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DPI Reflection

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Interest is crucial to the development of a successful career in any field of study or life. Throughout the academic year, I discovered new interests in a range of modules. For example, investing and working with the team to solve financial problems. I also realized the presence of my new strong points through working in a group. For example, traits and talents in leadership, analysis, organization, marketing, problem-solving, interpersonal, and attention to details. Mathematical proficiency, on the other hand, is my strongest competence. Furthermore, my abilities in math are highly valued by everyone in my immediate vicinity. Received skills let me complete modules like quantitative method and Understanding finance successfully on occasion. In truth, there are certain aspects of my life that need to be improved. For instance, communication and negotiation skills, public speaking, and making presentations are all examples. It's only a matter of time before these roadblocks lead to academic failure in my studies, and once I realize this, I'm forced to confront them. I frequently seek guidance from my mentors or conduct research on the internet, where relevant expert reports are available, in order to tackle those challenges. Because their recommendations are more reliable and effective. It's worth noting that I used to blame these flaws on my surroundings at first.

In terms of the hard skills that are required to begin a professional career. I improved my math skills by taking an Understanding Finance and my knowledge of social sciences by completing a Foundation of Economics module this academic year. Those abilities will be critical in my future career. As a financial analyst, you should be conversant with the fundamentals of finance as well as accounting. Soft talents, in fact, are just as important as hard skills. Several soft skills that I learned during this year include: understanding other people's thinking, perspective, and finding different techniques for each person. However, I was confronted with abilities that needed to be improved in order for me to study and work more effectively. In terms of hard skills, I should focus on analytical thinking and presentation skills growth. A Chartered Financial Analyst’s main goal is to forecast long-term business success. At the same time, I need to work on strengthening my computer and decision-making skills in soft skills. As it is natural for me to face such challenges like inaccurate budgeting and forecasting.

The interview went off without a hitch and at its own pace. There were two interviewees and one interviewer, and it was a signed pro format interview with notes. All of the questions were related to selected job, albeit some were more generic. "Tell me about yourself," for example, or "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" In addition, the interview included several logical job-related questions. All of the responses were brief and without any more information. The response concerning weakness, on the other hand, was skipped and not responded. All follow-up was given to an interviewer by the end of the session. Furthermore, by the end of the interview, an interviewer had asked several questions concerning the best qualities of a successful employee in their company. During the interview, the environment was quiet, and everyone was confident in their responses and questions. An interviewer used not so confident body language on multiple occasions. Overall, the process of conducting an interview went well. Even still, the pace of the peace might be slowed and the time it takes for replies to be given could be extended. To make a better initial impression, the tempo of an interview might be modified and the length of an answer can be extended next time. Also, based on the CV, the interviewee could ask extra questions.
Yüklə 14,26 Kb.

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