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History of Education

Author Index

A Gabriel Monod en souvenir de son enseignement: Ecole pratique des hautes études (1868-1905), Ecole normale supérieure (1880-1904).

Versailles : Impr. Cerf. 1907

43 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG92-B2466.

Fiche: 29227
A L'assaut des écoles.

Lille : Société Saint-Augustin. 1902

140 p. ; 25 cm.; CTRG92-B2771.

Fiche: 29822-29823
A., M.F.; Ludlow, Helen, W.; Goodale, Elaine.

Hampton Institute, 1868 to 1885: its work for two races.

Hampton, Va. : Normal School Press Print. 1885

34 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169921988-B; Printed by Coloured and Indian students trained in the office of the Hampton Institute. The story of the school / by M.F.A. -- Hampton's Indian students at home / by Helen W. Ludlow -- Does civilization civilize? / by Elaine Goodale.

Fiche: 12185
Abbotsholme, an educational laboratory: press opinions.

Derby : Abbotsholme. 1912

3rd ed.; 20 p. ; 25 cm.; CTRG92-B2573; Articles and books on the New-School movement. List of Abbotsholme publications. Includes bibliographical references.

Fiche: 29414
Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926.

Hints on home training and teaching.

Hartford : American Journal of Education. 1886

128, 40 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.; CTRG169920334-B; Reprinted by permission of author. Last group of pages contains indexes to some major journals of education.

Fiche: 9042-9043
Abbott, Ernest Hamlin.

On the training of parents.

Boston ; New York : Houghton Mifflin. c1908

140 p. ; 18 cm.; CTRG169928304-B.

Fiche: 24732-24733
Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879.

A description of the Mount Vernon School in 1832: being a brief account of the internal arrangements and plans of the institution: addressed to a new scholar.

Boston : Printed by Peirce and Parker. [1832]

72 p. : form ; 16 cm.; CTRG169925861-B; Not published.

Fiche: 19737
Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879.

Gentle measures in the management and training of the young, or, The principles on which a firm, parental authority may be established and maintained.

New York : Harper. 1872

330 p., [10] leaves of plates : ill. ; 19 cm.; CTRG93-B1956; Cover title: Gentle measures in the management of the young. Spine title: Gentle measures in the training of the young.

Fiche: 31830-31833
Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879.

The teacher, or, Moral influences employed in the instruction and government of the young.

London : W. Darton and Son. [1834?]

v, 327 p.; CTRG169924929-B; Publication date supplied by Milbank Memorial Library, Teachers College, Columbia University.; by Jacob Abbott.

Fiche: 4225-4228
Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879.

The works of Jacob Abbott ... ; with an introductory essay by Robert J. Nelson.

London : T. Tegg and Son. 1837

xxxii, 702 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169921590-B; Complete in one volume. The young Christian -- The corner stone -- The way to do good -- Parental duties -- The way for a child to be saved.

Fiche: 16702-16709
Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877.

Die Familien-Mutter, oder, Vertrauliche Darstellung der Grundsätze, welche eine Mutter in der Erziehung ihrer Kinder leiten sollen.

New York : [American Tract Society]. [18--]

163 p. ; 16 cm.; CTRG169921603-B; Aus dem Englischen.

Fiche: 11230-11231
Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1807-1877.

The child at home, or, The principles of filial duty familiarly illustrated.

New-York : American Tract-Society. [1833]

173 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 16 cm.; CTRG169925369-B; by John S.C. Abbott.

Fiche: 19019-19020
Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1807-1877.

The mother at home, or, The principles of maternal duty: familiarly illustrated.

Boston : Crocker and Brewster. 1833

3rd ed.; 164 p. ; 18 cm.; CTRG169921589-B.

Fiche: 11118-11119
Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1807-1877.

The school-boy, or, A guide for youth to truth and duty.

Boston : Crocker & Brewster. 1839

180 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 17 cm.; CTRG169925816-B; by John S.C. Abbott.

Fiche: 19553-19554
Abbott, Osmer, b. 1865.

Das System der englischen Lehrerbildung dargestellt und beurteilt.

Jena [Germany] : B. Vopelius. 1898

vii, 114 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG169924288-B; Inaugural-Dissertation der philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Jena zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde. Includes tables.; vorgelegt von Osmer Abbott.

Fiche: 2804-2805
Abel, William Jenkinson.

