Dddm 2008: The 2nd International Workshop on Domain Driven Data Mining

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DDDM 2008: The 2nd International Workshop on Domain Driven Data Mining

  • Philip S. Yu, Yanchang Zhao, Graham Williams, Carlos Soares


  • DDDM: Domain Driven Data Mining

  • DDDM 2007

  • DDDM 2008


  • In the last decade, data mining has emerged as one of most vivacious areas in information technology.

  • Although many algorithms and techniques for data mining have been proposed, it still remains an open problem to successfully apply them to discover actionable knowledge in real-life applications in various domains.


  • The International Workshop on Domain Driven Data Mining (DDDM)

  • Aims:

    • To provide a premier forum for sharing findings, knowledge, insight, experience and lessons in tackling potential challenges in discovering actionable knowledge from complex domain problems,
    • To promote the interaction of and bridge the gap between data mining research and business expectations, and
    • To drive a paradigm shift from traditional data-centered hidden pattern mining to domain-driven actionable knowledge discovery.


  • To design next-generation data mining methodology for actionable knowledge discovery and identify how KDD techniques can better contribute to critical domain problems in theory and practice;

  • To devise domain-driven data mining techniques to strengthen business intelligence in complex enterprise applications;

  • To present the applications of domain-driven data mining and demonstrate how KDD can be effectively deployed to solve complex practical problems; and

  • To identify challenges and future directions for data mining research and development in the dialogue between academia and industry.

DDDM 2007

  • San Jose, California, USA, on 12th August 2007

  • In conjunction with ACM SIGKDD'07

  • Website: http://datamining.it.uts.edu.au/dddm/

  • 8 papers accepted from 5 countries

  • Organizing Committee

    • General Chair Philips Yu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
    • Workshop Chairs Chengqi Zhang, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia Graham Williams, Australian Taxation Office, Australia Longbing Cao, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
    • Organizing Chair Yanchang Zhao, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

DDDM 2008

  • Pisa, Italy, on December 15, 2008

  • In conjunction with IEEE ICDM'08

  • Website: http://datamining.it.uts.edu.au/dddm08/

  • 39 submissions from 12 countries (including papers forwarded from main conference)

  • 10 papers accepted, with an acceptance rate of 26%

Organizing Committee

  • General Chair Philip S. Yu University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

  • Program Chairs Yanchang Zhao University of Technology, Sydney, Australia Graham Williams Australian Taxation Office, Australia Carlos Soares University of Porto, Portugal


  • Data Sciences & Knowledge Discovery Research Lab http://datamining.it.uts.edu.au

  • Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems

  • http://www.qcis.uts.edu.au

  • University of Technology, Sydney, Australia http://www.uts.edu.au

Program Committee

  • Ronnie Alves Universidade do Minho, Portugal

  • Elena Baralis Politecnico di Torino, Italy

  • David Bell Queen's University Belfast, UK

  • Petr Berka University of Economics of Prague, Czech Republic

  • Jean-Francois Boulicaut INSA Lyon, France

  • Longbing Cao University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

  • Peter Christen The Australian National University, Australia

  • Paulo Cortez University of Minho, Portugal

  • Guozhu Dong Wright State University, USA

  • Warwick Graco Australian Taxation Office, Australia

  • Joshua Zhexue Huang The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  • Alexandros Kalousis The Universtity of Geneva, Switzerland

  • Walter Kosters Leiden University, The Netherlands

  • Christopher Leckie The University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Chunhung Li Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

  • Xue Li The University of Queensland, Australia

  • Tsau Young Lin San Jose State University, USA

Program Committee (cont.)

TKDE Special Issue on DDDM

  • IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering Special Issue on Domain Driven Data Mining

  • Guest Editors: Chengqi Zhang, Philip S. Yu, David Bell

  • Submission deadline: March 31, 2009

  • http://datamining.it.uts.edu.au/group/cfp/cfp-DDDM.doc

  • http://www.computer.org/portal/cms_docs_transactions/transactions/tkde/CFP/cfp_tkde_domain-driven.pdf


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