Seventh International Conference on ict in our lives Information Systems for Sustainability

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Seventh International Conference on

ICT in our lives
Information Systems for Sustainability

Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University

Alexandria, Egypt

December 16th-18th, 2017


First Day December 16th

Main Hall, 2nd Floor, Nour Building




Inauguration of the event
Official Representation of the ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Official Representation of the ministry of Higher Education
H.E. Prof. Dr. Essam El Kordi

President of Alexandria University
H.E. Prof. Dr. Yossry El Gamal

Former Minister of Education

Opening Speech: 3D printing, a key player in sustainable Manufacturing
Eng. Khalil Hassan Khalil

Chairman, Digital Economy and Technology General Division, Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce
Prof. Dr. Elsayed Elsiefy

Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University
Prof. Dr. Shehata El Sayed Shehata

Vice Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University
Prof. Dr. Omneya Mokhtar

Vice Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University
Prof. Dr. Ghada El Khayat - Prof. Dr. Amr El Masry

Co-Chairs, ICT In Our Lives 2017


Session I – Keynote Speeches

Session Chair – Prof. Amin Shoukry
Keynote Speech 1
Prof. João Gama

Faculty of Economy, University of Porto, Portugal

Title: Real-Time Data Mining
Keynote Speech 2

Prof. Moustafa Youssef

Founder & Director of the Wireless Research Center at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology

Title: Sensor-less sensing: The Future of Ubiquitous Context-Awareness
Keynote Speech 3

Dr. Heba Saleh

Chairperson, Information Technology Institute

Title: Computational Thinking Skills for Today and Tomorrow’s Talent
Keynote Speech 4 
Dr. Mohamed Mehaina

Bibliotheca Alexandria

Title: Using GIS as a Tool for Sustainable Spatial Decision Making


Coffee Break


Session II- ICT Education for Sustainable Development and Growth

Session Chair – Prof. Amr El Masry
Eng. Essam Elshaar

Big Data & Data Integration Manager, Teradata Egypt

Title: Business Disruption & Digital Transformation: Are Our Graduates Ready
Mr. Ahmed Elsobky


Title: “The Role of ICT-NCF in Supplying Human Resources to the Information and Communication Technology Industry”
Eng. Hossam Fawzy Ali


Title: Next Technology Leaders Initiative Overview
Eng. Youssef Issa

University Relations Dell EMC

Title: Getting started with Pivotal Cloud Foundry


Session III- ICT, Financing and Development Opportunities

Session Chair – Prof. Sayed Elsiefy
Eng. Tarek El Kady

Alexandria Angels

Title: Investment opportunities for startups

Mr. Ahmed A. Mansour

Egyptian Banking Institute

Title: Blockchain Technology : Basic description, applications and implications

Eng. Eman Ahmed Oriby


Title: Using GIS in the census of population and housing in Egypt" in Arabic


Session IV – ICT-Based Initiatives in Support of Sustainability

Session Chair – Prof. Ghada El Khayat
Dr Shaimaa Lazem

City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications (SRTA-City), Alexandria, Egypt

Title: On the road to Sustainable Development: Mobile Technology for Documenting Egyptian Intangible Cultural Heritage
Eng. Mostafa Hemdan


Title: Electronic waste recycling as a sustainable business

Eng. Asmaa Emad Eldin

Business Process Consultant, SAP

Title: Digital Transformation Supporting Sustainability


Busses Leave Campus for Gala Dinner

Second Day (December 17th, 2017)

Main Hall, 2nd Floor, Nour Building


Session V- ICT and Health

Session Chair: Prof. Saleh Mesbah
Dr. Mahmoud Farouk

King Marriott Academy, Alexandria

Title: Adding home delivery of medication to the elderly and people with special needs as a new feature in the hospital pharmacy system
Dr. Farah Raad Kareem, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abd El Azeem, Dr. Mohameh Genedy, Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Sameh, Dr. Ali Abdeldayem

Faculty of Engineering, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo, Egypt