School hygiene: including simple directions respecting ventilation, eyesight, infectious diseases, and first aid in injuries for schools and families.

London : Longmans, Green. 1890

2nd ed.; viii, 53 p.; CTRG169926966-B; by W. Jenkinson Abel.

Fiche: 5795
Abelson, Paul, 1874.

The seven liberal arts: a study in mediaeval culture.

New York : Teachers College, Columbia University. 1906

viii, 150 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG92-B1801; Errata slip inserted. Includes bibliographical references (p. 137-150).

Fiche: 27284-27285
Abercrombie, James, 1758-1841.

A charge, delivered after a publick examination on Thursday, July 30th, 1807, to the senior class of The Philadelphia Academy, upon their having completed the course of study.

Philadelphia : Printed for the author by Smith & Maxwell. 1807

23 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG169922689-B; Includes bibliographical references.

Fiche: 13405
Aberdeenshire (Scotland). Prison Board. Committee on Juvenile Delinquency.

Aberdeenshire reports on juvenile delinquency, 1845, 1848, 1851.

[Aberdeen, Scotland, s.n.]. 1845-1851

8, 31, 16 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG169922846-B; Alexander Thomson ... Chairman of the Aberdeen Prison Board. Includes tables on types of offenses, number of committals, etc.

Fiche: 13472
Aberdeenshire (Scotland). Rural Police Committee.

Draft report of Committee of Rural Police of County of Aberdeen, on the causes of the recent increase of vagrancy and crime in the county to be considered at a meeting of the Rural Police Committee on Monday, 4th October.

[Aberdeen? Scotland : s.n.]. 1852

24 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169922847-B; Caption title. Signed and dated at end: Alex. Thomson, C. ... 1852.

Fiche: 13473
Die Abiturienten der Nikolaischule zu Leipzig 1830-1911: zur Feier des 400jährigen Bestehens der Schule.

Leipzig : Kommissionsverlag der J.C. Hinrichs'schen Buchh. 1912

109 p. ; 27 cm.; CTRG92-B2248; Includes index.

Fiche: 28476-28477
Abiusi, Giuseppe.

La pedagogia è una scienza?: : (a proposito di uno studio sull' Ardigò).

Nicastro : Stab. tip. V. Nicotera. 1901

23 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG169928189-B; Giuseppe Abiusi.

Fiche: 24214
Abramov, Y.

What to give the people to read?: published by the teachers of the school.

London : A.P. Marsden. 1893

72 p. ; 25 cm.; CTRG93-B1548; At head of title: The Kharkov Sunday-School for Women. Illustrated cover. Account of the Women's Sunday-School at Kharkov.--Cover.

Fiche: 31321
Abriss der Geschichte der deutschen Paedagogik, insbesondere des deutschen Volksschulwesens: ein Leitfaden für Lehrende und Lernende.

Stuttgart [Germany] : T. Belser'schen Verlagshandlung. 1872

2 Aufl.; 334 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169922918-B.

Fiche: 14662-14665
An Abstract of the course of chemical lectures and recitations, in Amherst College.

[Amherst, Mass. : The College ]. ca.1825

24 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG93-B3391; Cataloged from caption.

Fiche: 17554
Académie de l'enseignement (Paris, France).

Relation officielle de la cérémonie du 10 octobre 1850.

Paris : Impr. Bonaventure et Ducessois. [1850]

16 p. : ill; ; 23 cm.; CTRG92-B2414; Caption title. At head of title: Académie de l'enseignement.

Fiche: 29003
Academische uitspanningen, of, Beschryving der voornaamste universiteiten, academien en illustre-schoolen ; ... en inzonderheid der vereenigde nederlanden behelzende ... waar by een naamlyst van alle de heeren professoren in de acadamie van Utrecht.

Utrecht : By Justus Visch. [17--?]

158 [i.e.258] p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169926172-B; Includes index.

Fiche: 20181-20183
An Account of charity-schools lately erected in those parts of Great Britain called England and Wales: with the benefactions thereto, and of the methods whereby they were set up, and are governed.

London : Printed and sold by J. Downing. 1708

7th ed., with large additions.; 41 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG169926288-B; Includes table: The present state of the charity-schools in and about London and Westminster.

Fiche: 20482
An account of the Free-School Society of New York.

