Government of goa,,daman and diu government of goa, daman and diu

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Panaji, 8th April, 1976 (Chaitra 19, 1898)





HomeQepartment [Generall


N~. HI)('G)-44-55/76,

The Naval Coast Batt~ry.' Morrri:i.tga{)~ wtlil carry out .8eaw&'d ,:gun firil!lg from MormugaO .H-eadlland;', 'between 08.00 to .18.00 hrs on 6th and 7th April, 1976.

2. The danger Illes within the 'area· bOtnided !by 2000 to 2600 from Mormugao ~~~.ap:4,-tll~g staff poS1ti.on upto'.ta: di'Staillce of 10 nautical miJles,,;t'O.~e~w~:.,'Shipping; harbour:.1:ml~it and. «her .vessels aTe warned ,1;O,,,.lreep ~l,ea:r, .of. ,the, ~3Ager area.

3. Ba1fe flying htJigh~ j~'~bov;·mtrs (40.000·i1tS).

4. Public are hereif~_ ~~m~.'_rto -keep ·clea~ -of :the.;·Coast :Battery area.

Panaji, 1st April, 1976;-:The' Under Se-cretary'-~(Home),

lVl. Sardessai.


Home Department [Trans~or,tandAc~ommodation)

Office of the DistrietMagistrate ofGo~


No. JUD/MY/76/411

Under Rule 6.11(2) of the Goa, Daman' and Diu ·-Motor "Vehicle'S Rules, 1965 the 'area f,rom Quepem PolLee Station -to Kushawati BrIdge is hereby _declare?-"as «No_, Ho)'D._ Zone».

Panaji, 30th March, 1976;-The !District Magis'trate, R. "Naraya.~wami.


No. JUD/MV/76/418.

Under Section 75 of the. Motor "Vehicles Act,· --1939_ the -following placeS are hereby notified for -fixation of'signlY9ards .as indicated agaltnst their names. ;'

Name of,place ~o. and ~ype of sign1?oar9

:1. Near the Police Station ot 1.' No-HorD.'! Quepem. ($ign No.7·df. Part 'N Ninth Schedule),


"2. Near Kushawati BrIdge~ 1. No Horn:: c:_ (SIgn No.7 df. Part 'A' ~inth ,Schedule).

, Panaji, 30th March, 1976.~'The District MagiStrate, R. _7iarayanaswami. ,,-

Notification" ,\­

'No. JUD/MN/pan"jI/76-425

Under Seo~lon 76 of the Motor Vehlcles Act, 1939 read w; rule 7.7 of rfue Goa' Danian and Diu_Motor Vehidles Rules, 1965 the area.-;bet'we'en' the-'existling '-Speed' ll'i'ri:tt board 'Of 45 Kms. -per hour 'and /the «;glignal TI'.aJining lCeIlitlr.e» (2 S.T.C.) ail'Ong Muni'cipal Garden side "On> the Dayanand Bandodkar Marg .lit Panaji_ j'S hereby ded1ared as «11'(0 parking» area.

Panaji, 31st March, .1976. --:-; The pistrict MagIstrate. R. N arayana-s"1H'mi.


No. .rUD,IMV/Ponda/76-448

UriderSection 75· df. the MfuhOwmg' places near "CO'c'a-Cola factorY _at :ar.e' hereby notiflied .for ifix31ti:on of signboards as''indicated against thelir name:s:.-

Name of the' place Type of 'signboard

  1. Near the Electric Pole No. Sffi-;5 near Coca-Cola ,Boriim; «No.-Parking»

  2. Near th~'1Enectric P~le No~ Sm:.'19 near Coca-Cola Factory at Borim. «No-Parlclng»

Panaji, -'1st April, 1976~ ~The District '.~agiStd.te, R. N arayaiw8W~mt




No. JUD/MV/Ponda/76/4Q4

Under Sectli:on 76 -of the Motor Vehicle~'-.Act, 193!i reid With Rule 7.7 of the Goa, ,Daman.and /Diu M'u.o-r,VehiclesiiRules, 1965, -the area Q~we~n the ,two Electrl:c_Poles-,_N'Os~,SIB~5 am:d SIB-1S. near -Coca-Cola Factory at Bori~-i~','her-eby_ peclared as «No Parking Area». _

p'anaji, 1st April, ~9_7.6..-:--The District Magistrate" R. Narayanas'Wa_~ni. -'