Title: Classification of EMG signals of lower arm (forearm\ hand) motion patterns used to control robot hand movement

Dr. Mona Saad Khalil 1 and Dr. Marco Alfonse2

1Faculty of computers and information sciences, Misr University for Science & Technology, 2Ain shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Title: Modeling Hepatitis C Virus Infection Using Ontological Engineering Paradigm
Prof. Hisham Abdelsalam, Prof. Hatem Elkadi 1 and Prof. Jason Cohen, Dr. Luci Abrahams2

1Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, 2School of Economic and Business Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa

Title: Towards a Model for Healthcare Service Improvement - A South-South Cooperation Initiative
Dr. Nevine Adel Mohamed Sadik

Alexandria University Hospitals

Title: The Impact of Management of Information Systems on The Rationalization of Decision Making Related to The Sustainable Development of The Central Administration of Alexandria University Hospitals


Session VI – ICT and Economics

Session Chair: Dr. Afaf Ayed

Research Papers

Ms. Zeinab Mamdouh Abd El Hafiez

Inspector, Central Bank of Egypt

Title: Financial Inclusion Through Mobile Banking
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Sultan Abdel Rahman

Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University

Title: E-Commerce for Egyptian Agricultural Exports (Reality - Challenges) (In Arabic)
Dr. Shaimaa Gabr Abdullah Gabr Alhabashi

Faculty of Education, Alexandria University

Title: Informatics and Opportunities for Sustainable Development: An Analytical and Critical Vision of Its Most Important Societal Manifestations (In Arabic)
Dr. Mohamed Hasan Elshamy

Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Alexandria University

Title: The Sustainability Mechanism for Integrating the Informal Economy In Egypt (In Arabic)

Dr. Hesham Mahmoud

Modern Academy, Cairo

Title: The Hotel My Home: A New Android Application for Serving Tourism in Egypt


Session VII- ICT, Learning and Technology Acceptance
Session Chair: Dr. Safaa Hussein
Prof. Mohamed A R El-Abd

Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University

Title: Digital technology and Teaching –Learning Strategies
Ms. Nehad Hassan

Alexandria Carbon Black

Title: Training and Development Platforms at Alexandria Carbon Black
Research papers

Dr. Mahmoud Farouk

King Marriott Academy, Alexandria

Title: The hospital's medical library information system for training and educating hospital staff members and renovating the role of medical libraries
Ms. Gehad G. Ibrahim, Dr. Yasser Abdel Ghaffar and Prof. Ghada A. El Khayat

Department of Information Systems and Computers

Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University

Title: Serious Games based Framework for Assessment and Assignment of Students to Academic Programs

Dr. Osama Al Dimiri

Labor University, Egypt

Title: Proposed framework for the management of the system of virtual education for the pre-university stage to face parallel education in Egypt (In Arabic)
Mr. Mohamed Ali Ahmed and Dr. Hanan Taher Elzeiny

Department of Business Administration

Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University

Title: Factors affecting the intention to use the digital library in the field of scientific research for postgraduate students at Alexandria University (In Arabic)
Mr. Mohammad I. Ahmad

IT Researcher

Title: Two perspectives of Sustainability in Technology Acceptance Literature




Session VIII – Tutorial

Chair: Prof. Ghada El Khayat

Mr. Mohammad I. Ahmad

IT Researcher

Title: Information and Communication Technology Tools Supporting Scientific Research

Mr. Eslam Ghanem

Co-Founder, Ipitx

Title: How to establish your software company and keep it from internal and external challenges and threats for the first 5 years?