New-York : Collins. 1814

70 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169920679-B; Partial contents : Acts passed by the Legislature of the State, relative to the Free-School Society of New-York.

Fiche: 9001
An Account of the High School for Girls, Boston: with a catalogue of the scholars, February, 1826.

Boston : T.B. Wait and Son, Printers. 1826

20 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG93-B3750.

Fiche: 18410
An Account of the Liverpool Mechanics and Apprentices' Library: being a succinct view of the rise, progress, and objects, of the institution, its constitution and laws, with the mode of keeping the accounts, so as to combine accuracy with despatch.

[Liverpool, England] : Committee of the Liverpool Mechanics' Institution. 1824

26 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG93-B3245; Intended to illustrate the advantages of similar institutions, and as a guide to their establishment in other parts of the kingdom. Includes tables.

Fiche: 16155
An Account of the methods whereby the charity-schools have been erected and managed ..: together with a proposal of enlarging their number.

London : Field & Tuer. 1871

4 p. ; 40 cm.; CTRG169928077-B; Caption title. London : Printed by Joseph Downing, in Bartholomew-Close, near West Smithfield, 1704. Reprinted from the original (forming the first of a series of English reprints) ... Two columns to the page.

Fiche: 23886
An Account of the organization and progress of the Museum of Comparative zoölogy at Harvard College, in Cambridge, Mass.

Cambridge [Mass.] : Welch, Bigelow. 1871

32 p., [5] leaves of plates : ill., plans ; 23 cm.; CTRG169923937-B.

Fiche: 13125
An Account of the origin, principles, proceedings, & results, of an institution for teaching adults to read: established in the contiguous parts of Bucks and Berks, in 1814.

Windsor : Printed for Knight ; London : Hatchard [etc.]. 1816

xvi, 140 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169925793-B.

Fiche: 19498-19499
Account of the proceedings preliminary to the organization of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: with a list of the members thus far associated.

Boston : Printed by J. Wilson. 1861

23 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169922468-B; ... and an appendix containing petitions and resolutions in aid of the objects of the Committee of Associated Institutions of Science and Art.

Fiche: 12913
An account of the semi-centennial celebration of its founding at Columbia, Missouri, July 4, 1890: with oration and speeches, delivered on the occasion, and a list of the surviving donors, who, in 1839, subscribed $118,000 to secure its location and establishment.

Columbia, Mo. : Herald Publishing House, Printers. 1890

111 p., [4] leaves of plates : ill., ports ; 23 cm.; CTRG93-B2165; At head of title: University of the State of Missouri. Printed by alumni and friends of the institution.

Fiche: 16301-16302
Ackermann, Eduard, b. 1835.

Die formale Bildung: eine psychologische-pädagogische Betrachtung.

Langensalza [Germany] : H. Beyer & Söhne. 1898

2. Aufl.; iv, 90 p.; CTRG169924607-B; Includes bibliographical references.; von Edward Ackermann.

Fiche: 531-532
Ackermann, Eduard, b. 1835.

Die formale Bildung: eine psychologisch-padagogische Betrachtung.

Langesnsalza [Germany] : H. Beyer. 1889

iv, 89 p.; CTRG169925569-B; Includes bibliographical references.; von Eduard Ackermann.

Fiche: 2274-2275
Ackermann, Eduard, b. 1835.

Die häusliche Erziehung.

Langensalza [Germany] : H. Beyer & Söhne. 1895

2. Aufl.; vi, 246 p.; CTRG169924700-B; Includes index. Includes bibliographical references.; von Edward Ackermann.

Fiche: 1013-1015
Ackermann, Eduard, b. 1835.

Pädagogische Fragen: nach den Grundsätzen der Herbartschen Schule.

Dresden ; Bleyl & Kaemmerer. 1886-1891

2 v. in 1; CTRG169924675-B; Vol. 1: 2. Aufl. Includes bibliographical references.; bearbeitet von E. Ackermann.

Fiche: 957-960
Acland, Arthur H.D.; Smith, H. Llewellyn; Bryce, James.

Studies in secondary education.

New York : Macmillan. 1892

xxviii, 334 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG169920387-B; Includes index.; edited by Arthur H.D. Acland and H. Llewellyn Smith ; with an introduction by James Bryce.

Fiche: 8397-8401
Acland, Henry W. (Henry Wentworth), 1815-1900.

