Consider a university database that is designed for the scheduling of classrooms for final

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Consider a university database that is designed for the scheduling of classrooms for final 
exams. The database is initially modeled as the single entity set exam, with attributes course-
name, section-number, room-number, and time. To make the database more complete
additional entity sets could be defined, along with relationship sets to replace some of the 
attributes of the exam entity set, as follows:
• course with attributes namedepartmentcourse-no and prerequisites.  
• section with attributes section-no and enrollment, and a section is related to some existing 
course (E.g. L1 and L2 are the sections of the course COMP231).
• room with attributes room-nocapacity, and building.  
Draw an E-R diagram for the database based on the description above. Reasonable 
relationships conforming to the usual practice in our university are required. You also need to 
show all the important information that has been taught during the lectures such as primary 
keys and weak entities. Please write down any additional assumptions leading to your design. 

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