Park city, utah recycle Utah will present an educational evening on water, Tuesday, April 6th when a panel of experts will

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PRESS RELEASE Contact: Insa Riepen, 649-9698

PARK CITY, UTAH – Have you noticed an increase in your utility bills lately? Have you been looking for ways to make your home more efficient? An informative hands on workshop on advanced home energy analysis will be presented by Recycle Utah and Bill Wilson from DwellTek on Tuesday July 13 at the Park City Public Library starting at 7 pm.

“This workshop will help analyze your home efficiency and provide you with a report that not only details what improvements you can make but will also give you a return on investment analysis.” explains Bill Wilson, Founder and Sales Manager for DwellTek.

During the workshop, attendees will work through an individual energy worksheet to get them thinking about their homes in a different way and get more involved in their home’s efficiency. Some of the things that will be analyzed will be air filtration, “leaky” houses, weatherization, lighting alternatives and water conservation.

Space is limited for this discussion and copies of the analysis worksheet will be sent to registrants prior to the workshop. Attendees will be asked to bring copies of some of their utility bills as well.

The workshop will be help on Tuesday July 13 starting at 7 pm at the Park City Public Library at 1255 Park Avenue (in Room 109). Call the center to RSVP by Monday July 12, 2010.

For more information about this and the many other programs available through Recycle Utah, please visit or contact the center directly at 435-649-9698.

Recycle Utah is Park City’s only non-profit community drop off recycling center providing resource re-allocation for more than 40 different items and a variety of conservation and educational programs for Summit and Wasatch Counties.

DwellTek is a newly formed local company providing holistic analysis and counseling on how to improve a home’s energy efficiency, lower utility bills and ultimately increase a home’s value. More information is available at


1951 Woodbine Way • P.O. Box 682998 • Park City, Utah 84068 • Phone 435-649-9698 • Fax 435-658-1530

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