Overall aim of the project Further develop and promote the Business Case for Diversity in eu

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Diversity Charter, Spain Objectives, structure, activities and plan for future growth

Overall aim of the project

  • Further develop and promote the Business Case for Diversity in EU

  • Place diversity management firmly on the strategic business agenda and activities of European companies and business schools

Project Partners

  • European Commission (client) – DG Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities

  • Focus Consultancy (leader) – specialised in social inclusion, diversity & anti-discrimination, and organisational change in Europe

  • European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS) – committed to understanding and integrating corporate responsibility into business theory and practice

  • EIM Business & Policy Research – implementing studies on business and the link with policy, including SMEs

  • European Institute for Managing Diversity – focused on diversity management and adaptation to local cultures

Support Partners

  • European Business Test Panel – DG MARKT

  • CSR Europe – European business network for corporate social responsibility

  • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) – networking and research on innovation, best practice and quality in management development

  • Austrian Institute for SME Research – social and economic research on small and medium-sized enterprises

  • UEAPME – European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • Wider umbrella networks, NGOs and social partners

Project Milestones

Project Outcomes

  • 5% of SMEs in the EU have some degree of awareness of diversity as a strategic tool

    • Task 1 SMEs European-wide research and consultation with 1,200 SMEs and 70 intermediaries
  • 63% of the corporations implement diversity management policies in the EU

    • Task 2 EBTP Survey to 6.000 companies of EBTP panel
  • 80% of companies that manage diversity as a corporate policy claim that their diverse workforce is responsible for their capacity to innovate

    • Task 4 Innovation Work research and focus groups with select companies answering the questionnaire and willing to go in further in their analysis

Project Outcomes

  • 9.3% of academic world, give a full degree in diversity management, 51.2% elective and 39.5% as part of other courses

    • Task 5 Business Schools Research to 1.800 universities worldwide and Symposium to discuss results with other stakeholders
  • Diversity Charters prove to be a very valuable tool to create awareness and reach the corporate community, the social agents and local administrations to align with the antidiscrimination Directives

    • Task 3 Diversity Charters Research across France, Germany and Brussels to both Charter managers and signatory companies and institutions. Set up the Spanish Diversity Charter. Continue the journey towards a European Charter network.

Comparison Chart of different agents regarding the Implementation of Diversity and Inclusion Activities

Diversity Charter of Spain

Directives in the European Union Legislation toward an Equal and Anti-discriminatory Europe

  • The genesis of a Europe where all the people have equal rights began in the year 2000.

  • Treaty of Amsterdam, 1997 (art.13)

  • Lisbon Strategy, 2000

  • Directive against race and ethnic discrimination, 2000/43/EC

  • Directive against discrimination according to age, capacity, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, 2000/78/EC. Application 2003-2006

  • 2001-2006 Community Action Program

  • EU Charter Fundamental Rights

  • Constitution of Europe:

    • In its preamble it is established that the constitution is for all the people of Europe.
    • "United in diversity, Europe offers the best possibilities to advance in a grand adventure that represents a privileged space of human hope"
    • Some of the more relevant articles regarding the commitment to create an inclusive environment based on respect and equality in a unique space, and should govern the behavior of the people and institutions

  • The fight against discrimination constitutes one of the priorities of the European Union. As a result of this interest, in the year 2000, the Council of the European Union approved two Community Directives or laws of significant transcendence:

  • Directive 2000/43/CE

  • Directive 2000/78/CE

  • Legislation in all Memeber States

Objectives of a Diversity Charter

  • Signing the Charter is a voluntary commitment and has no cost for the signatory

  • Disseminate information, generate awareness.

  • Contribute to stability and corporate and social sustainability

  • Offer tools to support companies that have signed the Charter, ie. Guides, newsletter, best practices, etc.

  • Achieve direct or indirect adhesion of Spanish companies to the Charter, no matter their size or scope,

  • Establish a network of collaborators, including public entities, private companies, institutions, business schools, regions, cities, etc. committed to diversity inclusion.

