning and Grants acquired funding and managed the cleanup. Partnerships with several public and private organizations aided in the completion of the cleanup effort. Contaminated soil was removed from the site and clean fill soil was hauled, placed and rough graded by the City Streets Division. Mr. Mark Bretz of Bretz RV and Marine donated 4000 cubic yards of topsoil to the project which was processed by the College of Technology Heavy Equipment Division and hauled to the park site by the City Streets Division. The Watkins Family, DBA ZIP Beverage, has also given generous financial contributions that have made this project possible. This contract is the last step in the cleanup process but the first in usable park development.
Community Block Development Grant (CDBG), cash donations, and impact fees are the primary funding sources for this project. CDBG requires that Federal Davis-Bacon Wage Rates apply to all contracts. In-kind work by Streets and Parks plus the interlocal agreement with COT have also been helpful in keeping the project in budget.

Financial Implications:

Assuming final approval for the 35gpm well by DEQ, the costs to maintain the park at Phase one development will be approximately $3000/acre/year.


Bid Tabulations

White Pine Park Master Plan

White Pine CIP project FY10

Working/CDBG Budget
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