,Education and Pubiic Works Department

, -.,

, ,Public 'Works Department

W-orks Di~isio,n; 1-Buitdil:lgs,_,~an-aii

Corrigendum' t6:Tender'Notic-e '0.-0. B/8/75-76lI83

The above tender notice, rega~'g "the w~~k_.of «Con'S­trurction' Of Operation' ,Theatre -bulldill:ig--fOr ,Goa' MediCal Col­lege ~at,,-Panaji», .may now -be "read: ,as follows:

1. Estimo.ted CoI.t"'--~. 5,59,370-111. 2; Earnest .money c·_ Its. 11,187-00.

3. '~~st dAte oriSs~e '-:of~_tender fonn-:i7~4-1~76; upto

, '4:30 p. m.' , -,, ,',,','

4. Dat'e of "r~~el~'of ten.der'~20:'4~i976'ii~~' 4.30 p.-rh.

.t:"anaji, ::2~th March; :1976'-:"=-The' \-Executie· Engineer.';K-. V .. Na' .
Works Division III, (PHE) (Panaji -Goa)

Te~de~ notice no. WDll'llADM/I/76·77

, The Executive Engineer, Works Division m, PWD, panaji,"Goa, inVites on' behalf of th~ President of India, sealed item rate tenders front: eligible contractors upto 3.00 j}. m..oIi 20~4~1976, for the;,work :Of «Water .Supply scheme ,to. Valp,i)].,

Works Division XVI -Fatorda-Margao-Goa

Tender notice no. PWD/WDXVl/f.24(ASW}/TN/14/76

The Ex-ecutive\, Engineer, .> WorkS ' Divlsion XVI, PWD Fatord~, Margalq-Goa, 1nvti.tes iOn Ibeh~lf \Of Ibhe Pres1dent of r Inala, ~ealed ~ltenders ,from app,roved ~d eldgii'ble ~-­

"·.Ll;yi1lK,. :o~ Gr~y;ity 111'*"?' e,stlnja,te4;, co~t.!!s.;'s5.949-50.... ,. t.."cto~ o~C.PJW.l?, !I1!ld tIl0se of· ~pproprxate list" of I,Tnlon Earnest money !!S. 1,650-00. The time limit for carrying' ',' T€!lTltotyes'lSfaie P.W.D./M.E;S.iRailways, upto 3.00 p.m: on

out !the work as of 210 days including monsoon period. Cost of tender form's Rs. 20~OO. -If required by po~t an amount of '. Rs. 5~OO will be., charg.ed extra. Conditi()llS., ,.~d tender forins can be :had.. from his Offtic~·,on:·day§: upt64:0D:,p. m.'on 17".4,1'9.1&. Tender.'o! 'iiOntra.ctol's whod,,\ not deposit earnest money in prescrIbed form ave liable t() be r.-ejected:-., 1st Apr-iI, 1976.-The Ex-ecutive Engmeer, L. P. Oolvalcar.

.. ~ :".:.

Works' Division VIII (Bldgs.l Fatorda-Margao

TendEtr notice' rio. PWDIWDB/Adm-7/E-I/40/75-7b

The Executive Engineer, Works Division VIIT (Bldgs.), P.W.D., Fatorda, Margao, mvites 'on behalf "Of the President of India sealed item/percentage rate tenders from approved and eligible contraotoI'lS', upto 3.30 p. m. on 24.-4-1976 for Ithe folloWing works sep~r:at.ely: ­

1•..E~tension, of the Library building' of the Oollege of Engineering. at Farlllagudl, estimated at Rs. 1,50,202~98• . e~rneSt inoney,Rs. 3,806-00.

