Slps pcc 1743 Progress Report

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SLPS PCC 1743 Progress Report

STL PS 1743 Progress Report 8/13-8/20/15

  1. Drained water, removed wood on West side and old step platform from pit. This made it much easier to squeegee pit. Harry Kelly assisted me in moving the wood and platform outside by the County storage trailer. Wood on North end of pit still there.

  2. Steve Binning adjusted the reverser turnbuckle 3 turns to make the linkage longer. Now the reverser lines up with the copper contacts with no overlap. There were signs of arcing on the reverser drum.

  3. The Mechanical Inspection checklist received from Ed Lindstrom was completed including the dead man switch by Steve and me today.

  4. The LB1 was disassembled and the transite sides will be switched. There was some serious arching inside. Switching the sides will give us a clean surface to start with.

  5. The B3 left arc chute was examined. There is some mechanical damage and a lot of arching inside. It will be disassembled and the sides that can be switched will. The GEI-21665 manual for this streetcar says that SAUEREISEN INSA-LUTE HI TEMP Cement No. 7 is good cement for repairs on arc chutes.

  6. Al Weber says he has a wire tracer that will trace the unterminated wires.

  7. Steve and I visited Teresa Militello today and she had several documents she had copied for us. I gave Teresa a copy of the generic drawing Aux Circuits 3-11d4 and asked her to see if she could find any similar drawing in the archives.

  8. One of the documents Teresa gave us is the Wiring Diagram for 3-position Damper Control on 1700 series PCC Cars. This answered one of the questions I had some time ago. I don’t remember who told me what it was. I will ask Teresa to scan it on her scanner and see if we can improve the quality of the drawing.

  9. I have not reviewed the fuse size and rating yet. It is on my to-do list.

  10. Steve has the Cool Amp silver plating powder and Conducto-Lube silver lubricant grease on order.

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