Remarks on the extension of education at the University of Oxford, in a letter to the Rev. W. Jacobson.

Oxford [England] : J.H. Parker. 1848

39 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169921368-B.

Fiche: 10770
Acland, T. D. (Thomas Dyke), 1809-1898.

Agricultural education, what it is and how to improve it: considered in a letter to Sir Edward C. Kerrison, bart., M.P., President of the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

London : Printed by W. Clowes and Sons. 1864

22 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169923545-B; Printed for the Information of the Council.

Fiche: 15153
Acland, T. D. (Thomas Dyke), 1809-1898.

Two letters to George Richmond, Esq., and John Hullah, Esq., on the arts in connexion with general education.

[London? : s.n.]. 1857

7 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169922775-B; Caption title. Signed at end: T.D. Acland, Jun.

Fiche: 13610
Act of incorporation, laws of the State of Virginia, by-laws , etc.: Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute.

Hampton, Va. : Normal School Steam Press. 1895

21 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169921977-B; Includes chart: Enrollment of students, 1868 to 1895.

Fiche: 12181
An Act of the Legislature of the State of New-York, and deeds of conveyance, &c., creating a trust in Union College, in certain lands at Hunter's and Green Point, Long Island.

Schenectady [N.Y.] : C. Thayer, Printer. 1861

52 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169922569-B.

Fiche: 13112
An Act to establish a college in the town of Amherst.

[Boston : Massachusetts]. 1825

6 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG93-B3389; Cataloged from caption. At head of title: Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Dated at head of title.

Fiche: 17553
Acta rectorum Universitatis Studii Lipsiensis inde ab anno MDXXIII ad annum MDLVIIII.

[Leipzig : Typis et Impensis B. Tauchnitz]. 1859

2 v. (526 p.) : plans ; 30 cm.; CTRG93-B3827; In Latin, with some text in German.

Fiche: 18573-18579
Acta scholastica: worinnen nebst einem gründlichen Auszuge derer auserlesensten Programmatum der gegenwärtige Zustand der berühmtesten Schulen und der dahin gehörigen Gelehrsamkeit entdecket wird.

Leipzig ; Eisanach : M.G. Griessbach. 1741-1747

8 v. ; 18 cm.; CTRG93-B1237; Imprint v. 6: Leipzig und Naumburg: zu Leipzig in Commission zu haben bey denen hrm. Pfeiffern und Weisen am Marckte. Imprint vols. 7, 8: Nürnburg: Stein und Raspe. Includes index. Includes bibliographical references.

Fiche: 30248-30300
Acten der Erfurter Universitaet.

Halle [Germany] : O. Hendel. 1881-1884

2 v. : col. ill. ; 24 cm.; CTRG169922038-B; Mit vier in Farbendruck wiedergegebenen Bildern und Wappentafeln. T.I. 1. Päpstliche Stiftungsbullen. 2. Statuten von 1447. 3. Allgemeine Studentenmatrikel, erste Hälfte (1392-1492) -- T. II. 2b-2c. Allgemeine und Facultätsstatuten von 1390-1636. 3b. Allgemeine Student enmatrikel, 2. Hälfte, (1492-1636.).

Fiche: 11661-11673
Actenstücke betreffend die Errichtung höherer Bürgersehulen.

Berlin : Buchdr. von W. Baensch. 1894

15 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG92-B273.

Fiche: 25089
Adam, William, fl. 1821-1861.

Report on the state of education in Bengal.

Calcutta : G.H. Huttmann, Bengal Military Orphan Press. 1835

v, 137 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG92-B1789; Published by the order of government. Signed on p. 137: W. Adam. Includes statistical tables.

Fiche: 27188-27189
Adam, William, fl. 1821-1861.

Second report on the state of education in Bengal: district of Rajshahi.

Calcutta : G. H. Huttmann, Bengal Military Orphan Press. 1836

79, xlviii p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG92-B1800; Published by the order of government. Signed on p. 79: W. Adam. Errata slip inserted. Includes statistical tables.

Fiche: 27190-27191
Adam, William, fl. 1821-1861.

Third report on the state of education in Bengal: including some account of the state of education in Behar, and a consideration of the means adapted to the improvement and extension of public instruction in both provinces.

Calcutta : G.H. Huttmann, Bengal Military Orphan Press. 1838

iv, 239 p. ; 26 cm.; CTRG92-B1866; Published by the order of government. Includes statistical tables.