  1. Painting and ,repairs to .the Dairy Plant ~t Curti' Pond~ estimated at as. 21,809.56, earnest. money Rs.546-00.

  2. Additional repairs of'IT! building (Hostel) at Far­magudi, esti~ted )ft~ ~. 12,39~~53, earnest :r;noney Rs..310-00. . .

  3. Construction of pump house and providing water' tapping ana.rigem:ents to the quarters of Health.Centre at Chawdi ·Cana.cona, estimated at Rs. 9,078~53. earriest money Rs. 227-00.

  4. Waterproofing of slabs and chajjas of control mom building at ICanacona', estimated at Rs•. 3,059-00, earnest money.. Rs. 77-00.

6•.Watefpro.6f1iig 'of slabs··and ~ chajjas control· ft)om .building ·at Pale,' estim'ated. :at Rs."· 8,059-00, 'earnest: fuotiey Rs. '77~OO~· .

7; Waterproofing of terrljlce .of the ,tourist cottages at Colva, estimated at· .&s. 3',357-70, earnest money Rs. 84-00.

8. Waterproofing of t1."',~~~meIl.t for slabs and chajjas of A quarters of Engmeenng College at Farmagudi, estimated alt Rs. 2,583-00, earnest money Rs. 65-00.

. 9. Imp:r6\)'~irients to ·W.~"~'d\)rh~,': of ~hool lrealth offices -and 'Falariia and Leprosy cont.rol,,programme at Vasco da Gama,< estimatM..a.t:~RS. 2;311':'31, eam.est money Rs. 58-0'0.

10. Wate,i-pr6~fiiig 'bf~ vetahihli~~siaOs "proViding and fixing eaves gutter and"'~ain wa:ter pipes from Police Station Building' at,Canac.ona, estimated at as. 2,140-45, . ~rnest money Rs. 54-'00..

11., Anrti-termite. ·treatment' for the B and C quar.ters IOf ElectIPa.!e, ~ail:ed . at Rs. l,071-94,earnest ;':n~,?:"y 1'\s' 27-90·

Tenders Will be opened ,1mmediately, on· .the.~same· day at 4..00 p. m .. Condi·tiODS: and .Itender forms. can be had ,fromUiil"dfice upto 4.00·p:m. oIl'22-'4-i976 em an ",oildng days. Tender of the contractor who do not deposit· money ~n;p; liable to·be reject~

. ,'·~rgaQ.2~th, March,·1976."'-The:E"_"e Eng'l'neer. ·S.'Y. Khl1h'angate. .: ;'.; .,'.: :.' .'j'.

15~4~1976 for the following works:

P.ercentage Rate::..Tenders:

1. D~l,~~g_ and .~~~(~Of.",t~hk·at hlali~m.:\r,'P. Sacoroa.

Sanguem T8.luka CRetendered). .., . . ,

2. Desiltiing ,.am.d 'improv:emeDltPertiudok' Tank at· Sauthon, V. P. Sacorda, Sanguem (Retendered).

o6nst,.;.diok'of iMgat~ wem at (S",,~uem-

Taluka):, " ", ,''­


  1. Karika:to, Nuvem' V. P. Saoprda (Retendered).

  2. Dharguem,. V. P. Sa:cord8. (Retendered).

5. Aglet, V. P. SSnorda (Retendered). ,; 6. Gotamol, V. P. Ki:rlapaIMDabaI.

  1. Pansa Khalil'Sard, Aglet, V. P. Sacorda.

  2. Devalaya S'ard, V. P. Sacqrda.

  3. Sawarimal, V. P. Dharbandora.

  4. Ambeudak, V. P. Sanvor;dem. 1~~, Velipwada, IShigao~, V. P. ·C~U~~:

12. Boriyal, V. P. Sacorda. 13.. Tambadl, V. P. Sacorda, 14.'.. Zamcdi Kuln-a...'Molem, 'V. P; Colleni.

  1. KumbaTgalimoi Colomba:;·V. P. Rivona.

  2. Karyamal Tambadi, V. P. Sacorda. 17,' Th6i'lamal No; 1, V. P.Cailem.

18. Thorlamol No.2 V. P. Callem. 19~ Dabagad, V. P. :Ganem. 2Q. Pissona 'Culm. No. 2,'Klrlapal'Dabal.

  1. Honegal No.2, ,Shigaon, V. P. Colletti.

  2. Pendugal Sonaulim, V. P. Collem.

23. Pangale, Cotarli, San.g1l~m.

  1. Paripan, Colomba, V. P. Rivona.

  2. Keriwado, V. P. Riv.ona.

  3. 'Colrnabag, V. P.·Sa,hVOfdein'.

  1. 'Shi:r~t~mol, V. P. ~ivona.

  2. Plssona::ctiln:a'No>3~ Kirlapal Dahai.

29. Bendimdl~Suctolim, V_.p. 'Collem .

Oanacona Taluka:

  1. Otambamola:' Satorlifu"y. P. Gauctongrem.

  2. S)jistal, V, P. ,Srtstal,

  3. Komtolem;:V., P. LOliem-l?olem-;

  4. 'Satorllm, Fatranxet, Gaudongrem, V.' P. 34.. Kinalkato, V. P. Gaudongrem.' '

  1. Kurv-eni Kumbarvano, Gaudongrem ',V~ P ~

  2. Karaxeta Satorlim,. V. P. ·Gau"dongrem.

  3. Nuvem, Kuddem, V. P. Sristal.

  4. Parma Mangunga,' 'Satorli, Gaudongrem V. P_

  5. Bhimghat (Sukag-udi), Loliem Polem.

  6. Bolong Patern, Nago~cem P~llolem V. P. 4i.·· Fond Gal~'V. p:.LOliehr,polern:

  1. Kantem, V. ~. LOlien:t.,.Pbieril. '

  2. Belkem(Well No.1) V. P. Agonda. 44.' Belkem '(Wells No; 2) V. P. Agonda:

45. BuIimal,·V.p, Agonda. 46' Val; V.CPiAgonda. 47~ 'lKtimpato ~ChAudi, V. P., Nagorcem-Pallolem•.

48. SupanGudi.~,.V. P. LolientPolem. 49., Ken BeIIrerii'(Well No.3) Agonda V. P. 5O."Jliifai (WMiNo. 1) V. P. KatigaQ. 51" Jalfal:(Well No. 2)iV. P.Kotigeio.

52. Koporam Tikkam, V. P. Kotigao.

, , .

Estimated cast:

(1) Rs. 14,917-50; (2) Rs. 7, 674-25; (3) Rs. 19,873-16;

(4) Rs. 12,548-54; (5) Rs. 14,906-58; Sr. No. (6) to (52) Rs. 16,112.29 (each).
Earnest money deposit:

(1) Rs. 373/-; (2) Rs. 192/-; (3) Rs. 497/-;

(4) Rs. 313/-; (5) Rs. 372/-;. Sr. No. (6) to (52) Rs. 403/-(each).

Time limit:

(1) 120 days; (2) 60 days; Sr. No: (3) to (52) 90 days (each).

Cost of the Tender 'FormS:

(1) Rs. 20/-; (2) Rs.1O/-; Sr. No. (3) to (52) Rs. 20/-(each).

Tenders w:ill be opened at 3.30 p. m. on the same day.

:Earnest money should be deposited in the Stat~ Bank of India or any Scheduled Bank in the _form of D. C. R. and 'enclosed with the tender form'S. Conditions and tender forms ",an be had fromtbis office upto 5.00 p. m. of 13-4-1976,

,during office hours 'On -payment ,of prescrU'bed cost .(lJlon­-refundable) per item in cash. The tendeTS f,rom the con­tractors whQ do !!lot deposit the Earnest Money in the 'prescribed manner will be summarily rejected.





1976. -



En'gineer. -



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