Proposed Panel Agenda February 2017 cpt® Editorial Panel Meeting

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Proposed Panel Agenda

February 2017 CPT® Editorial Panel Meeting

The proposed agenda for the February 2017 CPT Editorial Panel meeting shows the code application names, code(s) affected, and a description of the request. The Code Numbers and Request Descriptions detailed in this document are extracted from Code Applications submitted for discussion at this meeting. Until such time as the CPT Editorial Panel acts on these requests, the information that appears in this Proposed Agenda is provided for informational purposes only, giving interested individuals the information to help determine whether or not to attend the meeting and provide comment on a given topic(s).

Codes that contain an ‘X’ (e.g., 1002X4, 234X2X, 0301XT) below are placeholder codes that are intended, through the first three digits, to give readers an idea of the proposed placement in the code set of the potential code changes. These codes are not used for claims reporting and will be removed and not retained when the final CPT Datafiles are distributed on August 31st of each year. To report the services for “X” codes listed on this form, please refer to the actual codes as they appear in the CPT Datafiles publication distributed on August 31st of each year.
Upon review of this agenda, if the reviewer believes that they will need to provide comment on an issue, they should send a request for a copy of the application and associated materials to Judy Connelly. This request for review of the agenda materials should contain the identity of the interested party seeking such and a brief summary of the basis for the request (e.g., associated vendor/ industry representative).
Any interested parties wishing to provide written comments on any agenda items should be aware of the following relevant deadlines for provision of written comments on the agenda to ensure comment review by all parties. Additional verbal comments on any issue can be provided in person at the Panel meeting following a statement of conflict of interest. The applicant(s) who submitted the original code change application is automatically considered an interested party and are notified by AMA staff of any request for review submitted by another party.
*Interested party requests will not be processed until the interested party submits a signed confidentiality agreement and disclosure of interest form. Interested party requests will be processed within 5 days of receipt of the requested forms. Written comments for these requests are due within 10 days upon receipt of materials. However, based upon receipt of these materials the deadline for written comments may vary. Please follow the instructions in the correspondence provided by AMA staff. January 27, 2017 is the deadline to submit written comments or requests for review of any non-pathology issues.

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