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  • Ubiquitous

    • Accessible from everywhere
  • Mobile

  • Context-aware

    • Considers the execution context
  • Pervasive

    • Associates ubiquity, mobility and context-awareness
  • ambient

    • Integrated within everyday life

A pervasive system is first, a distributed system !

  • Data persistence

  • Data delivery/exchange

  • Data distribution

  • Replication and consistence

  • Interoperability

  • Concurrent accesses

  • “Legacy” systems integration

  • Security and privacy

A pervasive system is also a mobile system (and a sensor network)

  • Discovery of the environment (services, devices, software…)

  • Routing and delivery protocols

  • Fault tolerance

  • Auto-organization

  • Service integration

  • Security and privacy

A pervasive system is also a « user centric » system

  • Invisible

  • « Smart » (do not interrupt me for nothing !)

  • User preferences aware

  • Context aware

  • Self learning

  • Pro-active

  • Secure and privacy keeping

Basic issues

  • Discovery

  • (Auto-)Organization and routing

  • Security and privacy

  • Context-awareness and user awareness (and modeling)

  • Composition, execution and migration of services

  • Adaptation (data, services, HMI)

  • Data delivery and access (cache, replication, persistence…)

  • Mediation (data, services) and information/service sharing

  • Traceability and history

  • HMI – augmented reality

  • Collective “intelligence”, semantic emergence, social networks

  • (scalability – low energy consumption – “calm”)

Context awareness and context sensibility

  • Context awareness and context sensibility

  • Information fusion → alarms

  • Sharing and confrontation of knowledge

  • Provisioning/composition/integration of services

  • Collaborative learning: histories, execution traces

  • Semantic emergence

  • Ambient social interactions

  • Heterogeneity

  • Mobility management

  • Announces:

    • Modeling
    • Scalability and filtering
    • Semantics
    • Matching (publish-subscribe ?)
  • Context

  • Privacy

New generation mobile smart devices (3G phones, PDA, laptop) are very nice and effective (pervasive) handheld devices

  • New generation mobile smart devices (3G phones, PDA, laptop) are very nice and effective (pervasive) handheld devices

  • They provide autonomy, mobility, good performances

  • Autonomy is (very) nice… but can also be (very) laborious if you user have to take in charge the data synchronization, the network administration, the data searching and processing, the data privacy, the data adaptation, etc.

  • Pervasive grids: coupling user-centric pervasive devices and grid integration and processing power

  • Basic idea: grids could bring to Perv. Comp. their infrastructure

    • Processing power
    • Data integration, data access, data adaptation
    • Security issues

  • Examples of pervasive (small) grids

    • Personal healthcare: sensors at home + medical records at a health center + smart devices (phone, TV…) + a small grid to process the data
    • Crisis management: sensors + GIS + (gridified) DBs/data stores + computing grid + mobile devices
    • Patient care: a physician (at his office, during visits, at the hospital) just needs the information, wherever she/he is, wherever the requested information is stored, whoever the patient is => local health network grid + distributed patient data + (inter-)national health grids interconnection (with secure access) + data adaptation (e.g. PDA, laptop) + medical sensors + adaptive HMI…

Security, Privacy, Trust, Identification

  • Security, Privacy, Trust, Identification

  • Data Indexing and Searching

  • Grid interconnection

  • Data interoperability

  • Data and Application Adaptation

  • Fault tolerance

  • Service composition

  • Data integration

  • Data precision

  • Social computing

  • Etc.: Resource discovery, HMI, performance, collaboration, brokering…

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