Mr. P. Murari, I. A. S., Advisor to President- ficci & Former Secretary to the President of India was the Chief Guest. Dr. M

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The Management , Principal , Staff and the members of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC) of Guru Nanak College, organized a TWO day National Conference on “Strategies of Quality Enhancement in Higher Education _SQEHE – 2016 “, sponsored by NAAC, Supported by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Tamil Nadu State Council on 15th and 16th July 2016.
Mr. P.Murari, I.A.S., Advisor to President- FICCI & Former Secretary to the President of India was the Chief Guest. Dr. M.Selvaraj, Principal, welcomed the gathering and gave a glimpse on the growth of Guru Nanak College and welcomed the eminent Guests. Dr. A.Karthikeyani, Convenor & Co-ordinator, IQAC, gave the theme and objectives of the Conference. Mr.Ruban Hobday, Head, FICCI, Tamil Nadu state council, released the Conference Souvenir and Dr. M.Selvaraj, Principal received the first copy. Dr. S.V.Raghavan, Head, Dept. of Defence and Strategic Studies, introduced the Honourable Chief Guest to the august audience. The chief guest in his Inaugural address said “Education is the important component and we need a strategy in Higher Education to give quality inputs to the students . Moreover Education and Employment should match and Colleges should work hand in hand with the Industry . India needs skilled and semi-skilled workers which can be taught to the students in vocational training form”. Dr. Gunita Arun Chandhok, Director, proposed the vote of thanks.
Dr.A.Gnanam, Former Director, NAAC, Former Vice-Chancellor, Madurai Kamarajar University,Bharathidasan University, Madras University and Pondicherry University. In his key note address, he highlighted on the growth and quality education in global scenario and how the quality of education need to be improved and role of GLATE-Global Alliance for Trans-National education, Internationalization of Higher Educations, Assessment in higher education.
This was followed by the technical sessions. the first speaker, Dr. S.Sivaram, INSA, Senior Scientist and former Director, NCL,Pune. He cited on the challenges faced to balance between teaching and Research, delivering frill free quality education at the lowest cost and preparing the student for the real world beyond. Information can be transmitted; knowledge must be acquired and constructed. The objective of education is to teach students how to transform acquired information into applicable ‘Knowledge’.
Post lunch session of the conference was led by Dr.S.Pragadesswaran,Prof. Dept. of Management Studies, Annamalai University, Chidambaram. He presented on, “Modernization of Higher Education by moralization of Young minds in Yogic Practice”. He insisted on the importance of yoga and how it help in the growth of Delta Mental Frequency, self-awareness.
On the second day of the conference dated 16/07/2016 the Programme commenced with honoring of the Technical session III speaker, Dr. N.Varghese, Director, CPRHE, National University of Education Planning and Administration(NUEPA),spoke on the “Internationalization of education system” and covered some very important investment and globalization of education system and its effects. He also highlighted on the subject of how Indian students prefer to study abroad.
The Technical session IV introduced Prof.S.Selvam,Prof. of Eminence at IIT Delhi and Managing Director, National Institute for Professional Excellence, after he was felicitated by a shawl, bouquet and Memento by the Guru Nanak Staff and IQAC members.
Prof. Selvam’s talk was on “Education, Research and Innovation”. He started off his talk, explaining a quote “Winners never quit and a quitter never wins”. He then gave 18 relevant points on the three subjects of education, Research and Innovation. In the subject of education he covered 6 points which included professional knowledge., problem analysis and most important life long learning. In the field of research he stressed on accurate thinking and academic imagination. He finally spoke on innovation were he said that give a whack at the side of your head and suggested to think out of the box, to think deep and change view points.
The Technical session V Dr. Ramesh Sharma, Former Director, Common Wealth Educational Media Center for Asia was the speaker spoke on “Transforming Higher Education through Technology”, citing Swami Vivekananda and also spoke about Industrial revolutions .
Technical Session VI, Mr. Sujith Kumar, HR Business Leader, Infisys, President, National HRD Network, Chennai, gave a vibrant session on enhancing higher Education for students’ employability.
Technical Session VII Dr. L.S Ganesh, Prof. Dept. of Management Studies, IIT (M), Chennai, gave an insight on “Effective Leadership for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Class room Learning”. NPTEL, MOOC’s play an important role in certification in Quality assurance. He emphasized on, “It’s the duty of teachers to change the students life; We have to infuse professionalism, can we make a promise that we will work for the highest quality inside the class room.
The valedictory function was conducted on 16th July, 2016. Dr. M. Selvaraj, Principal, welcomed the gathering. In his address, he appreciated the technical sessions for enlightening the strategies for Quality Enhancement. Dr. S. Sivasubramanian, Advisor, R & D, Vel’s University, Chennai, Former Vice-Chancellor, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest Dr. M. Thangaraj, Former Vice-Chancellor, Periyar University was the Guest of Honour. Dr.A. Karthikeyeni, Convener of the conference, co-ordinator, IQAC, Guru Nanak College gave a consolidated Report of the conference. The Guest of Honour in his address said that we should analyze what ha to be done for improving higher education. Character is important in a students’ life.
The Chief Guest in his address, said, “Please avoid etc., and add 4 C’s. E- stands for examination, evaluation, T- stands for tradition, Teacher, Text . Add 4 C’s -Competence, Confidence, Creativity and Congruence. Teaching to be replaced by learning. Blended learning should be encouraged”.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. N.Praveen Kumar, Asst. Professor, and Department of Tamil.

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