Fiche: 27382-27384
Adamek, Otto, b. 1852.

Die pädagogische Vorbildung für das Lehramt an der Mittelschule.

Graz [Austria] : Leuschner & Lubensky. 1892

70 p.; CTRG169924369-B; Includes bibliographical references.; von Otto Adamek.

Fiche: 3134
Adams, Charles Francis.

An address delivered at Cambridge before the Society of the Phi Beta Kappa, 26 June 1873.

Cambridge [Mass.] : J. Wilson. 1873

28 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG93-B3398.

Fiche: 17581
Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915.

An address delivered at Amherst, before the members of the Social Union, 7 July, 1875.

Cambridge [Mass.] : Riverside Press. 1875

30 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169922835-B.

Fiche: 13463
Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915.

A College fetich: an address delivered before the Harvard Chapter of the fraternity of the Phi Beta Kappa, in Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, June 28, 1883.

Boston : Lee and Shepard ; New York : C.T. Dillingham. 1883

38 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169920829-B.

Fiche: 9291
Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915.

The public library, the common schools: three papers on educational topics.

Boston : Estes and Lauriat. 1879

51 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill., ; 21 cm.; CTRG169922720-B; Cataloged from cover. The public library and the public schools -- Fiction in public libraries and educational catalogues -- The new department in the common schools of Qunicy.

Fiche: 13499
Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915.

State school supervision: argument of Charles Francis Adams, Jr. in favor of the "Ten district" bill, before the legislative committee on education, March 2, 1881.

Boston : Estes & Lauriat. 1881

14 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG93-B2088.

Fiche: 32272
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The duty of the churches to the state university: a paper read at the State Congregational Convention held at Ripon, September 23, 1897.

Madison, Wis. : Tracy, Gibbs, Printers. 1898

13 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG169922136-B; Privately printed.

Fiche: 12548
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

Historical sketch of the University of Michigan.

Ann Arbor : The University. 1876

iv,56 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG169921835-B; Caption title: Historical and descriptive sketch of the University of Michigan.

Fiche: 12117
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The limitations of reform: baccalaureate address.

Madison, Wis. : Tracy, Gibbs, Printers. 1894

21 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG169922155-B; At head of title: University of Wisconsin.

Fiche: 12648
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The part of the University of Michigan in the work of higher education.

[United States : s.n.]. 1885?

15 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169921772-B; Reprint from the Chronicle.

Fiche: 11950
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The predominance of character: a baccalaureate address.

Madison, Wis. : Tracy, Gibbs, Printers. 1895

18 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG169922135-B; At head of title: University of Wisconsin.

Fiche: 12549
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The present obligations of the scholar: a baccalaureate address.

Madison, Wis. : Democrat Printing. 1897

25 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG169922956-B; At the University of Wisconsin, June 20, 1897.

Fiche: 13710
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The relations of higher education to national prosperity: an oration delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of the University of Vermont, June 27, 1876.

Burlington [Vt.] : The Society. 1876

27 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169923036-B.

Fiche: 13754
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The relations of political science to national prosperity: an address delivered at the opening of the School of Political Science of the University of Michigan, October 3, 1881.

Ann Arbor : The University. 1881

24 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169921784-B.

Fiche: 11924
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

State aid to higher education: an address.

[United States? : s.n. ]. 1898

28 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG169922957-B; Cataloged from caption. Delivered at the twenty-second anniversary of the Johns Hopkins University, February 22, 1898.

Fiche: 13711
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The university and the state: a baccalaureate address.

Madison [Wis.] : [The University of Wisconsin]. 1896

29 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG169922331-B; At head of title: University of Wisconsin.

Fiche: 12697
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

University ideals: an address delivered at the dedication of the Engineering Building at the University of Illinois, November 15th, 1894.

[Illinois? : s.n. ]. 1894

24 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG169921954-B.

Fiche: 12205
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.

The University of Michigan, the sources of its power and its success: an address delivered at the annual commencement of the University of Michigan, June 25, 1896.

Ann Arbor, Mich. : The University. 1896

24 cm. ; 21 cm.; CTRG169921841-B.

Fiche: 12124
Adams, Francis.

The free school system of the United States.

London : Chapman and Hall. 1875

309 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG93-B2050; Includes bibliographical references.

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