I have much feeling and sensation in reading these stories and each of them is very interesting to me, and I was touched by di

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After reading these stories, each of them is very interesting to me. I was touched by different kinds of affection in these stories.

The Jersey Heifer describes the simple life on the farm. The Cow, Daisy and a heifer’s lively activities on the pasture surely cheers Phoebe, the hostess a lot. She thinks no other places can make her feel so blissful than here. However, I was shocked later when I read the heifer’s misfortune that gives me a revelation---life is transient. We could not live happily or carefree forever, and there must be unpredictable disasters or catastrophes coming. Until then, we have to strong enough to bear these strikes and return to reality.

I am also very impressed by the description of flame in The Great Fire of 1945.

The flame was delicately described from its beginning as a small flame to the last part the violent flame devoured the entire house. I can feel the heat and vapor when it is burning and imagine how she thinks and moves in the house, while this grandeur fire is contrast to her lonely and disappointed memory.

I take pity on the little boy in last puritan. He cannot vent his emotions and affection properly on his own will but be just suppressed by the norms a puritan should obey. This little boy has a chance to develop his creativity and express his sensation in his childhood, but it is regretful that at last he must be shaped out to be a serious and inert follower.

I envy about Singer’s friendship with this obese, oily Antonapoulos. No matter how relentless Antonapoulos’s attitude toward their friendship, Singer always tolerate him and treat him as his best friend, even in the last moment Antomapoulos went insame, he still never gives him up. I sincerely hope that I can have such a good friend like Singer who deserves me to cherish our friendship forever.

Herb Gathering is a mysterious story to me. I am interested in their tree-house and how the boys lead simple life in the forest, which make me imagine if there is going to come up some spirits in later part of story.
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