InterviewStream Used by the Carey Admissions Office to pre-screen candidates

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Used by the Carey Admissions Office to pre-screen candidates


Software that’s used for our Digital Signage


Used for faculty recruitment (collection of application materials, evaluation criteria and workflow)

ITS Inventory System

System to track equipment purchases and software licenses (will soon retire)


A contact manager used to maintain information on major corporations and our interactions with them

IBM Marketing Operations OnDemand 1.0

A web-based tool used by Marketing and Communications to track projects, work products and related budget matters. System shared with SOE


Content Management System for the Carey public website and intranet


Issue tracking system for users of centrally owned, university-wide systems such as ISIS, Astra, Blackboard, etc…


Used by the Carey Business School for creating surveys within the school


Centrally owned software versioning and revision control system for managing ISIS SQL code/reports


Document Management System for centrally owned, university-wide systems and initiatives


Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory – central repository identifying faculty, staff and students at JH institutions

Symplicity (Carey Compass)

Career services system that maintains job postings, events, career advising notes, and our professional mentor network. KSAS/WSE and SAIS also use Symplicity, not connected to us

Hobsons Connect and Apply Yourself

Software used by the Carey Buisness School to track prospective students and applicants (prospects do not pass to ISIS).

Other JHU schools have their own Hobson’s implementations: SOM, PY, ENG-EP, PH, KSAS/WSE, SON


University-wide Off-the-shelf tool being piloted for Degree Audit


University-wide Administrative System used for HR, Payroll, Purchasing, Shared Services, etc...


University-wide implementation – can connect to Student Data Warehouse. Schools can use, as well (Carey does)

Astra Schedule

University-wide tool used to schedule rooms for course sections, meetings and events

(Crystal Reports)


University-wide Course Management System used by facultyand students for syllabi, coursework, grading, announcements, etc…


Intranet for Development & Alumni Relations – used for reports and stock promotional materials about the capital campaign and other DAR info


Integrated Student Information System that houses Admissions, Registration, Fin Aid (through 13-14 award year) and Student Billing data

Search/Extended Queries can be used for Reporting

JHU Extracts

University-wide snapshot (frozen) data for reporting purposes

(Student, Section, Graduation)

Student Data Warehouse

Centrally developed Data Structure designed for consistent university-wide reporting. Users can link to the data structure from a number of different reporting tools.

(Enrollment, Admissions and Financial Aid Data)


Johns Hopkins Enterprise Mailing List Server


University-wide Reporting Tool for data stored in SAP

Adobe Connect

Used by Learning@Carey for conducting faculty training, used by faculty for class makeups and used by Carey ITS for conducting meetings

Digital Measures

University-wide System that tracks faculty activity in areas such as teaching, research, publications and service

Some faculty reporting is generated from this system


University-wide Alumni tracking system

(Note: there is an Alumni data view created from ISIS that the Alumni Office has access to)

Tableau Dashboard

Data Visualization tool residing on a centrally managed server used by the Carey Business School to create Dashboard reports for the Dean and Management Council

Paperless Student Records

SharePoint – used for storing official student records that do not fit into ISIS


Course Evaluation System used by the Carey Business School to evaluate student satisfaction and faculty performance

Carey Real Estate Database

SQL database managed by the Real Estate department to record information about students, faculty, and other REI members.

Carey Faculty Course Selection Tool

Section listing within SharePoint to enable faculty to select the sections of courses that they wish to teach for a given semester

ISIS SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

Tool used to develop real-time transactional-based reports that pull from ISIS tables (Admissions, Registration, Fin Aid and Billing Data)


Online Transcript exchange used by the Carey Admissions Office


Online transcript request and delivery tool used by the Carey Admissions and Registrar Offices


University-wide Time Tracking System


University-wide system used to track contracts, grants and sponsored research

Student Project Database

System to link partners and employers with student teams who can provide project-based work (Capstone Projects)


GREEN = University-wide System

BLUE = Carey Business School System

= Used for Reporting


University-wide system for tracking information on International Students

Systems Utilized by the Carey Business School


University-wide Student Financial Aid System – 14-15 award year and beyond

Basecamp and Asana

Project management tools used within the Carey Business School


Issue and Inventory Tracking System –shared with KSAS and SON

January 2014

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