Ms. Marwa Ayad

Women Techmakers lead, Cairo, Egypt

Title: How to start and improve your startup


Session IX- ICT and Government Support

Session Chair: Dr. Yasser Abdel Ghaffar

Dr. Ehab Hamdy Gomaa

Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University

Title: The role of digital television channels in shaping university youth attitudes towards environmental sustainability issues
Ms. Heba Shokry and Prof. Ghada El Khayat

Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University

Title: Decision Support as a service (DSaaS): An Application on Knowledge Precincts Site Selection (KPSS)
Dr. Ahmed Adel and Dr. Mohamed Abassy

Department of MIS

Higher Institute of Tourism, Hotels and Computer, Siouf, Alexandria

Title: The role of remote sensing  in achieving
sustainable development The Case of the North West Coast “El Alamein

Dr. Hesham Mahmoud

Modern Academy, Cairo, Egypt

Title: A Suggested Novel Application for the Development of an Electronic Government Portal in Egypt through the use of a New Android Application

Dr. W. Youssef, Dr. A. Asfour and Dr. Eman El Haddad

Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Port-Said

Title: The Role of Logistics Information Systems in enhancing the Sustainable Development of the Suez Canal Zone and its projects
Eng. Mohamed Hassan Ahmed

Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

Title: Computer Network and its Application in Power Systems


Session X- Algorithms and Tools

Session Chair: Dr. Manal El Kordy

Research Papers

Prof. Dr. Osama Abdelaziz Hussien

Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance

Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University

Title: Parameter estimation, goodness of fit, random number generation for the lerch distribution
Eng. Rania Al-Maghraby

Owner & General Manager, OneWayForward Inc.

Title: Promising Real-Life Applications of Quantum Computing
Ms. Nawal Ahmed, Prof. Mohamed Aly, Prof.. Labiba El Attar

Faculty of commerce, Alexandria University

Title: A Comparison of Some Methods for Estimating the Explanatory Endogenous Parameter in Mincer's Model: A Simulation Study (In Arabic)
Dr. Ibrahim Ashour Mousa and Dr. Heba Abou Elsood

Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University

Title: Using Big data to improve Financial Analysts ' predictions of Accounting Earnings
Ms. Ola Ibrahim Sultan El Dardery

Faculty of commerce, Acounting Department, Alexandria University

Title: How Kaizen Costing Information Facilitates Decision Making Process


Busses Leave Campus for Dinner

Third Day– Students Day

Main Hall, 2nd Floor, Nour Building

08:00 - 8:30


08:30 –8:45

Welcome Speech

Dr. Ghada El Khayat

Chair, Information Systems and Computers Department, Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University

08:45 – 09:15

Mr. Abdel Rahman ElAdawy

IEEE Student Chapter, Alexandria

Titie: IEEE AlexSB: Student activities' role in developing society and alternative learning


Eng. Seham Saber

ECS (SAP Partner)

Title: An SAP Implementation Journey

10:00 - 10:45

Mr. Karim Taher

Student, Alexandria University

Title: How to work with emotional intelligence


Mr. Amr Fathy

Mozilla Egypt

Title: Introduction about Mozilla Campus Club – AUFC
Mr. Ziad Tarek & Mr. Omar Sherif Mozilla Egypt

Title: Artificial Intelligence threat your Job


Mr. Abdelrahman Samy


Title: Student Activities between multinationals and government

11:45 - 12:00


12:00 - 12:15

12:15 - 12:35

12:35 - 12:55

12:55 - 13:25

13:25 - 13:45

13:45 - 14:00

Alexandria ACM Student Chapter Session

ACM Student Chapter Talk


Introduction to Algorithms

ACM Competition and Problem Solving

Programming Languages

Self-Learning Session

14:00 - 14:30

Ms. Roaa Elmegharbel & Ms. Menatallah Mahmoud

College of International Transport and Logistics   

Title: The role of logistics information technology in achieving sustainable comparative advantage: Examples on the leading companies
Mr.   Eslam Kamel Saleh Mostafa

College of International Transport and Logistics

Title: A suggested program of a logistics information system to achieve business sustainability: Applied program from students of CITL (Portsaid)

14:30 - 16:30

GDG Session

Mr. Abdel Rahman Omran

Google Assistant

Mr. Ahmed Aboul Dahab

How to be a better developer?

16:30- 17:00

Presentation of Competition Videos and Winners Selection


Prof. Amr El Masry

Eng. Mohamed Barghash

Eng. Youssef Aly



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