Mid-term on translation theory and practice Variant 3

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Mid-term on translation theory and practice Variant 3.

Group XT2-1812 Name Primova Yodgora

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1. What are three principle ways of translating words denoting specific realiae?

A) transformation, omission and addition

B) transliteration, creation of new single or complex word and use of a word

C) synonyms, antonyms and international words

D) transliteration, use of context and real objects
2. What kind of ways have in translating?

A) literal, verbal, consecutive verbal, literary and interlinear way of translating

B) verbal and nonverbal translating

C) literary and interlinear way of translating

D) literal, verbal, nonverbal, consecutive verbal,
3. What types of lexical meaning can be expressed here: I lit my candle at the watchman’s/ Dickens/-Я зажёг свою свечу от фoнaря ночного сторожа. Мен кандилни тунги қўровул чирогидан ёндирдим?

A) lexical meaning

B) emotive meaning

C) contextual meaning

D) independent meaning

4. How many types have in logical meaning? What are they?

A) 2 types: complete and absence

B) 2 types: trite and genuine

C) 2 types: complete and partial

D) 2 types: independent and connected
5. …. is understood to be the change of position or order of linguistic elements in the target language in comparison with a source language.

A) transposition

B) transformation

C) omission

D) addition

6. What grammatical transformations can be found here: The climb had been easier than he expected. Кутарилиш у кутгандан осонрок булди. Подняться оказалось легче, чем он ожидал?

A) addition

B) transposition

C) substitution

D) omission

7. ___________ is used when certain elements in the original text cannot be expressed in terms of the language it is translated into.

A) compensation

B) antonymic translation

C) omission

D) concretization

8. Complete the following sentence: These changes will help to ... by 30% next year.

A) Trigger

B) Forecast

C) Boost

D) Deliver

9. Complete the following sentence: He was elected Club President by a ... decision; nobody was surprised by this unanimity.

A) Unanimous

B) Vital

C) Cautious

D) Gelding

10. Choose the correct English equivalent of the following: усиливать / кучайтирмоқ

A) To enhance

B) To notify

C) To undertake

D) To affirm

11. Choose the correct English equivalent of the following: материально-техническое снабжение / моддий-техник таъминот

A) Storage

B) Supplies

C) Logistics

D) Deposit

12. Complete the following sentence: To murder a ruler, a politician, or other important person is to ...

A) To reinforce

B) To offend

C) To assassinate

D) To kidnap

13. Choose the correct English equivalent of the following: штраф.

A) Fine

B) Penny

C) Recruitment

D) Punishment

14. Choose the correct English translation of the following: страны “большой семерки”.

A) Seven Countries

B) The Group of Seven

C) S-7

D) The Big Seven

15. Choose the correct Russian / Uzbek translation of the following: terms.

A) Капитал

B) Шарт-шароитлар

C) Процентлар

D) Активлар

16. Choose the correct English translation of the following: предоставлять кредит / кредит бермоқ, ажратмоқ

A) To grant a credit

B) To rent a credit

C) To lend

D) To loan

17. Choose the correct English translation: The little lady is on the mend.

A) идет на поправку / тузалиб қолди

B) чинит / тузатмоқ

C) пьет лекарства / дори қабул қиляпти

D) чувствует себя хорошо / ўзини яхши хис қилмоқда

18. Choose the correct English translation: У ребенка есть определенные обязанности в семье / Оилада боланинг маълум бир вазифалари ва мажбуриятлари бор

A) duties

B) demands

C) rules

D) responsibilities

19. What philological discipline is closely related to translation?

A) Stylistics

B) Lexicology

C) Phraseology

D) Etymology

20. It deals with the problems of translation from one given language to another given language:………..

A) private theory of translation

B) special theory of translation

C) general theory of translation

D) special and the general theory of translation

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