  • Organize events, forums, workshops and training related to diversity and inclusion to promote the spirit of the Charter

  • Develop financial sustainability to give support to signatories and their need for information, exchange of experience, tools, etc

  • Others

Diversity Charter France

  • The Diversity Charter France was set up in the year 2004 and now has 1,860 signatary companies and the personal commitment of Claude Bébéar, Presidente of the Axa Group, L´Oréal and Sodexo, 18 institutions, 3 company federations (MEDEF, CGPME, and UPA), Chambers of Commerce, 8 networks of companies (CJD, ANDRH, FACE, IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité, ….), 3 Public Administrations (ACSé, DAIC, DGEFP) as well as ANPE, HALDE and FSE and 1,800 signatory companies.

  • www.charte-diversite.com

Diversity Charter Brussels

  • The Diversity Charter Belgium was founded on 19 December 2005 by the Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurial Association (UEB-VOB), and companies like Axa, Carrefour, Manpower y L’Oréal and small businesses like EXKi, Cofinimmo and Jani-king. At present it has 123 signatories.

  • www.pactbru.irisnet.be

Diversity Charter of Germany

  • The Diversity Charter Germany was founded on 3 July 2006, fostered by the Prime Minister Angela Merkel and ESF, German Association of Companies and the Chamber of Commerce. The founding companies are Daimeler, Deutsche Teleko, Deutsche Bank, and Deutsche BP. In 2007 there were 170 signatory companies, 2 Ministries, 5 cities and 4 Chambers of Commerce.

  • www.charta-der-vielfalt.de

Foundation for Diversity The Diversity Charter of Spain

  • The Foundation for Diversity in Spain was incorporated by the IEGD and the ALARES Foundation in order to foment equality and antidiscrimination policies and diversity management in Spain. Its objectives are to spread

  • Content: free on-line training courses; information, news and reports; chats and monitored experience exchange; direct access and relation with other European Charters

  • www.fundaciondiversidad.org

Setting up the Diversity Charter Spain

  • Created the Foundation for Diversity together with Fundación ALARES to give a framework to the promotion of the Charter

  • Established close interaction with the other operating Charters of France, Germany and Brussels

  • Develop a DELPHI program during 4 months with 96 companies and institutions to write the text of the Charter.

  • Created the Web www.fundacióndiversidad.org – to create awareness, communication, training programs and other support for signatories and members

  • Obtained support and participation of the Ministry of Equality

  • Attracted major corporations as signatories ; Telefónica, ENDESA, BBVA and SODEXO; and other companies both national and European

  • Establish agreements with institutions/ intermediaries in order to promote the Charter in Spain.

  • Attracted a list of service supplier as credited organizations that can directly give support of members of demand

  • Create a structure to manage the Foundation and the promotion of the Charter

  • Started expansion to other autonomic regions

DELPHI – 96 companies and institutions that participated in developing the text of the Charter during 4 months, must of them also participated in the EU PROGRESS project

Charter de la Diversidad (Documento de Compromiso)

Structure of the Foundation


  • Founding members:

    • European Institute for Managing Diversity
    • Fundación ALARES ( specialising in work/life projects)
  • Support from the Ministry of Equality

    • Later we will look for support from local autonomic governments
  • Institutions are invited to join the Charter in order to act as intermediaries between the Foundation and the ultimate beneficiaries: SMEs, Disabled, Women, Age groups, Immigrants, etc

  • Funding strategy

    • Other Founding members
    • Members who made donations according to the number of employees
    • Sponsors of events
    • Sponsors of research
    • EU projects
    • We need to obtain support from ESF and other local subsidies for NGOs

Ministerio de Igualdad Projects

  • Research project to analyse the degree of awareness of employees of the administration related to anti-discrimination behaviour

  • Research project to analyse de degree of awareness and implementation of diversity and inclusion policies by the corporate community

  • 2 events to present these results

  • 2010 the implementation of practices both in the administration and in the corporate community that derive from these research projects.

