Documentation and information required from an applicant for a Critical Skills Visa Letter

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Documentation and information required from an applicant for a

Critical Skills Visa Letter
Please Note:

  • We require all documentation for the application to be delivered to the office of the Institute of Bankers in SA in order to process the application.

  • Scanned copies of the above are to be sent to the Chairman of the Board, Mrs Jalda Hodges, on in order for the letter to be prepared.

Please note this is process has three elements:

  1. The confirmation that the applicant qualifies for such a letter is initially provided by the Chairman of the Board. In order to do this a copy of the applicant’s CV and information on the position held /offered must be provided. If the applicant does not currently have a position in South Africa the applicant can still request whether they will qualify. The legislation allows an applicant who is awarded a Critical Skills Visa a period of 12 months during which to secure a position in South Africa.

  2. The membership application documents, once received at the office of the Institute will be processed and the applicant elected to membership. A membership certificate will be produced. Should the applicant qualify for a designation this certificate will also be produced. The Chairman will provide the Critical Skills letter and all these documents will be available for collection one week after all the documents for the application have been received by the Institute.

  3. An invoice for membership fees, designation fees (if applicable) and the administration fee of R2500 will be prepared and forwarded to the applicant or the agency operating on behalf of the applicant. Proof of payment is to be sent the Institute. No documents will be issued until full payment has been received.

Documentation required:

  1. Copy of the full CV, including references

  2. Certified copy of the ID /passport document

  3. Information on the position at the company to which the Visa refers. Offer letter or details of employment offered. Please note that details of remuneration or strategic information are not required

  4. Certified copies of all qualifications

  5. Certified SAQA confirmation letter of the comparative NQF level for foreign qualifications

  6. Completed membership application form (Form A) of the IOBSA

  7. Completed Form B if the applicant is applying for a designation. A designation has two components that need to be met- an appropriate NQF level qualification and experience in banking/financial services.

  8. Signed Declaration of the Code of Professional Conduct

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The Institute of Bankers

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Reg. No: 2002/011503/08
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Directors: JE Hodges (Chairman), D Fakir, M Ferreira, IG Kriel, B Makasi, TI Marx, H Potgieter, ,L Ndlovu, JB Strydom

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