Social media for Department of Human Services staff

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Social media for Department of Human Services staff

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Social Media.

You hear the term being used a lot now days, but what is it exactly?

Social media is using web based and mobile technologies to have an interactive discussion.

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Most people think of online discussion forums, Facebook Twitter and YouTube, but there are plenty of other digital tools.

Even email and SMS are social media.

Over 17 million Australians use the internet. And the website we visit more than any other is Facebook, with 17 billion page views a month.

This means almost all employees will use some form of social media.

The Department is trialling using social media at work. Yammer is a social networking application, where you can collaborate and share ideas with 1000’s of our colleagues.

We‘re taking our work home with us. And bringing our personal lives to work.

We need to know how to use social media safely.

Screen shot of web page with policy

So to help.... There’s a social media policy to protect you and the department.

It’s every employee’s responsibility to read and understand the policy

Here are some key points to remember when using social media.

Just like using the telephone or e-mail, using social media at work takes a commonsense approach.

Your use shouldn’t be excessive and interfere with your work.

When posting, your comments are public for the entire world to see.

Treat online comments the same way you would speak at a meeting, BBQ or public forum.

This means:

Don’t discuss confidential or highly classified material

Respect copyright

Respect privacy

Be polite

And treat your colleagues with respect in the physical world and online.

Be clear and transparent.

Using government logos or insignia may imply you are authorised to speak on behalf of the department.

You’re probably not.

Only staff in Communication Division have the authority to tweet, comment and blog on behalf of the Department

If it’s clear who you work for, be clear your views are your own, not the department’s.

Inappropriate remarks could damage the department’s reputation, or a colleague’s, or your own.

Always think twice. Once posted there’s no undo button.

In short, protect privacy, respect the policy, consider how the APS Values and Code of Conduct apply to your use, and let someone know if things go wrong.

For more information on the Department’s Social Media Policy visit Social Media on the Human Services Intranet.

And if you have any questions or like some help with Social Media contact the Digital Media team at

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