    • Mainly intermenisterial training
    • Training in diversity management for companies
    • Promote Diversity Plan


  • Web has being restructured

  • Home page open to all visitors

  • Reserved area for Foundation members

    • On-Line training
    • Diversity awareness “capsules / spots”
    • Self-evaluation
    • Audit tool
    • FAQ
    • Legal information
    • Anti-discrimination platform in process
    • Other services
  • Brochures with Charters and form to request it

  • Media communication activities

  • Tool for signatories to disseminate Charter to clients and suppliers


  • March 17th - Presentation in Madrid, at the Ministry of Equality -181 participants and 30 signatories.

  • On July 7, in Madrid, Act of signature: European Commission site

  • October 28 in Madrid Act of signature

    • The plan is to organise at least 4 signature events a year in Madrid and in Barcelona
  • November 4 in CaixaForum Act of signature and Presentation of the Diversity Charter in Barcelona.

    • In collaboration with:
      • Generalitat de Cataluña
      • Fundación La Caixa
      • Ministry of Equality
      • And NGOs and intermediaries
  • FORUM September 22– 4 a years sponsored by Sodexo, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Banesto, Iberdrola, MSD

    • 4 de November 2009, Madrid. Segundo Foro de la Diversidad: Diversity - gender.
    •  13 January 2010, Madrid. 3rd Foro: Dissability *
    • 10 March 2010, Madrid. 4th Foro: Diversity - culture*

  • Capital Humano Fair of HH RR -19 November 2009, Madrid. Business Event in collaboration of Banco Popular, L’Oréal y MSD *;

  • Novartis: Day of Diversity in Novartis, October 16th,

  • ACOGE Network

    • Session in Burgos – October 15th
    • Seminar in Cordoba – October 29th
    • Seminar in Elche, November 11th
  • The plan is to organise all type of events with associated members and invite signatories as well as general public; breakfast, dinners, research, forums, etc

Next events: Disseminating the Charter

  • Presentation of the Charter in Aragón –

    • In collaboration with Instituto Aragones de la Mujer
  • Presentation of the Charter in Sevilla

    • In collaboration with FAFFE
  • Presentation of the Charter in the north of Spain

    • In collaboration with AEDIPE associates
  • Plan is to name a Delegate in each autonomic region after presenting the Charter together with the local Autonomic government and institutions

  • Still to define – relationship with Delegates – profiles of Delegates

  • Presently role: attract signatories, promote dissemination of Charter, attract associated members of the Foundation, organise events


  • 09:30 BIENVENIDA

  • Sra. Elisa Durán

  • Directora General Adjunta de la Fundació La Caixa


  • Dña. Carmen Navarro

  • Directora General contra la Discriminación.

  • Ministerio de Igualdad

  • Sra. Belinda Pyke (Lectura de su mensaje)

  • Directora General de Igualdad y Antidiscriminación de la

  • DGV de la Comisión Europea

  • Sra. Myrtha B. Casanova

  • Presidenta de la Fundación para la Diversidad y

  • Presidenta del Instituto Europeo para la Gestión de la

  • Diversidad

  • Hble. Sra. Mar Serna

  • Consellera del Departament de Treball de la Generalitat

  • de Catalunya


  • Acto de firma por parte de las empresas e instituciones

Presentation of Charter in Barcelona November 4th

  • Presided by the Honourable Consellera de Treball of the Generalitat of Catalunya. The presence and backing of the Secretary General of Antidiscrimination of the Ministry of Equality. Sponsored by the Foundation La Caixa

  • 220 attending and 48 signatories

Next events: European campaign

  • Project of the European campaign " For the diversity, Against the discrimination " of the Group of work of the DG of employment of the European Commission The diversity within reach of all: Campaign to introduce the Diversity in the Spanish companies

    • Members of the group of work
    • Confederal de Empleo de la Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO); Observatorio Español del Racismo y la Xenofobia; Ministerio de Igualdad; Fundación Secretariado Gitano; Consejo de la Juventud de España (CJE); Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (CEAR); Plataforma asociación ONGs Acción Social; CERMI y Fundación para la Diversidad.

Institutions that have signed the Charter

  • AED - Asociación Española de Directivos

  • AEDIPE Catalunya. Associació Catalana de Direcció de Persones

  • AEDIPE centro

  • Asociación Nacional del Alzehimer, AFALcontigo


  • Club de la excelencia en sostenibilidad

  • Colegio de Psicólogos de Madrid


  • EWMD

  • Forética

Companies that have signed the Charter

  • ADD Work Systems S.L.

