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POLITECNICO DI TORINO Politecnico di Torino has 112 Double/Joint degree Agreement and offers 4 Joint Program at Bachelor and Master of Science level. Even if the national legislation has made it possible to implement integrated curricula at international level and to award joint degrees, considering the complex procedures for the award of joint degrees, Politecnico di Torino prefers double or multiple degrees which generally find no obstacles also in national legislations in the partner university country.

The oldest join program (Diploma Universitario Europeo in Produzione Industriale - European university Diploma in Industrial production) has been launched in 1985 together with University of Brighton; the originality of this programme lies in the innovative nature of the professional it creates as well as in the new educational model adopted: the studies must be planned and organised symmetrically in Italy and in another country. This means the signing of agreements between the universities concerned which specify the resources for realising the integrated project, the study periods to be spent by students in the home and host university, and the mutual recognition of examinations and teaching modules. Also the internship is to be done in two periods, in companies located in two different countries. At the end of the study and training period, students are awarded two qualifications: the Italian Diploma universitario europeo in Produzione industriale and the corresponding foreign qualification from the partner university. During recent year the joint program became a Bachelor Degree (according to Bologna Process) developed together with Universitat Internacional de Catalunya- UIC, Barcelona (Spain), Athlone Institute of Technology – AIT, Athlone (Ireland) and École Supérieure de Commerce – IPAG, Nice (France).
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