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Very many people, do not think of doing a good thing for them or for their descedants and most of them just want to have fun.

Whenever I can do good ,I am doing it because it will definitely get back. I want to try to change bad people who have an ‘’ugly’’soul because they never see a correct or beautiful thing when it happens.It’s more enjoyable to be surrounded by people who want the same things as you.

For two years I have participated in an organization where we do very often activities of volunteering, for example in March we gave all the patients of one county hospital a person to make them happy. Sometimes when you see a sad person you can talk to that person because you need someone’s advice or let’s try to find a solution together. There are a variety of foundation pathways, each aligned with different colleges or schools: I have recently started volunteering at the library in my town; I’m arranging the books by title and author.

First of all, you should not throw garbage in the street and only in specially arranged places because we must protect the environment.You could enjoy a high level of flexibility in a supportive environment with a wide range of modules spanning the full spectrum if you do a good deed.

Secondly, I consider that we can donate our clothes that we no longer use instead of selling or throwing them. I remember last year on my birhthday I received many nice clothes and I was impressed by a girl without possibilities because she was an orphanness and I gave them to her.She had heart- felt thanks and she appreciated my gesture and I think the good always comes back.

Although you are up to your eyes, you must try to help a person who is in a pickle.I think it’s child’s play to turn a blind eye to similar cases. I feel horrified that there are people in the world who die of hunger or freezing cold and no one is doing anything to help them. It is very difficult to live on a shoestring, have a lot of shortages and some have luxurious lives. Sometimes I really think life is unfair...

I would like to make a change with the animal shelters, there are animals which suffer because all the people think that everything is pink, the animals are treated very badly and in some cases fed and left to die (at least in my town) I’m sure there should be a change here...

I saw on a social network that a cancer patient died because she did not have enough money to get treatment .I am stunned that one’s life is equal to some money.

We are all equal, it is utterly insane to say you’re better than someone just because you have more possibilites. In the world, there are children who are sad because they have no family and there are some who do not appreciate the presence of their parents.

It would be a dream come true to see people planting trees.

Everyone says he / she wants to change something in different areas, but nobody gets involved (be the change you want to see in the world)!

If I could make a global change, there would be no more wars, to take action against possible natural disasters , I have seen recently that in Japan it is explained to everyone what may happen or what they will have to do in case of natural disaster eartquake, fire or flood.

I would like to punish those persons who are indifferent towards the persons who have emergenies and they do not care.

I’m sure there are so many people who could be saved if they were helped.

Never forget it is not too late for a good deed.

A day when you do not do a good deed or at least try to do it, is a lost day, indeed.
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