  • Agima

  • Asepeyo

  • Automóviles Citroën España, S.A.

  • Autotransporte Turístico Español, S.A.

  • Baker & McKenzie Barcelona S.L.P.


  • Banque PSA Finance (Sucursal en España)

  • Barclays

  • BBVA

  • bidea, consultoría para el desarrollo de la empresa sostenible

  • Blackberry-RIM

  • BT Global Services SAU

  • Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo

  • Centro de Ensayos, Innovación y Servicios, S.L.


  • Comercial Citröen, S.A.


Companies that have signed the Charter

  • Ingecom Consultores, S.L.

  • Innova Humana

  • Lilly S.A.

  • L'Oreal España, S.A

  • Medialuna Comunicación, S.L.

  • MediaResponsable

  • Merck, Sharp & Dohme de España, S.A.

  • Microsoft.S.R.L.

  • MRW

  • NCH&Partners

  • NH Hoteles

  • Nomitek, S.A. de C.V.

  • Norman Broadbent

  • Novartis Farmacéutica S.A



  • Peoplematters

  • Pepsico

Signatories November 4th in Madrid

  • América, España, Solidaridad y Cooperación,

  • Almenara Estudios Económicos y Sociales,

  • Alta Capacidad, 

  • aRch Internacional, 

  • Asociación Mujeres para el diálogo y la educación,

  • Asociación Inclusive, 

  • Centro de Ensayos, Innovación y Servicios, S.L.,

  • Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad, 

  • Conecta Management, 

  • Esfera One Business Management Group, S.L.,

  • Eurocoaching, 

  • Grupo BLC,

  • Grupo Indra en España, 

  • Internacional Business Events .XXI, S.L.L., 

  • KPMG, S.A.,

  • Lilly, S.A., 

  • L’Oréal España, S.A.,

  • Motorota España, S.A., 

  • Oportunita Consulting, S.L.,

  • Proformación, 

  • Quatropi for Projects,

  • Red acoge, 

  • Repsol

  • Sociedad de Prevención de FREMAP SLU.

Signatories November 4th in Barcelona


  • AIS Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial, S.A.

  • AISD Viver de Bell-lloc

  • Alius Modus Consulting

  • Associació d'amics de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (AAUPC)

  • Associació per la Promoció i Inserció Profesional - APIP

  • Associació Sant Tomàs-Parmo


  • CITE-CCOO (Catalunya)

  • Condis Supermercats

  • Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals


  • Desarrollo Estratégico

  • DHL Supply Chain Spain SLU

  • Dominika Hirsch, SL

  • everis

  • FEICAT - Empreses d'Inserció de Catalunya

  • Fundació ECOM

  • Fundació Engrunes

  • Fundació Factor Humà


  • Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Benefits of Associated Members of the Foundation


  • FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) ,

  • Use of Charter seal in all communications

  • Feature name in the Web

  • Self-audit tool – commitment with Charter

  • Self-audit – meeting diversity policies

  • Receive all reports and research carried out

  • Attendee forums, and al types of events

  • Participate as speakers in events organised by Foundation

  • Represent the Foundation and promote Charted in events to which the Foundation is invited to participate

Membership to the Foundation levels of donations per year

Benefits Signatory vs Collaborator

Challenges facing existing Charters

  • Key challenges

    • Lack of legal status
    • Lack of funding and resources to generate income to cover Charter on going costs and activities
    • Signatories of course do not pay for signing the Charter code
  • Need for a dedicated organization to support the Charter:

    • Oversee the implementation of commitments at company level
    • Generate activities and events to meet the needs signatories
  • Associated problem is the extent to which signatories agree to being evaluated periodically to certify their meeting their voluntary commitments stated in the local Charter code

European Diversity Charter Network

  • Project in 2010 to extend Charters to all 27 Member States

  • Create norms for the Charters to guarantee quality standards through Europe

  • Set up virtual platform to promote exchange between signatories and Charters at European level

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