District 10 monthly meeting november 25, 2007

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November 25, 2007

6:00 pm Cheryl V. opened the meeting with a quiet time and read Concept #11

Attendance: 43
Introduction for first time attendees:

No new attendees.


  • Eileen – 1 year

  • Ray – 6 months

Secretary’s Report:

October Minutes were posted November 23rd and there was one correction. Diane noted the date on October Minutes said September 23rd and should have said October 28th. No other corrections were cited and Les motioned to accept; Bob second the motion and all were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report:

Carmela summarized the report which can be found in Attachment A at the end of the minutes. A motion was made to accept by Rick, Kevin second the motion and all were in favor.

GSR Reports:

  • Matt – GSR 5:30 BB Serenity House – P.I. suggested groups make fliers. They made 2 different fliers which are available on the table.

  • Steve – GSR Saturday morning Prairie View – Pink Can donation.

  • Alan – GSR Saturday night open, Vernon Hills – No meeting December 8th due to an event at the church.

  • Gloria – GSR Wednesday 7pm Serenity House – Went to 2 meeting this week and presented the importance of GSR’s but no volunteers. Mike suggested they talk after the meeting because he has some suggestions.

  • Robert – GSR Saturday RLAAC – RL Alano has moved to 802 Sunset.

  • Kam – Monday 7:30 Keep It Simple – Thank you for all the service work!

Old Business:

Ad-Hoc Committee on Area Structure: No news, but there will be a vote on the proposed report on December 8th at the State Conference.

New Business:

2008 Proposed Budget

Carmela reviewed the budget and asked for questions before a vote.

Pete: Why did the Grapevine budget go up so much?

Carmela: Due to the subscription fees increase.

Committee Reports


  1. Richard Wodek has retired his business. His price was VERY good (.40 cents).

  2. Insta-Print has not returned our calls and is now OUT OF THE PICTURE.

  3. I contacted Minuteman Press which I had spoken with the beginning of this year. they produce District twelve’s (12) folded directory.

  4. I received a quote/letter from minuteman Press as follows:

Hi John,

If we are to make minor changes to the file that you sent you are looking around $80.00

If we start from scratch either in book format or the legal size you are looking at $180.00.


The pricing on the legal sheets and one fold in half and then the members fold down to final size( or at least that is what we do for Dist 12) & choice of pastel colors:


3000 copies for $357.89

4000 copies for $460.04

5000 copies for $562.19


I do apologize but Marty is not here with the quote on the book format, but if I remember correctly is was .60 cents per booklet when Marty and I talked a few months ago.


Thanks. Karen Minuteman Press/Gurnee

To Summarize:

Book Format (Current style): (Up $600 from Ramin Printing - Very costly)

.60 cents per booklet or $2,400 for 4,000 copies plus $80.00 to get it correctly formatted. Therefore $2,480 for 4,000 booklets. Or about $5,000 a year.
If we converted into Legal sized sheets (like Dist. 12) one fold in half and we’d need a team of 2-3 people to help complete the folding into booklet size.

Copies/Dollar Amt.

3000/ $357.89 + $180.00 to convert or $537.00

4000/ $460.04 + $180.00 to convert or $640.04

5000/ $562.19 + $180.00 to convert or $742.19

->>Legal size (2-sided) would Result in a 70%-75% price reduction.

  1. 800 Directories still remain as of November 25, 2007.

  2. New deadline for directory changes is Friday December 7th, 2007.

  3. We’ll be working with Minuteman Press over the next several weeks towards finalizing our format and update process.

  4. We should hopefully have the new format completed with changes and printed by Early to Mid January 2008.

With this announcement Cheryl V. ask for a vote to approve the change in directory format to save 75%. 40 in favor, 3 apposed. Change approved.
Answering Service:

Greg reported numbers for the following dates:

10-29-07 to 11-19-07

Total 155

Meeting Information 60

12 Step 6

Spanish Meetings 0

Other Districts 35

Hang Up/ call back 14

Alanon/ NA. 10

Wrong number 9

Miscellaneous 3

Website info 12

Solicitors 6


Tracy – No report.

Public Information:

Brian – I received a call inquiring about a literature rack for a work release facility.

Rick – I spoke with Janet from Area P.I. and she completed the BB mailing to all local libraries that did not have a copy.

No report


Matt – Fall Breakfast had three subscription winners, although he was unable to locate one of the winners.


Dawn – Ordered and deliver literature for CPC successfully.


We purchased 3 cases of BB, bringing current inventory to 4 cases of BB, some Spanish,

1 ½ cases of 12 x 12, including Spanish, misc pamphlets and a lot of grapevines.
Although some applications are still in process, two men have been approved. A review of the list and contact with those who have been inactive will be initiated.
Some interesting ideas were presented during the Corrections Panel held at Soberfest, at which(we participated also) and implementation of the ideas will be pursued.

Chris - We printed 600 copies. Thanks for your contributions.


Bob – No report.

Special Needs:

No report


No report.


Gayle- For those who have district e-mail, migration to our new mail system occurred on Friday, November 16. New passwords are being issued. Forwarding is being re-established. A reminder that forwarding to AOL * accounts is no longer possible. Link to e-mail: http://webmaii,district1 Onia,orq

*If you do not have an alternate e-mail so your district e-mails are autoforwarded, then logging in weekly to get your district e-mails would be appreciated.

Website Changes Made:

• All Spanish Meetings in Mundelein were changed as requested .

• Reporting

It was requested at a district mtg. awhile ago that we provide statistics relative to Web usage. For $2/mo our host will provide us with fairly comprehensive reporting.

  • The new reporting was ordered on 11/16/2007. The cost is $2/month.

In November (MTD) we've had 825 visits to our website. Nearly 20% viewed meetings by day, and another 16% viewed meetings by community. Over 80% of referrals come from aa-nia

- Tuesday, November 27,2007 between 8p and 3a there will be maintenance on our server. It should have minimal impact.

GSR Contact Committee:

Mike – Working to determine what groups do not have GSR’s. I put together a literature packet to help educate potential GSR’s on what their duties would be if they volunteered.

Officers Reports DCM, Alt DCM:

Alternate DCM report: 

Scott S. – No Report

DCM Report

Cheryl V. – Please consider attending the Illinois State Conference of Young People in A.A. Next months meeting is on December 16th not December 22nd.





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