Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

  • Internet of Things

  • Cybersecurity

  • Big Data Visualization

  • Cloud Computing in Science and Engineering

  • Mobile Computing Meets the Cloud

  • Internet Censorship and Control

  • Interactive Public Displays

  • Next-Generation Mobile Computing

  • 3D Imaging Techniques and Multimedia Applications

  • Safety-Critical Systems: The Next Generation

Internet of Things

  • Internet of Things

  • Mobile devices

  • P2P

  • Clouds

  • Supercomputers

  • MANETs / VANETs / Opnets / DTNs /…

  • SOA

  • … But a single user!

  • The frontier: integrating separate digital ecosystems into a single user-centric digital ecosystem

Mobility / Ubiquity of the user

  • Mobility / Ubiquity of the user

  • Collaborative distributed systems (clouds, grids, P2P…)

  • Things, smart objects and the Internet of Things

  • Heavy data and processing loads

  • Need for semantics

  • Open environments

  • User-centricity, context-awareness, and content adaptation

  • Security and privacy

Ubiquity is provided by mobile devices and mobile networks

  • Ubiquity is provided by mobile devices and mobile networks

  • Grids and clouds bring their infrastructure and their resources

  • Things bring the context

  • Recipe: mix all these ingredients

  • Approaches to mixing

    • standards
    • collaboration protocols
    • services and SOA
    • autonomous organization
    • focus on user intention!

  • Examples of candidate applications

    • Personal healthcare: sensors at home + medical records at a health center + smart devices (phone, TV…) + a private cloud to process the data
    • Crisis management: sensors + GIS + (gridified - cloudified) DBs/data stores + computing grid/cloud + mobile devices
    • Patient care: a physician (at his office, during visits, at the hospital) just needs the information, wherever she/he is, wherever the requested information is stored, whoever the patient is => local health network grid + distributed patient data + (inter-)national health grids interconnection (with secure access) + data adaptation (e.g. PDA, laptop) + medical sensors + adaptive HMI…

Security, Privacy, Trust, Identity

  • Security, Privacy, Trust, Identity

  • Interconnection and Interoperability; Routing and Dissemination Protocols

  • Data Interoperability and Mediation

  • Data Integration

  • Data Indexing and Searching

  • Data Precision

  • Data and Application Adaptation

  • Fault Tolerance

  • Service Composition

  • Social Computing

  • Collaboration Protocols, Selfishness Prevention

  • User Profiling, User Intention, Tracing and Monitoring

  • Etc.: Resource Discovery, HMI, Performance, brokering…

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