Smaa meeting 8-10-16 Eric R, Shelia K, Tony L, Dolores O, Eric E, Dan O

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SMAA Meeting 8-10-16

Eric R, Shelia K, Tony L, Dolores O, Eric E, Dan O

Fall Sports

Cross Country Girl Volleyball 4-7th grade

Parents asking about schedules

Conflict with other sports (No Tuesdays)

Volleyball coaches

Emily, Brit, Karyn McGovern

Flag Football 6-8th Grade only 3 kids registered

Itty Bity Sports Badminton, other sports

Looking forward maybe a rowing team? Girls

It is pricey and find out about financial aid

Sports BBQ- combine efforts with men’s Club

Playdate for new families interested in being involved

2nd and 3rd Grade Leagues for itty bitty Sports

18 kids have been in itty bitty sports that are not students

Concussion Training, IHSA Training, maybe middle of September

Need all coaches to attend

Maybe CPR Training for teachers and Coaches- Shelia will look into it

Maybe we can use the gym for volleyball games we have the equipment

Waivers Online Tony spoke with Stuart

Winter Sports


CCYL automated schedules

Tony will be looking for newer schedule many team snap

Time change no longer than 7:30

Possible gym location to make this possible

St. Demetrius, Mc Pherson, Amundsen, and St Matthias

Spring Sports

Track and Field


Grant Money

Jordan Foundation

We received the hoops, will get them in the fall

Outdoor hoops, barrier nets, game for Georgina, bunch of soccer and Basketballs

$700 practice jerseys (tom Labadie)

Under amour

Jordan Foundation coming to school on Tuesday to look at school

2016-17 Projects

Men’s Club- painting/repairing the gym $5600 quote


Basketball uniforms

Sadly 3 volleyball and 4 basketball uniforms were not returned. Built in budget for more uniforms every 5 years

Football- t-shirts with numbers

Cross country with Tom L and have plenty

AD calendar email was sent with dates


Basketball coaches

?? 4th Grade Boys Eric Rojas

4th Grade Girls Prosser, McNamara

5th Girls McMahon, Buchanan

5th grade boys Winter, McIntee

6th grade Girls Krebs

6th Grade Boys?

7th Grade Girls Krebs and Henning

8th Grade Wentworth

Ask parents to Volunteer

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