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Publications or Creative Works

Peer-Reviewed Papers Published or In Press (By Topic Area)

Patient Safety

  1. Doebbeling, B.N., Pfaller, M.A., Houston, A.K. and Wenzel, R.P.: Removal of Nosocomial Pathogens From the Contaminated Glove: Implications for Glove Reuse and Hand Washing. Ann. Intern. Med., 109:394-398, 1988.

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Health Services Research

  1. Doebbeling, B.N., Edmond, M.B., Davis, C.S., Woodin, J.R., and Zeitler, R.R.: Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Workers: Evaluation of Factors that are Important in Acceptance. Prev. Med., 26:68-77, 1997.

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Clinical and Health Outcomes

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    Reprinted in French with permission of the publisher in: Le Journal des Plaies et Cicatrisations.

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